October 2009

Alone in the Kitchen

Brian, MO, USA

   Ok I have a short story. This takes place back in the mid 50’s with my great grandmother. She was a VERY religious woman, therefore I have no reason not to believe this story. At that time my great grandfathers aunt Ellie lived with them and was pretty well confined to her room as she was in her 80’s and her mind was almost gone. Aunt Ellie had a sister (Mildred) that lived in Iowa. Mildred had been in failing health for awhile and passed away in her sleep. After a discussion my great grand parents decided not to tell aunt Ellie because they were afraid that if she understood what they were telling her then the heartbreak of losing her last remaining sister might be too much for her. Around a month and a half later aunt Ellie passed away. Everything was fine until 2 weeks after aunt Ellie’s funeral. My great grandmother was doing dishes one afternoon after everyone had gone back to work. From behind her she heard a voice say, “Well Mildred I didn’t know you were up here.” She said it was loud enough she turned around to see who was in the kitchen with her.

   There was nobody there. That’s when she realized it was aunt Ellie’s voice. She always said that was aunt Ellie’s way of letting her know that she found out Mildred had passed away and that they should have told. Still kinda creeps me out!   

Being Sensitive

Judy Tarasek, NY, USA

   I’ve had several paranormal experiences starting in 2001. I’ve always had premonitions about things since I was around 13 years old, but I never could sense ghosts until after the trauma that I experienced from the 9/11 tragedy. A good friend died when the first plane hit and it profoundly affected me. I’ve heard that trauma will sometimes open you up to the spirit world, and it did for me.

   After 9/11 my husband and I decided to move out of NYC. We moved from Queens to Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2001. We were excited to move west and start a new life, and despite what happened in Sept, we were pretty happy about our decision. We moved into an apartment home complex that was around 11 years old. Strange things started happening almost immediately. My husband took a picture of the living room before our furniture arrived and there was a strange white haze in one corner of the room. After we settled in, I started feeling this overwhelming sadness that was not related to 9/11. It was a very heavy feeling that is hard to describe. I know it was not related to 9/11 because it took a month for me to start feeling that way. I felt the worst when I was sitting on our couch in the living room. When we would leave the apartment, the feeling would lift. When we came back home and I sat in the living room it would start again.

   Other odd things started happening. Our cats would not sleep in the living room or our bedroom. They always slept with us in the bedroom of our former apartment in NY. When we started to get ready for bed, all 4 of them would get up and go into the dining room and sleep together. They had never done that before and we had moved before with them. At that time we figured they were comforting each other, but later on we found out that was probably not the reason. I also found a picture of our budgies one time, lying face down on the carpet in the bedroom. The nail was still in the wall and the hanger on the back of the frame was intact. There was no reason for the picture to fall. One night, we were sleeping and we heard a loud bang. The picture over our TV stand had fallen behind it. We decided to pick it up when we got up in the morning. When we did, again, the nail was still in the wall and the hanger on the back of the frame was intact.

   In February, I went back to NY to visit my dad because he wasn’t feeling well. Since he had a heart condition, I had to move back to NY to take care of him. Also, we had been looking for jobs with no luck and our unemployment was running out. I knew my dad needed me and there was nothing keeping us in Las Vegas so we decided to move back. I got an apartment when I was back visiting him and I went back to Vegas and started packing. Before I packed up the bedroom, I took some pictures so that I could show the pictures to my friends back in NY. When we looked at the pictures, there were several orbs. The pictures were taken from several different angles on different days, but the orbs were still there. I wiped off the lens and took additional pictures; each time there were one or 2 orbs in different places. We had no explanation for this.

   We saw my next door neighbor one day and told her that we were going back to NY because my dad was ill. I don’t know why, but she proceeded to tell us some things about the apartment that she hadn’t told us before. Apparently, a woman who was a teacher lived there for 5 years before we moved in. She had a friend who was a fellow teacher, in his 30’s. One night he came to visit and wasn’t feeling well. She told him to stay over and he slept on her couch. The next morning she got up and found he had died during the night. Later she found out that he had a congenital heart defect and had died of a heart attack on her couch. This made sense as that is where I kept feeling the sadness all the time. In addition, it now made sense that the cats wouldn’t sleep in the living room. Also, prior to us moving into this apartment, three guys in their 20’s had come from Buffalo, NY to find jobs in the casinos. They spent just 3 months
in the apartment and she heard that they slept in their sleeping bags in the dining room. They never did buy furniture and after the 3 months they packed up and went back to Buffalo. She wasn’t sure if it was because they couldn’t find jobs or something else.

   We heard when we first got there that a gentleman had died a few doors down right after we moved in. We saw the yellow tape across his apartment door. What the neighbor told me was that she found out that this man did not just die; he shot himself when he found out that he had terminal cancer because he didn’t have health insurance. I don’t know if he had anything to do with our activity, but it was interesting that we saw 2 orbs, not one, in the pictures taken in our bedroom.

   I had no paranormal experiences in the apartment that we moved into when we moved back to New York. Although when a friend who is also sensitive came to visit from Pennsylvania and spent the night in our living room, she said she woke up to see a spirit child sitting on our couch (she slept on an air mattress). She said he just sat there quietly and looked at her. I never sensed him there at all. However, we did have some paranormal experiences after my dad died.

   You remember that we moved back to New York because my dad became ill. We moved back in May 2002 and he died in October 2003. My parents lived in the same 2 family house for 40 years and rented the top floor apartment. The job of cleaning out the apartment fell to me, an only child, and my husband, who helped me. We had one month to get everything out of the apartment, so we took off from work to get it done. My parents had a mahogany bedroom set that I intended to sell to an antique dealer, so I took pictures of it to take to his shop. Several orbs appeared on the pictures. Both my dad and my mom had died in that bedroom on that bed. They died in their sleep, so their deaths were peaceful, but I think that they their energy was still there because they had lived in that apartment for so many years. The landlord, his wife and his son, also died in the house, in the downstairs apartment, so that might explain the additional orbs (5 orbs appeared on some of the pictures). I also had a piano that I wanted to sell, and orbs appeared on those pictures also.

