September 2009

Unhappy Marilyn

Barb Clayton, Victoria, Australia

   Marilyn was a friend of my daughter, Kim, who I had also known some years. Keeping the story as short as I can, she was unhappily married and took her life.  Some weeks later Kim was getting ready for work, and stepping from the shower saw writing on the mirror.  Nobody else was in the house, and she rubbed the mirror clear.  This writing said "I love you", and "help".  Although photos were taken they have faded over the years and are unsuitable for publication. Feeling very depressed she was sitting in front of the television that night when she heard a loud knock and saw a flower rise from the vase on the TV. Instantly, she knew it was Marilyn and burst into tears.  Obviously Marilyn was using her to shed her depression.

   Maybe one year or so later, another daughter asked me whether I had felt my mum's presence in our house, not the same one Kim lived in. No, I hadn't I told her but she had felt a presence at the top of the stairs.  Later I was awoken from sleep by a strong perfume.  I tried all methods to ascertain where it came from - nope, not husband's after shave, not flowers (it was a new house and we didn't yet have a garden).  Words entered my head saying "it's French, it's concentrated", then "don't forget to tell Kim". Next day I mentioned it to my husband who said he had smelt it also.

   It was Christmas Day and I forgot about it until in the kitchen with Kim when I received a mental jolt and said, "I had a strange experience last night" and proceeded to relate it to her.  Her reaction was to say she had gone cold and had goose bumps.  As it wasn't a perfume I recognized I was unable to tell her what it was but stated I thought I would know it again.  She suddenly went to her handbag and came back with a bottle of perfume asking whether that was the scent I had smelt.  It seemed like it then suddenly, as though held closely to my nose, I said "That's it!". 

   Coincidently, both girls had had their wedding anniversaries on the same date, different years, and their husband's had given them this identical perfume which was Arpege - certainly French and concentrated.

   I feel so privileged to have been able to be part of this story, and believe it to be extremely unusual that four people were included in it, and on different times and places.

Footsteps in the Dark

Barb Clayton, Victoria, Australia

   A friend of many years had died, and as I stood at the graveside I "spoke" to him telling him I knew it was only his body there but he was with us.

   Six weeks later I was lying in bed mentally speaking to him, and saying. "ok. Jack, here is your chance to prove you are there". I woke around 1 a.m. and went to the toilet, but as I was walking along the hall I heard hurried footsteps behind me, and a whoooosh sound rushing past me, then a light ahead of me was switched on.  Of course, all this was happening fast.

   On returning to bed I felt a strong presence beside me, then with a jolt I realized it was Jack proving to me there is an after-life, although this I already knew.

La Llorona

Amanda Flores, Yucatan, Mexico

   I lived in Mexico for more than half my life, so I know the Mexican urban legends better than anyone.

    When I was 12, I was with my brother walking through a forest. We were getting really tired and it was getting really dark, so we decided to walk back home. On the way there, we heard a woman crying. When I heard what she was screaming my stomach sank. She was screaming, "Mis hijos mis hijos! Donde estas mis hijos!!"

   My brother and I looked at each other for ten seconds and booked it. We ran faster than we ever had. But the shrieking kept coming closer, until I heard it in my ear. All I really remember after that is someone grabbing my ankle, tripping me. The next morning, I woke up in the hospital because when I tripped, I hit my head on a rock. I told my mom the story, but she didn't believe me.
She said, "You just hit your head and thought those things happened."

   But I know it did happen, because I still have the scar.

The Dark Man

Nicolas Bryant, MI, USA

   Now some of you may think I'm crazy (I'm starting to think I'm crazy), but I just have to get this off my chest. So the story starts out as when I was a kid as far back as I could remember I saw a so-to-speak Dark Man.

    It was when I believe I was 7 and me and my sister were eating White Castles that our mom and dad brought home, when all of a sudden I saw a dark figure in our hallway. It stood there and looked at me for about a minute and then went into our living room. I said to my sister "I think there's a burglar in the house", and we went to check it out. Well there was nothing but I was sure I saw something.