   At the end of the month, the only thing left to clean out was the basement. We had a cleanup company come to do that since a lot of the stuff my dad had saved was very heavy. For some reason, I could not bring myself to go back to the house that day. I felt a very ominous feeling. My husband said he would go by himself. This is what he told me happened.

   The men finished cleaning out the basement and he went down one more time to make sure everything was gone. He went back upstairs to the side door that exited onto a driveway that separated the house from the house next to it. The driveway was very narrow as the houses were built in 1923. He met a neighbor in the driveway and as he talked to her, he felt something very cold pass through him. He said it made his teeth chatter. He said goodbye and went to his car. At first he could not start the car, he was shaking so hard. Finally, he started the car and drove home, feeling very cold the entire time. When he got home, he told me what happened, and got into bed. He piled the covers on himself and he said he still felt cold. This went on for a few hours; he finally started feeling better about 12 hours later. One of my cats jumped on the bed and stayed with him. The cat was very healthy. A week later she started acting sick. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with a kidney tumor. We left her at the vet. Two days later she died at the vet. This is a cat that a week earlier showed no signs of illness at all and had sat on the bed after my husband experienced the coldness. We think that something evil must have followed him up from the basement, passed into him, and he took it home with him. We also suspect that cats, being very psychic, might have been open to this evil spirit, and it is what caused the tumor to develop. It was almost like she was trying to protect my husband from whatever it was, and it got her instead.

   My (hopefully) final paranormal experience began in 2005 when my husband and I purchased a townhouse on Long Island in New York. He found the complex on the internet and contacted the real estate agent and we made an appointment to meet with her to look at 6 different townhouses. The first one we saw really resonated with us, but we went along and saw the others too. However, we told her that we wanted to go back to the first one and see it again. It had really
drawn me to it, and I found out later why it did. Not only did we go back and feel the place was for us, but we made an offer on it right then and there. The owners weren’t home when we saw the place, so we went back to the real estate office to wait for them to get home. Not only did we make an offer that day, but the owners immediately accepted it. Within 6 weeks we closed on the townhouse in September 2005 and a month later we moved in.

   Some strange things happened after we closed on the house. When we did the walk-through the morning of the closing, the inspector had checked all the faucets in the bathroom and everything was fine…so was the exhaust fan. When we back to the house after the closing, we went upstairs to use the bathroom and the faucets started leaking. In addition, the exhaust fan blew out right after we turned it on. We chalked it up to old wiring, and didn’t think much about it since we were planning on having an electrician check all the wiring and change the switches and outlets before we moved in. We were also going to have new windows put in and paint the place.

   That all went off without a hitch. We had the electrician come and put in a new fan and check everything for us. Then we noticed that the lights blinked whenever the refrigerator went on. He said he could find nothing wrong. After we moved in, the refrigerator, which had worked fine up until then, suddenly stopped working.

   We had a plumber come in and check the faucets. It was going to be expensive to fix all the leaks, so we decided to redo the bathroom while we were at it, since it was from the 1970’s anyway. We had moved in by this time, and things started to get worse. As we ripped out the bathroom fixtures, I started to get sick. I ended up with walking pneumonia. I had to go to the doctor and be put on a nebulizer because it was so difficult to breathe. I had never had this type of illness or experienced problems breathing. At night pictures would fall off the walls downstairs in the living room and the nails would still be in the walls. One night my husband and I were having dinner and suddenly we both smelled cigarette smoke. Neither one of us smokes, and neither do my neighbors. The smell was gone as quickly as it came.

   I also want to note that after I was there a month I started to feel like there was something not quite right about the place. My husband worked nights for a few weeks because he had started a new job when we moved and they had the training on the 3-11 pm shift. I would come home from work and be alone and just got an uncomfortable feeling. Then I started feeling sad, the same as I had when I was in Las Vegas. I couldn’t figure that out since we were both so thrilled upon buying our first house. When I went to work I was fine, but as soon as I got home and was home for about a half hour, that sad feeling started again. He said he didn’t feel anything and told me I was imagining things. I also started feeling like something didn’t want me to be there. I kept getting a feeling that I should sell the house and move, that we were not wanted there. I couldn’t figure out why I felt that way. I was so happy when we bought the place. I didn’t want to move.

   Fast forward to Memorial Day weekend, May 2006. I happened to see my neighbor outside that day and we sat down to chat. She started talking about the people who had owned the townhouse before my husband and I bought it. The people we bought it from had only owned it for 9 years, and because they were snowbirds, they decided to sell this townhouse and live in Florida all year long. I asked her who had owned it before them and why had they sold it. She told me that it was a couple in their 40’s and the wife had died of lung cancer. She had gotten divorced, so after she died her kids were in a hurry to sell the place and sold it to the couple that sold it to us. Next she asked me if I still had that “monstrosity” in the dining room. She referred to a china cabinet that was bolted to the wall and 2 side cabinets that had been added by the previous owners. I told her yes, and she told me that the china cabinet had belonged to the woman who died and that the couple who had sold us the place had added the other cabinets for more storage space. I told her that I liked it because I had a porcelain doll figurine collection and they looked really nice in the china cabinet. Also, the tiled floor only came up to the cabinet, and we didn’t have the money to fix the wall and the floor if we had it removed. Remember this cabinet later.

   She told me more about the woman who had died of lung cancer. She said that she was around my age when she died (in her 40's). She also said that I reminded her of the woman, same height, weight and hair color. It made me feel kind of creepy, but I didn’t say anything.

   I continued to get upper respiratory infections and have breathing problems. I couldn’t get the fact that the woman had died of lung cancer out of my mind. A friend’s sister-in-law was a sensitive, so she suggested that she bring her to my house. She told her nothing of what had been going on. My friend told me that her sister-in-law often went with people when they were buying houses to let them know if it was a good choice or not. It was too late for us, but I thought she might be able to tell me something.

   Her sister-in-law came over one night and at first she sat in my living room. My living room and dining room are open to each other and you can see the china cabinet from the living room. As she looked at the china cabinet she said that she was having trouble breathing. Then she said she sensed a woman and a man and the woman had trouble breathing. She said that the woman was connected with the china cabinet and that I should get rid of it. I told her that was not possible since it was bolted to the wall and that the floor tile only came up to the cabinet. Then she said, I should take out the figurines and give both the figurines and the cabinet a good cleaning. I told her that I did that once every 2 weeks. She said again that she really felt like I should get rid of the cabinet since this woman was attached to it.

   Then she went upstairs to the second floor. She said that the master bedroom was clear, but that the second bedroom that we used as a computer room was not. She could see a sick woman sitting in a wheel chair looking out the window at the garden. She wasn’t sure if she had died in the house, but she was definitely sick while she was living there. She also told me to get rid of the blue blinds (they had come with the house and matched the carpet in the room), because they had belonged to her. She also told me to get rid of the burgundy curtains because that color gives spirits energy. I took the curtains down that night and by the next week I had replaced the blue blinds with neutral color verticals.

   She also recommended that I “smudge” the house to rid it of the spirits. I ordered a bunch of sage from an online store in Taos, New Mexico because I couldn’t find it locally. When I got it, I lit it and started to smudge the house. No sooner had I lit it, than it would go out. I tried it several times and each time it would go out. I called the store in New Mexico and told them they had sold me faulty sage. The woman gave me goose bumps when she told me that the reason the sage was going out is because the spirit I was trying to get rid of is attached to me and is blowing out the flame. She told me to have my husband light it and do the smudging. This time he lit it and it stayed lit. After we were done, things seemed to quiet down a bit. We continued to have issues with the electricity however.

   Finally in April of 2009, a friend directed me to an intuitive who she said could clear my house over the phone. I had tried to get someone to do it a year earlier but they told me they were very busy and never got back to me. In the beginning of April, we had 4 doors replaced in our house. There were two closet doors in the bedroom, the bedroom door, and the upstairs bathroom door. That evening a large picture that was in between the two closet doors in the bedroom came crashing down for no reason, and the frame broke into 4 pieces. At this point I’d had enough. Every time we did some renovations, this spirit would get mad and knock my pictures off the walls. That’s when I called the intuitive and had him do the clearing. I didn’t tell him who I thought was in my house…but he said there were 6 souls, an older man, an older woman, a young girl, a middle aged man, and a couple in their 40’s. He did his clearing thing, and the atmosphere in the house started to feel lighter. Since then we had the last three closet doors done and everything was quiet afterwards. We also had a flood from my neighbor’s water heater which damaged a wall in our kitchen, and nothing happened when the wall was opened and the sheet rock was replaced.

   We are finally all clear. We now have 5 new cats and they are not spooked like our previous 4 cats were in Las Vegas. They sleep all over the house. The lights don’t blink anymore. I don’t feel that sense of dread and I don’t feel like someone wants us to move. After four years in the townhouse, I finally feel that it’s ours and we can be happy to live there.

   I have a few digital pictures that I will be sending so you can see the orbs I've described in the stories.

A Banshee In Our Family

Marni, OH, USA

   When my Mother died back in 1993 we heard something in the middle of the night, a cry over the hillside we could not explain.

   My Mother's Death had had been coming along for some time, she had taken to her bed for 2 years after my Father passed of a sudden stroke. She already was struggling with Cystic Fibrosis at the time of my his Death, after he died she just took to her bed.

   We come from a primarily Scandinavian lineage, although on my Father's side, he is both Scottish and Irish. The cry we heard was upon my Mother's death, which is kinda odd, because she's not Irish.

   On the night she died in June, my daughter and I were sitting in her bedroom with the windows open, talking. When all the sudden we heard a sound, like a wail, or a cry, that literally, "echoed" over the hillside. We lived in California at the time, in the Hollywood hills, and we were surrounded by trees and quite a bit of nature, our house was fairly remote.

   It was just one cry, and it was loud and long, it seemed to travel from afar over and passed our house then faded away. It almost sounded like an animal crying, but as soon as you heard it, you knew it was no animal. It had an eerie, preternatural quality to it. It sent a chill down our spines.

   "What was that?!", I said, "Was that an animal?". "I don't know", my daughter said, she was only 11 at the time. We drifted off to sleep that night, finally after speculating on what kind of sound that was.

   Two days later, Grandma died.

   Another odd thing about my Family on my Mother's side. After doing some research on death messengers, I remembered that before my Grandfather died, My Grandmother (who's Swedish) saw an Owl in the window that startled her and made her scream. He died like a day later. Owl's are traditionally sometimes considered Death messengers. I was only 15 at this time.

Ghost On The Gulf

Anonymous, FL, USA

    My ghost story started on July 3rd , 2009. What we had planned was a family outing, what we got was an adventure of a lifetime.

   I’ve been trying for several months to get my wife to agree to an overnight trip out on the Gulf Of Mexico. My wife "Melissa" would say “David (that’s me), We’ll drift off and end up in Mexico”.

   Finally I got her brother “Mike” and his girlfriend “Georgia” on board with the overnight camp out plan I had. My 15 yr old son "Cody" was looking forward to a camp out on the water since the first day I mentioned it. Melissa reluctantly agreed to go along after finding that her brother was on board with the plan.

   On July 3rd this year, we worked our way through the crowded boat ramp with our supplies in hand at Crystal River’s public access in Florida. After taking what seemed like forever to find a place to park the truck, we were on our way. The channel heading out to the Gulf was crowded with boaters getting ready to celebrate the coming holiday.

   Our 24 foot cabin cruiser usually handled rough water rather well, but today with all the boats, it might as well been a hurricane out there. Waves were three or more feet and they were hitting us from every direction. Melissa and Georgia were in the cabin trying to keep things from falling off the shelves. Cody was in his all time favorite spot way up on the bow. Mike was with me in the cockpit.

   As we went past Shell Island at the entrance to the Gulf, Mike pointed out how packed the Island was with people camping. I told Mike the engine sounded like it was running good and strong today and maybe we should go out on the Gulf ten miles or so to get away from all the commotion. Mike agreed and the way we went.