   About a few months to a year later (I can't totally remember how long a time frame went by), I was seeing this dark figure but just kinda blew it off. I thought it was my imagination playing tricks on me, until one day me and my sister went out into the living room where we saw a dark figure of a man sitting on our couch, get up and walk out. My sister saw it too (but not as clear as me, she saw more of a dark figure more of a misty figure so-to-speak) so I decided to tell mom and dad. I don't know to this day if they believe me but I just had to tell them.

   Over the next few years I kept seeing him but just kinda blocked it out because it was so natural to me (it kinda grew on me). Nothing very exciting to talk about but just a few times did he ever try to get close to me. But now it's gotten a little more than just him standing in the back.

    Now let's see were to begin, I guess I'll just start off with the dreams. Usually my dreams are weird I do have to admit but I've never seen the dark man in them, he just kinda started to show up in my dreams more and more often, but always in the background of the dream never close to me.

  One dream was very odd, it started as any other dream with a lot of weird things happening then everything went black.  I found myself in a well lit room very bright and shiny with a lot of other rooms connecting to the one I was in. I started to look around because this didn't feel like my dream any more it felt like something else.

   While I was looking around the dark man appeared in front of me just a few feet away enough so that I could touch him (I didn't of course), it appeared as though he was trying to tell me something but I couldn't make it out at all and then I woke up. Just a few days later I was at another house trying to sleep on the couch, when I turned around I saw the Dark Man standing in front of the fridge in the kitchen.

   Now the room I was in was a living room with the kitchen inside with no actual walls around it. Anyway I saw the Dark Man just look at me, though I can't see any eyes or mouth or anything except a dark figure I just knew he was looking at me. He slowly took two steps forward and then straight out the door without even opening it. All I did was turn back around and slowly say to myself, "There's nothing there at all," over and over again.

   Now don't get me wrong I don't fear him it's just that I've never seen him that close to me besides my dream. Truth be told is that I really don't fear him, I actually kinda feel calm when I'm looking at him, it's like when you look up at a clear sky with all the stars and it's just serenity (I think that's the right way to put it). I've asked my mom, dad, and sister if they ever see it sometimes (not anymore of course) but it always seems to vanish before they get a chance to look at it. I want to go to a paranormal expert or someone, but not to get rid of it, just to know why it hangs around me. Well that is all to my story, for now anyway.

The Lost Soldier's Grenade

Ryan Zubke, MN, USA

   This all started about one year ago.  I'll start out by saying our house was built between 1890-1899 (I don't remember exactly).

   When my mom and step dad started building a deck on our house, we discovered an old grenade.  We called the police and they determined it safe.  They kept the grenade because my parents didn't want it even though I did.

 That night I woke up to a noise in the bathroom. I went in only to find nothing there. Creeped out, I returned to my room only to hear it again. When I went to check it out, nothing!

   I splashed water in my face and saw the image of an old looking soldier in the mirror. I quickly turned around to find nothing! Creeped out again, I went in my room, turned on the TV and went to bed.

   I continue to hear noises from time to time however I almost feel safe now with him there.  I awoke one other time to see a shadow in my room and when I looked the shadow was gone and there was nothing. I believe it may be a departed soldier just watching over us and it may have something to do with that grenade and really wish I still had it!

The Figure Inside The House

Matilda, PA, USA

   This happened to me and my friends a few years ago, in the summer of '06 when I was about 15. This one day, we were walking past an old abandoned house that is about a block from my grandparents house. The owner of the house was sent to a mental hospital in Texas, and all of his things were still in the house. At the time before the incident, no one knew why he suddenly went insane. It is an old house, and the windows and garage door are covered in thick black wood. All except a window that is in the backyard, which is of course not mowed so the grass is really high.

   The house is on a corner and on the right side, near the entrance to the backyard, there is an alleyway. You have to go through the alleyway to get to the fence that leads to the back yard.  So my sister and my best friend and I decided to check out the backyard, which already looks scary because the grass is so high, it looks like a jungle. We discovered the open window when we were looking at the back of the house. Of course since I was the smallest, they lifted me up and made me look in the window. No one was around and it was about dinner time, so maybe 5 or 6 O'clock at night.

   When I looked in, at first all I saw was the stuff outside, until I cupped my hands around my eyes to see in. The furniture was still there, although it was covered in years of dust. Then I saw it.