   We went 20 miles west of Shell Island before the water was calm and the other boaters were few and far between. We decided another 5 miles would be just about perfect. Judging from the fuel gauge, we were still looking pretty good.

   So here we are 25 miles from any source of land and we found a nice 33 foot hole to drop our anchor in. The water fairly calm, not real calm but calm enough to keep the boat from rocking.

   Cody was fishing off the bow, Melissa and Georgia were cooking on the deck , Mike and I were just setting back telling fish stories and reminiscing things from our childhoods. We weren’t really paying much attention to the time, and before we knew it night was starting to set in.  I told Mike that my plans were to stay a little closer to Shell Island and then catch the fireworks over King’s Bay the next night. Mike on the other hand was quite happy right where we were. I had Cody pull the anchor up, and we started heading due east. We only made it another 4 miles before I was having a hard time seeing what was ahead and I really didn’t want to wrap my boat around a channel marker or run up on one of the many oyster bars. We manage to find another hole that was 27 feet deep and I could hear the local chatter over the marine vhf radio. We dropped one anchor over the back and my storm anchor over the front (just to put Melissa at ease over drifting). The GPS said we were staying perfectly still.

   I had two brand new marine batteries onboard and we were on battery 1, so leaving the anchor light and fans on all night wasn’t a problem at all. I could switch to battery 2 in the morning to start up and head back in. Long about 11pm Melissa and Georgia were in the cabin with the table set up playing cards. Cody decided he had enough and was snoring away in the bunk. Mike and I were trying our luck at some night fishing and listening to a few CD’s.

   The fish were biting better than good. It seemed as soon as the bait hit the water we had a fish on. It was mostly black tip sharks and now and then we would land a sea trout. Then it was like someone flipped a switch, our bait sat in the water without even a nibble. Mike made the comment that maybe we caught them all. I just laughed it off and continued fishing.

   Mike was up on the bow with his pole and I was sitting in the back, all was silent except for the women and their card game. All at once Mike yells “Dave, did you hear that?”. I told him I didn’t hear a thing. Mike said “ I heard a bell ring about three times or so”. I told mike I thought it was a screw that came loose in his head. A few minutes later just as Mike said “do you hear it?” I heard it as well.

I heard a bell ring three times that sounded like it came from the south west. I stood up and looked and at the same time Mike and I saw what looked like a light flickering in the distance. The light was exactly south west  from our position. We heard the bell again, exactly three times.

   I felt a panic in my chest, I thought we had drifted and it was a lighted buoy  with a bell (probably Port Richey or Tampa). I got up and ran over to the GPS to see where we moved to. The GPS showed us on the exact spot we anchored. I shut the GPS unit off and turned it back on just to refresh the satellites and make sure it wasn’t stuck.

   It still showed us dead on the anchor spot. We checked the anchors to make sure they were secure, they were. By now we were hearing faint voices coming from that direction. Mike and I agreed that it must be another family on a boat spending the night. Then we wondered if the three rings from the bell meant they were in trouble. I tried to call the other vessel on the marine radio, with no luck. I left the radio on scan, just in case we were on different channels.

   By now the women were up in arms and panicking. Cody was out of bed and wondering what all the commotion was. Mike suggested we pull anchor and go see if they needed help. I on the other hand decided that we should hold off a few minutes and think things over before possibly putting ourselves in harm's way. It’s hard to see the shallows and oyster bars in the pitch black night.

   Thirty minutes had gone by and the bell was still ringing, the light was still flickering and the voices were getting somewhat louder. I even thought that the ringing was more distinct and the light was brighter than before. I wasn’t sure if they were or if it just seemed that way because I was tuned in on them.

   Another half an hour had gone by and sure enough, they were getting closer. I knew we weren’t moving, but they were headed our way. It’s now 1:30AM and some vessel or something is headed our way. It wouldn’t be long before we would see it.

   I started the motor to not only bring battery number 1 up to charge, but to have enough power to work the spotlight. I wanted whoever was out there to know where we were. I did not want some partying drunks to run into the side of us. Besides, maybe we could see what was going on and if someone needed help, we could help.

   The spotlight in their direction showed absolutely nothing. The odd thing was that with the spotlight off, they looked to be no more than 400 yards away and closing in. We couldn’t see their flickering light with the spotlight on, so Mike thought it would be good to shut it down and wait until they came in closer.

   The flickering light had stopped along with the bell. We all sat on deck in total silence waiting for the next little sound that would indicate that they were still out there.

   A half hour had passed with no sounds, no lights and no voices. A cool breeze had picked up and there was a light to moderate chop on the water. Not a one of us felt the least bit tired. We were all wide eyed and waiting for the next thing to happen.

   The marine radio started making a loud static sound, which scared the living daylights out of every one of us. After messing with the radio trying to quiet it down, I gave up and shut the radio off.

   We were all setting there talking softly as if someone might hear what we were saying when Mike’s jaw about hit the floor. Mike was looking behind me and not saying a word. I said “what?”. Mike still said nothing. Georgia (who was sitting by Mike) Said “Oh My God!!" Melissa and I both turned around to see what was going on.

   Still today I have a hard time believing what I saw. No more than 25 yards from us was a huge and I do mean HUGE wooden ship of some sort.

This large wooden vessel just sat there and it looked to be as real as you and I. I could see every fine detail of this large boat. My heart was pounding and my mind was on pause. I never heard a sound as this thing pulled right up behind where I was sitting. We could all hear the sounds of people moving around on board and voices that we couldn’t quite make out. I think part of the reason we couldn’t make out the voices was due to a language barrier or something. It sounded sort of like English, but not exactly. Very hard to explain.

   We all sat there for God only knows how long. It was as if we were paralyzed and all track of time was lost. That being said, I’m not sure how long the ship sat there beside us or how long before other events started taking place.

   The bell rang three more times. This time it was louder than ever, startling us all. Three men looked over the side of the great ship down at us and one of them yelled (amazingly in plain English) “hail, hail, hail, heed my words”. There was a slight pause then the man yelled down to us again “ we have been sent to deliver a message to you and to those who would listen. Due to the ways of this world you live in, you are going to see world turmoil as never seen before.
Prepare yourselves, the signs of the times are at hand”.

   The men then vanished back onto the boat and the boat started to drift off. Mike was the first to speak “get the light, I didn’t catch the name of the boat”. We spot lighted for 20 minutes or so, but never saw the ship. It was like it vanished into thin air.

   I marked that spot on my GPS and Mike and I have been back to that spot many times with cameras trying to get some sort of proof that we’re not insane. The only thing we’ve seen since we went back was a light in the distance and the faint sound of a bell ringing three times. The great wooden ship never came back to us. I guess maybe we all went insane there for a little while. If you don’t believe this story, well that’s okay, I have a hard time believing it myself, and I was there.

I Brought It Home

Lauren, CO, USA

   Hello everyone, this is my experience with what can happen if you are actively interested in the paranormal but aren't protecting yourself from it. That having been said, here it goes.

   It was a couple years back, when ghost hunting was starting to come into the lime light. I had been watching shows like Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted and I had had my own paranormal experiences as a child that had left me confused and scared, and figured maybe trying ghost hunting would help me confront those fears. I began asking my friends about it and we decided to visit a local graveyard that, as far as we knew, had no visible trespassing signs, therefore making it appear to us that at least if we didn't encounter a ghost, we wouldn't encounter any law enforcement either. After all nobody wants to trespass right?

   Anyway we went in and it was actually a good investigation. All we had with us at the time were digital voice recorders and digital cameras. Of course being outside we got "orbs" but the digital recorders picked up quite a few unexplained voices.

   Going over the recordings really got our adrenaline going, knowing that someone or something was out there with us that night that none of us could see or hear with our own ears. From that point on we were hooked.

   A couple months and a few more disappointing cemetery visits later, we decided to go back to the original cemetery, the one we first went to. By this time I had gotten my boyfriend into it, so we rallied the team and headed out. It was a cold, late winter night.

   The cemetery had this eerie glow to it because of the moon reflecting off the fallen snow. We set up our equipment and stayed as long as we could with how cold it was, which was probably only about an hour. We drove home and decided to wait until the next day, since it was late, to go over our pictures and recordings.

   The next day my boyfriend had to work, leaving me and our dog at the house by ourselves the whole day (he was in sales so his workdays were from 9 am to 11 pm).  It was a dreary winter day, no sun, just gray clouds and the occasional snowfall. About 8 o'clock that night is when some weird things started happening.

   I was sitting on our couch watching TV when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw someone standing in our kitchen. It was more of a dark shape that stood out against the lit background. I turned my head very quickly and as soon as I did it disappeared. But it wasn't as if I turned and it wasn't there, it was more like I turned and it shrunk in on itself very quickly, if that makes any sense. Upon seeing this I quickly jumped up off the couch and ran to the kitchen, thinking my boyfriend had come home early and was wearing his black coat and had ducked down behind the sink when I turned to him in a effort to scare me (it was working). Our kitchen was just to the right of the couch if you were sitting on it and it had the window cut out through the wall, so if you were standing at the sink in the kitchen you could look out through the "window" and see everyone in the living room. So I quickly turned the corner and no one was there. I reached for the pantry door thinking maybe he slipped in there, I opened it and... nothing.

   So a little shaken up I returned to watching TV, thinking my eyes just needed to be checked. About a half hour later, plain as day, I saw a tabby cat run behind the TV. At this my dog got up and was barking like crazy....he thinks he's tough even though he's only 8 pounds.... and runs to the TV. We didn't have a cat, so this was also something that made me jump out of my seat and investigate. Sure enough, I looked behind the TV, no cat, however my dog kept barking at something. I actually had to put him in another room to get him to stop. After I did that I came back out to the living room and the TV was off. Needless to say I was REALLY scared now. So I tested my sanity, and started talking to thin air," is there anybody there? Who are you? What do you want?". The only response I received was the TV turning back on by itself.

   Nothing else happened until my boyfriend got home from work. I told him about what happened and being a fanatic, he was bummed that he wasn't here to experience it. I assured him it wasn't a pleasant experience, and we decided to go to bed. Our bedroom was in the finished basement of the house, this was because we had a king sized bed and the house was an older house with smaller rooms, and the only place where it would fit was the basement. When you come downstairs it comes to a dead end and you have to turn left, and first thing you see is our bed, with our TV up against the wall where the stairs are. So as we lay there trying to fall asleep with the TV on, we both see something dark run down the stairs, I say run because it was very quick. Now we could see this, keep in mind our TV is along that same wall as the stairs, so we were facing that area, this was not out of the corner of our eyes! Immediately we sit up and look right at each other and ask, "Did you just see that?"

    At that moment my boyfriend said he saw it run behind me and disappear. After this, there was not even a chance for sleep! We did what I should have done in the first place. We got out our ghost hunting equipment and began an investigation.

   We set up everything quickly then started asking questions. It was around 3 in the morning when things started to happen again. Lights began to flicker, our dog was about to have a heart attacked it seemed because he was barking so much, doors were opening and closing, we got locked out in our garage, luckily we had a spare hidden in the garage. It was the strangest thing because nothing paranormal had ever happened to us in this house. By 6 in the morning everything had pretty much stopped. We finally slept and when we woke, we went over the recordings. We realized we hadn't listened to the ones from the cemetery visit yet, so we did those first.

   Right off the bat there was a man's voice we heard, we couldn't really make out what it was saying, but it was distinctively different from anyone in our group. We were getting close to the end of the recording when one kept going. One of us must have forgotten to turn our recorder off when we were finished there and it went on recording our drive home. The same man's voice was on the recording during this time too, sounded almost like he was singing (unfortunately we saved the audio recordings to our computer and it crashed a few weeks after this so I don't have them anymore). When we got to the recording from the night before at our house, the same voice was there too, and we heard a cat! This time we could make out a "will you....." and then it garbled and nothing. We knew something had followed us home from the cemetery at this point.