   Staring at me, as if it knew I was coming. All black, except for its eyes which were pure white, with no pupils. It was about 6 feet tall and barely had the shape of a human. It didn't appear to be standing either, just floating about a half inch off the ground. I saw it begin to open its mouth, which just had a few sharp teeth in the front. I screamed my head off and my best friend (who's shoulders I was sitting on) dropped me and began to scream herself. My sister kept saying, "What, what, what was it." I refused to answer her until we ran home.

   When I told my neighbor the next day she told me her short story. "I used to know the people who lived next to the house, they were really nice people too. They used to tell me that Mark (the owner of the house) use to claim that something was trying to take over his body, something evil." I remember, I put my hand up and stopped her from finishing, "I know exactly what he's talking about", I said. "When I looked at it, I felt like it was trying to suck out my soul, when it opened its mouth."

   We still sometimes go back to look at the house, and after 3 years have gone by, I still sometimes think I see something in the window, but other times, I think I am going crazy myself.

Fire In The Attic?

Becca, PA, USA

   This event happened to me about 2 years ago when I was about 16 years old.

   My sister, who is two years older than me, and my best friend were babysitting her little brother. Her house was always sort of creepy because you can hear people running around upstairs when you are watching TV in the living room downstairs. I have many times accused my sister and friend of running around and being loud, when they were actually just on the computer.

   Anyway, one day we decided to check out the attic while we were babysitting and there were no adults to tell us not to. The attic is just a small window sized hole in the ceiling in the hallway. My friend grabbed a chair from the kitchen and I decided to be the brave one and take the first look. The only source of light I had, was a small lighter used to light candles in the bathroom.

   I stood up on the chair and lit the lighter, and I was facing the left side of the attic. At first I saw nothing, until I turned around the right side. I noticed something lying in the corner of the attic, just curled up in the fetal position. It was dark brown and black in color, it looked like a person that was burned. I knew it had to be a person of some kind because I actually saw a backbone, like a skinny person who bends over. I did not feel scared at first, since I was so shocked. My friend and sister kept asking me what I saw, and when I described it to them my sister had to make a joke. She said "look Sam, you have a twin sister they locked in the attic." At the time it really did not seem that funny, since I was the one staring at the thing.

When I moved a little over to the left, I noticed something odd. There was an old fashion baby carriage lying on its side next to the creature. It was yellow in color, but it also looked like it had been burned. It reminded me of the sort of baby carriage you would see from the 20s, not like the ones we have today. It was made of a lacy yellow material and had four small wheels. For some reason, the carriage scared me more than the thing next to it. I could feel my heart beating faster as I demanded to get down. They were laughing at me and asking me what else I saw.

   Of course they believed me because we have come in contact with many strange things before. Although, they did not want to go up and see the carriage or the "creature" for themselves.

   We immediately put the cover back on the attic and I tried as hard as I could to forget what I saw.

   The next day we decided to go to the library to find some old documents on her house, or even an old newspaper. We were hoping there was something that could tell us what I saw. After 2 hours of searching, we found nothing. I was disappointed and happy at the same time.

   To this day I will not stand directly below the attic anymore, I keep having the idea that the cover will fall off and the burnt up creature
will come crashing on top of me.

The Little Boy

Cate Gould, NS, Canada

   This happened to me when I was at the age of 13, I am 16 now.

   Me and my family have just moved into a new built house in a small native reserve. it felt a bit scary being in a new house but I didn't think anything out of the ordinary.

    Me and my sister shared a room and we had a bunk bed, I slept on the top and she slept on the bottom. Everything was going fine for the past few months until one night I got woken up. I looked over to where I get down the ladder to the floor. I saw a little boy in my face speaking to me. I didn't really understood him so I didn't reply back. He then disappeared so I shrugged It off thinking I was just having a dream.

   I laid back down trying to get back to sleep. Not even 5 minutes later I wake up again to the little boy. He was nearly in tears and trying to pull me off the bunk bed. I didn't know what he was trying to tell me, so I sat up and when I sat up and smelled something burning. I got down off my bunk bed and left the room trying to found the smell. I checked all of the rooms including the scary basement that I never liked.