   I am kind of a free agent when it comes to which specific religion I am part of, and recently I had been researching Wicca. I found a banishing ritual and performed it in the house. I also told the spirit it needed to leave, that it wasn't welcome, and it needed to cross over, and nothing has happened since regarding the man.....I still think I see a cat every once in a while though.

   After all this happened anytime we go out ghost hunting I always insist on a protection spell being done before we go in. This way nothing will be able to attach itself to us in the first place, and so far it must be working cause nothing has. So if you are thinking about being a ghost hunter or dabbling in the paranormal, protect yourself first, you'll be glad you did.

Night time Terror

Kaye Freehling, VA, USA

   Hi, My name is Kaye and I posted a story on here about two years ago, it was about some experiences my mother had. At the time I thought that it was great, and I was happy to share her true and creepy story with anyone that wanted to hear it. Well..... little did I know that almost two years later I would be having a very creepy experience of my own.

   My husband is in the United States Navy. And as all military wives know, there are points when you have to spend a lot of time by yourself...alone. My husband had left for a 6 month deployment in September 2008. My story stakes place February 2009, so as you can see I was completely and utterly alone.

   The apartment my husband and myself owned at the time was on the second floor. It was a one bedroom apartment. The master bedroom shared a wall with the living room. From time to time I would hear scratching on that wall, like someone was scratching to get through the wall. There were never any scratch marks in the morning when I woke up, and I always tried to write it off and not pay too much attention to it, because I did not want to freak myself out because I was alone.

   One night whatever this thing was, decided that scratching was not getting through to me. I was sleeping in bed, when I heard this loud sound (at the time I did not know what it was, it was just enough to scare me!) and I thought that someone was trying to break into my apartment. Well mustering up as much courage as I could (being a small woman, I am not very scary, but hey I tried) I got up out of bed, and in my loudest most angry voice, screaming and swearing, hoping beyond all hope that it would scare off whoever or whatever it was in my apartment. 

   I got out of my bedroom, still screaming and swearing. I was standing in the hall, and taking a peek into the living room to see if there was anything there. I stopped screaming and swearing. There was nothing there. Nothing, which confused me. I thought that I would make an inspection of my apartment. Nothing seemed to be amiss....until I looked at the wall that shared with the master bedroom. There laying on the ground was a picture of my husband and myself. The frame was busted, the glass was broke, it was mangled. Needless to say I was scared and confused but I still had some of that courage that I had mustered up before, and I shouted to the living room: "You don't scare me, how dare you break my picture, just who do you think you are!"

   What happened next sent goose bumps all over me, ( I get them still just talking about it!) there was this deep chuckle, very sinister sounding (yes I about peed myself, hey the living room was empty and you are not supposed to be hearing laughing in an empty room right?) however it seemed whatever was in the living room was not done with me. I was frozen in place when this thing laughed and I could not move, and then this thing started to talk! I could not make out what this thing was saying to me, it was very distorted, no I don't have an EVP, because at 2 am, you are not thinking: Yes! EVP, I hope I catch something, and remember I was thinking it was someone breaking into my house. Well anyways after this thing started talking, I found my legs and high tailed myself into my bedroom, and locked the door. I promptly proceeded to whip out an e-mail to my husband asking him to please call me. Thankfully he did, 10 minutes later, and I bawled my eyes out on the phone to him and told him what happened. He was able to calm me down, but I was still very scared and confused.

   The next day I went searching for some history about where we lived. I could not find anything on the apartment complex, however, I did find out that five miles from where we lived was the battle of Kempsville. The apartment complex that we lived in was only 30 years old, which made me wonder if there was something else standing there before it was turned into our apartment complex.

   I don't have any answers about what happened to me. I don't know if I ever will. Thank you so much for reading my story and listening to me.  

Darby Road

Cathy, NC, USA

   In 2000 my husband and I rented a duplex on Darby Road.  This was in a small town in Virginia.  The duplex was beige, built in the 70’s and pretty ordinary looking.  The first floor had two rooms – the living room and the kitchen.  As you opened the front door the staircase was right in front of you.  At the top of the stairs there were two bedrooms and a small bathroom.  The front bedroom was ours.  The bedroom in the back was smaller and contained a full size bed and two bookcases filled with books

   Things were fine for the first six weeks or so and then unnerving frightening things started to happen.  The first incident happened while we were lying in bed watching TV.   One of the perfume bottles on my dresser flew straight up into the air like a rocket and then crashed back down.  It was loud and forceful and seemed deliberate!  It scared us and amazed us at the same time.

   Next we noticed the “cold spots.”  Certain areas of the living room and the rear bedroom on the second floor were frigid.  No matter what the thermostat was sat on those areas were always icy. They were so cold that I would actually shiver when I stood in the cold spots.

   When we moved in I had hung up framed photos of family and friends in the stairwell.  One afternoon I was sitting in the living room when a photo fell from (or maybe flew off) the wall!  It crashed so hard and happened so fast I couldn’t decide if it had indeed fallen off the wall, or if it had been thrown by invisible hands!  Shaking and frightened I walked over to the bottom of the stairs and looked at the photo now lying face down on the tiles.  I thought for sure it would be shattered, but it was all in one piece.  The frame didn’t even have a chip.  But there was something worse – that same photo continued to fall off the wall over and over and over again for the duration of our stay!  There were about a dozen framed photos hung in the stairwell and it was the only one that ever fell from the wall. 

   After about 6 weeks of living there my husband got a job as an electrician that required him to travel.  I had to start staying by myself Monday through Friday and this is when I started to feel uncomfortable.  As long as it was light outside I felt pretty safe, but when it turned dark I would start to feel creepy like someone else was in the duplex.  Most nights I would eat, watch TV, take a shower and hold up in my room until my alarm went off at 7 am.  I also hated going down stairs at night.  Something about going down those stairs (that had no handrail mind you) really scared me!  When I did have to go downstairs at night I went as fast as I could and turned on all the lights.  But this was rare.  After a while I made sure that I had no reason to go downstairs after dark!  I really felt there was something/someone down there that didn’t want me around. 

   Then I started to hear things in the rear bedroom.  The two bedrooms were separated by the bathroom.  One night sitting in my bedroom I thought I heard “fluttering.”  That’s the only way I could describe it – fluttering.  I leaned off the bed and slowly opened my door.  I listened but didn’t hear anything.  Then I heard it again and realized it was the sound of someone FLIPPING BOOK PAGES!!!!!!!  It was coming from the rear bedroom and no one was there but me.   I was so scared I thought I was going to get sick….just thinking about it now brings back the feelings of fear and nausea.  It stopped after one more flutter.  Again it seemed like invisible hands had taken something tangible and moved it, manipulated it, just like you or I could have.  Luckily this only happened two or three more times while we lived there.  It was never that loud again, but more faint and soft. The incidents occurred off and on for months.  Sometimes it was weeks before something happened, but the cold spots and creepy feelings were there all the time. 

   We'd been there about three months when we found out we were expecting a baby.  We were very happy and proud.  We had been talking about moving out and decided that we were going to leave as soon as we could after the baby arrived.  I had gotten my fill of the uncomfortable weirdness.  About a month before our son was born something new started happening in the rear bedroom.  One evening we thought we heard scratching in the walls.  It would start and then stop as soon as we commented on it.  It was subtle at first, but changed quickly after the birth of our son. 

   My parents came to stay for a few weeks after our son’s arrival. They stayed in the rear bedroom and said they heard scratching behind the walls all night!   By the end of their stay the scratching had gotten loud and was no longer staying in one area.   You could hear it in the wall behind the headboard.   Then in a second it would be inside the closet, in another second the scratching would be behind the wall that separated the bedroom from the bathroom.  The scratching went from spot to spot within the blink of an eye!!!   We called the landlord and asked her to send someone to check the space between the roof and ceiling (there was no attic).  We thought maybe a rodent had gotten in somehow and was running around in there.  The handyman and landlord came to check it out but found nothing.  No animal droppings or fur, no telltale signs of animal inhabitation.  
In fact the handyman said he had no idea how an animal - rodent or otherwise, would have gotten into the walls because he found no openings it could have used. 

   Three weeks later my husband, our newborn and I left.  I didn’t realize how badly I wanted to leave until I started packing.  I had everything ready to go in about 3 days.  I had given birth about 5 weeks before.  I couldn’t get away from Darby Road fast enough. 

   We did talk to our neighbor Larry who lived on the other side of the duplex.  According to him he never had any bad experiences on his side.  No cold spots, no flying photos, no scratching in the walls.

I have no explanation for what happened there.  We left Virginia 5 years ago and hadn’t lived in the duplex since the beginning of 2001.  I wonder if it’s still there and if the current inhabitants have had any experiences.

The Little Girl

Stephanie, TX, USA

   My name is Stephanie. I am 23 years old. My husband & I have been living in our apartment for 3 years now. We have 3 little girls - Destiny is 4, Madison is 3 & June is 6 months old.

   Many strange things have been occurring in our apartment since I was pregnant with my baby June. The first thing is that my older daughters Destiny and Madison had to sleep in the same crib because Destiny broke hers. Well one night me & my husband were sleeping and I woke up suddenly and looked over to my daughter's crib and I saw someone standing up at the edge of the crib looking at us.

At first I thought it was Destiny because whatever it was seemed to have the same tall, skinny features as my daughter. I got up to get her to lie back down, but when I did get up I looked in the crib and both my babies were covered and fast asleep.

   The second incident was again in the middle of the night. My youngest daughter June was 2 months old, and I had gone to bed early. My husband stayed up late watching TV in the living room, and didn't want to wake any of us up so slept on the couch. Well, at this point we had just bought Destiny her toddler bed, and Madison still slept in her crib.

   I had suddenly awoke, and I saw what at the time was my daughter Destiny get off her bed, and went over to Madison's crib and was looking in there. I got up and was going to get mad at her because I didn't want her to wake Madison up. When I got to her bed I saw that she was covered and fast asleep. It freaked me out. My husband didn't believe me. Than we were standing by our breakfast bar about 10 pm talking, and he stopped what he was saying and went to the bathroom.

   He came back pale, and said you're not going to believe it. He said he thought he saw Destiny go into the bathroom, and went in there and no one was there. He said he was going to get mad at her because she was suppose to be asleep, and when he went in there Destiny was fast asleep. He said, "I swear I saw a little girl go in the bathroom."

   Whatever it is seems to be attracted to Destiny because all the times that we have seen this thing it always is around her. We have even mistaken it for our daughter. The weirdest part is that my brother in law came to bring my nephew over to play with my daughters, and I was taking pictures of all of them. On one of the pictures there was an orb, and I had took a picture a second before that and there was nothing there. All in all whatever it is, is seriously freaking me out.

Vacation in Nevada

Marta Parada, CA, USA

   My husband, children and I had gone to visit family in Nevada. We spent the day at Lake Tahoe; it was the 4th of July 1994. As my family put us up in their home they didn't have but a 3 bedroom trailer we had used up 2 bedrooms, my husband was in 1 bedroom with our 2 eldest daughters and I were in another bedroom with my 2 month old.

    I was given a twin size bed to sleep in that was placed against the wall. I placed the baby closest to the wall so there would not be a chance of her falling. I curled my body around her, with my back to the bedroom door. I figure I had been asleep for a while when I heard a child say "Mommy? Mommy!?"

I quickly turned to the source of the voice and no one was there I sat up in bed and as anyone with children will tell you as soon as you hear the first "mommy" you are awake. Remember my older children were in another room with my husband. After not finding the source of who had called me, I decided to check in on my older girls.

   I picked up the baby and made my way slowly into the dark hallway I opened the door to their bedroom and they were all asleep including my husband. I shook him awake and asked him if the girls had gone looking for me. He stated they had not, I said goodnight and walked back. The next morning my husband and my cousin were having breakfast. I got a funny look from them so I asked "What's up?"

    They both looked at each other and said "Nothing we were discussing plans for the day."