   I went back to bed but didn't fall back to sleep. I just laid there for a few minutes when I heard crying coming from one of the rooms. I got back up and checked the whole house again, Still I didn't find anyone crying. I thought this kid was playing games on me. So I sat on my bed and stared in the mirror we had that came with the long dresser. I saw in the corner of it the little boy crying. I looked over beside the dresser and there he was, sitting on the floor crying!

    I thought I was dreaming but it felt real. Not even two seconds later he looks up at me with this scary looking face. He screamed at me saying something like he was warning me of something. I managed to go back to bed after all that happened. The next morning I thought about all that happened to me that night so I told my dad and all he did was smile at me. My sister overheard me talking about a boy and said she heard me talking to someone last night. So me and my sister went into the room to talk and she said she had awoken to hear me speak to someone but she didn't hear a response. She said she even looked over to the mirror and saw me leaning against the railing and looking at something or someone. I was shocked and scared at the same time. But now I know It really happened and it wasn't a dream after all.

   Two years have passed and nothing happened. My dad fixed up the basement and put two rooms down there. He had moved the computer down there and so I went down there one afternoon and decided I would talk to some friends online and take a few pictures. While I was taking pictures with the webcam we had, I felt a bit cold and that I was being watched. I turned around to see if anyone was there but no one was there. But I noticed the door was open wide when I had left it closed.

   So a another year has passed and so one day me and my friend were looking through old pictures of me on my Facebook, and we came across the picture of me when I was on the phone with a friend. We didn't see nothing out of the ordinary until something caught my eye. I went back to look at the picture again.  When all of a sudden behind me where the door was wide open, there was a little boy hanging off the door with a smile on his face. I showed my family and they were surprised and said we have a ghost in our house. I've always been interested in the supernatural but never occurred to me that I would actually see one.

What Is This Thing?

Anonymous, NY, USA

   I know my house is haunted. It's an old brownstone built in the 1800s, in a very old part of Brooklyn. I've experienced, and still experiencing things that would probably make a weak minded person end up in a mental institute. But, nothing is more frightening than what myself and one of my daughters experienced last month.

   I was asleep one night when I was awaken by the sound of strong winds like it was storming outside. I sat up in bed still sleep dazed wondering if I left the air conditioner on out in the living room, because I know it's dangerous to have things like that on during a storm, especially if there's plenty lightening. At the same time, I'm wondering if I should put the fan on in my bedroom because it was roasting hot. Our bedrooms don't have air conditioners, we use fans. Then I wondered why this strong wind can only be heard out in my living room and not my bedroom as well, my bed is right next to a window.

   I took a look outside...nothing. No rain, no winds, just a hot and calm summer night. There's no television in the living room, and the way this old building is situated, you walk out of one bedroom into the other-yes...we have no privacy from each other. Then in the last bedroom (mine), is the door that goes out into the hall where there's the bathroom, then that goes out to the living room and kitchen.

    So I know my kids wasn't watching TV because we're in the same area of the house. Still, I can  hear this wind in my living room, and it sounded as if it was getting stronger. Fully awake now, I lay back down in the bed and just listened. I heard the doorknob start jiggling, and my hot bedroom suddenly turned cold as if I had an air conditioner on full blast in there.

    My door opened by itself, and I see this thing that looked about seven feet tall. It rushes towards me and came around to the side of the bed where I was laying, then bends down until it's face was just few inches from mine. I swear I felt my heart stop beating, I was so scared that my bladder emptied itself. I clearly saw the face of a baldheaded man, he had a mixture of anger and confusion on his face, and the rest of his body was just a black mist. Then he backed away from the bed, and in two-two's he and the stormy wind sound was gone.

 A couple weeks later my oldest daughter experienced the same thing, but she told me that this thing hit her couple times in the ribs. I am terrified for myself and my kids, and don't want to see it again. What is this thing? Can anyone tell me?


Anonymous, MD, USA

   This is my mother's experience not my own, I love this site and hope that this story will make it into this site's collection.

   My mother was a teenager and was babysitting for a family that had been living in the area for a couple of months. My mother was upstairs and had just finished putting the two year old girl she had been babysitting to sleep.

   Suddenly a heavy breathing sound started to fill the room, it was a heavy deep breathing sound and it sounded like an adult male. Since there were only two people in the house my mother assumed that it was the television or somebody outside. She turned off the TV and closed the windows but the breathing continued. By this time she was considerably scared and then realized, disturbingly enough, that the sound was coming from the other side of the room.

   That's when the someone or something seemingly walked up to my mother and breathed right in her ear. She panicked and picked up the two year old girl and waited for the family to come back, on the porch for the rest of the night.

   Oddly enough the young girl stayed asleep the whole time as if the thing breathing was only targeting my mother and couldn't be heard by anybody else. My mother also says that the woman who lived in the house was constantly asking if anything, particularly something out of the ordinary happened while she was away to which my mother always responded no.

The Jumping Spirit

Persephone, CA, USA

   My parents separated while I was very young, and because my mother lived overseas (in Australia) I was only able to visit her once a year during summer vacation. On one such visit a very strange thing occurred when I was around 12 years old (I’m now 30). I’ve come to the conclusion that this was an encounter with a spirit.
  There was a particular girl, the daughter of a family friend of my mothers, who would often be my playmate while I was staying in Australia. Her name was Rhonda, and one day she and I were playing at my mother and stepfather’s house, when my mom told us she was going to visit her neighbor for about an hour or so. She asked us if we wanted to come or stay alone at the house, and we were so caught up in our playing that we said we’d stay. Now, my mother’s house at that time that was at the end of a long gravel driveway and so it wasn’t easy to get to, and since the neighbor she went to see lived just around the corner from the main road, she saw no harm in leaving us two girls alone for short periods of time. Also, I had been alone in the house before and had never felt afraid or uncomfortable there.
  After mom left my friend Rhonda and I were on the sofa in the lounge room giggling and talking, when we started to dare each other to do silly things. At one point we dared each other to jump off the railing that separated the kitchen/dining area, from the lounge area, which had a slightly lower floor. This is when things started to get really strange. I remember turning to look at the railing during our conversation when I saw it: Through the kitchen walkway there was a small transparent figure. It seemed to be trying to look into the oven, and then it walked out of the kitchen and ‘bounced’ to the top of the railing. The figure was so transparent that you could barely see it, but I got the impression that it was a little boy or some type of an imp. It was short with a slight build and short curly hair. And it definitely had a playful, sort of mischievous energy. Once the figure was on the railing it crouched down and jumped to the floor. And when it landed it vanished with a ‘pop’ sensation that I felt rather then heard.

  This whole incident took place within the space of about ten or fifteen seconds.  Anyway, after it happened I was sitting there kind of stupefied still registering it, when Rhonda blurted “I thought I just saw someone jump off the railing”. A chill went through me. Hearing of it spoken out loud somehow made it frightening, and since she had seen it too it couldn’t have been my imagination! I was afraid to admit to her that I had seen the figure, though. I knew that if I told her I’d also seen it, she might just accuse me of trying to creep her out or something. We just sat there staring at each other in silence for a while getting more and more freaked out.

   She asked me if I believed in ghosts and I said “yes”. After another awkward silence, she insisted we go find my mom. I hastily agreed, and we nervously scrambled up and went outside to go to the neighbor’s. As soon as we were out the door we both took off on a mad sprint down the long gravel driveway. And I could ‘feel’ someone watching us from the window until we made it all the way to the main road. 

  Of course, when we got to the neighbor’s place we acted towards my mom as if we’d just gotten bored at the house, and Rhonda and I never really talked frankly about what we saw. We were just scared kids. The rest of my visit in Australia went by without anymore 'incidents', and that occurrence was never mentioned again until years later. several months ago I spoke to a mutual friend who knows a lot about Rhonda. The topic of ghosts came up in the conversation and I ended up telling her the whole story. Our mutual friend then quietly confided to me that over the years Rhonda has had a lot of strange things happen to her, and seems to attract ghostly experiences for some reason. The funny thing is that this makes sense because never before or after that incident did I experience anything strange in that house. It didn’t have a haunted ‘feel’, and I’ve always been sensitive to things like that.

   If there is a presence around I can usually feel it. Is it possible my friend attracted the spirit? In any case, even though I was frightened at the time when I had the experience, looking back, I can see that the whoever or whatever that spirit was it was probably harmless, and just joking around with us when it took up our dare to jump off the railing. Actually, I think it’s sort of cute that it did that…