    As the day progressed I kept intercepting looks between them I finally said "OK what's up?" My cousin asked me if I'd gotten up the night before. I told him of hearing someone call me. I waited for him to speak and he basically blurted out that on several occasions he had heard a child giggle and had seen a shadow out of the corner of his eye. He got suspicious and started asking questions from neighbors. He was told that a child had been murdered by the previous owners boyfriend. He had beaten her and caused her death.

    Needless to say I was shocked and chilled to the bone and ultimately saddened that this child was more than likely looking for her mother. We left the following day I said, "Goodbye little one."

The Trunk

Olivia Solari, TX, USA

   This occurred to my father when he lived in California, about five years ago.

   My dad was visiting some friends in an old farmhouse that they had just moved into. They asked him if he could watch over their newborn daughter for when they were going to bachelor and bachelorette parties. They told him that if he saw anything strange, they should just call him because there was a weird story that accompanied the house.

   Apparently, the former owners had put in a pool for their eight year old daughter to learn how to swim in. Unfortunately, they had forgotten to take into account her sleepwalking. One night she went out sleepwalking and fell into the pool and drowned. Her parents found her the next morning. When her parents moved out, the only thing they left behind was a trunk filled with all her dress up things.

   That trunk was in the baby's nursery, and my dad went looking in it to try and find something for the baby to play with. He found a little scribble drawing, but didn't think much of it and put it on top of the changing table.

   He went into the living room to watch TV, so he took the baby monitor with him. About ten minutes later, the baby was making choking noises so he went to go check on her. He saw a grayish figure standing over the baby, with what looked like two arms reaching out and choking it. The room felt like it was below zero. When he walked near the baby, the figure disappeared. He called the parents and they promptly returned. My dad went home.

   When he talked to them again, they told him they had gotten rid of the trunk and nothing had happened again.

They Watch Me At Night

Rebecca, England, UK

   I know this story does not sound true, but I swear it is, I wouldn't make stuff up like this.

   I was going to sleep as normal, as I turned the light off and lay there, it started to get really cold. About 5 minutes later, I saw a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to face it. It was a shadow of a woman wearing a Victorian style dress. It was right beside me, with its head tilted to look at me. It didn't have eyes, a nose, a mouth, hair etc. but I could tell it was looking at me. I just stared at it. It started moving its head, turned around, stayed for a few seconds then vanished. I turned the light on, and on the wall, was a message. It said: Death is not too be feared. It is more a punishment than anything. I would know. Lady Eleanor.

   There was more writing, but I couldn't read it. I was pretty creeped out but just wanted to go back to sleep, so I did.

   The next day, I went to bed again. Eleanor was there again. I thought, Just accept it, she can't do anything.  Then, I looked to my left, and there was a man wearing a Victorian looking outfit too. He then turned around after about 20 minutes of staring at me, and when they both disappeared, I turned on the light. The man had written something:

    'Frederick And Eleanor'

   I'm guessing they were together before they died.

   I was talking to my mum about ghosts a few days later, and she said, "I remember when you used to cry at night, and I'd ask you what was wrong and you would say that there was a girl in your room, and then the next night a girl and a boy." I asked her how often this happened, she replied, " Every year. A woman on the 25th of September, and a woman and man on the 26th." Those were the dates I saw them this year. I think I remember seeing Eleanor and Fred when I was 8 or 9.

Has anyone else seen things like this??

He Cried

Meagan, AL, USA

   The house I grew up in was built brand new when we moved in. I was five. I don't remember a whole lot from my younger years but at thirteen that all changed. It's easier to remember your past when it's blotted with ghostly activity, it's set apart.

   My mom and I were very close when I was younger and she confided in me a lot. When she was upset she would come to me and talk. I never felt that she ever held anything back from me. I was never scared of much as a child and I think that is why my mom was so open about the supernatural experiences that started happening to her. When she told me of the occurrences it brought up faded memories, things I think my mind was trying to block out, keep from me. Things that would happen and I would shrug off. The room that I was in being empty but feeling crowded. The little hairs on the back of my neck standing up and the shiver down my spine at random moments throughout the day. The most prominent, the feeling of being watched.

   I started babysitting when I was about thirteen, mostly for my two younger brothers. My parents owned an internet business and were out a lot at night. As I got older I started babysitting for a lot of members of my church. One afternoon I babysat for some people I didn't really know well and weren't from my church. Their kids were sweet and the parents didn't stay out very late. I arrived to my empty house at about 10:30pm. I had forgotten my younger brothers had went to a friend's house to stay the night. My mom was working a late shift and my dad was at a business meeting. I stepped into the house to the familiar crowded sensation. The lamp in the living room was the only light on in our three bedroom house. The door to the hall was opened and sat like a big hungry mouth, gaping at me. That hallway was in my nightmares, it set chills upon one when walked down, coming away from the very back bedroom which was my parents.

   The light from the lamp was eerie so I flipped the big light on in the living room and took a deep breath, preparing to enter the hallway. I flipped on the hall light gingerly and closed all the doors to the rooms, peering into each one expectantly. I knew they were somewhere waiting, waiting for me in that house. My mom and I had named the Two Others who lived with us, Fred and Sam. Fred felt to me to be a man in his late 20's from the fifties. His garb, a black suit and some kind of hat. Sam was quiet and sad, he made you sick when he entered a room, almost like a horrid smell wafting through. He was young. At least five. And seemed to be wearing something blue. I could sense Them. Sense what They were made of, reach out and feel the fabric that They seemed to wear in the afterlife. They were real. And They made sure I knew it.

   As I finished closing the doors in the hall way I left the bathroom door open and cut the light on and entered. I closed and locked the door behind me and finally inhaled. I was safe. I kept thinking to myself, chanting, "I will not see Them tonight. I will not see Them tonight." I tried positive thinking and hoped They'd hear and sense my terror and take mercy on me. I was tired and just wanted sleep tonight. No fear. I missed the days before thirteen when there was no fear, when I wasn't afraid to come home.

    I said a quick prayer and looked into the mirror at my reflection, I smiled at myself because I started feeling somewhat silly. The flush was still on my cheeks when Sam spoke to me. He said one word, One word that spun me out of control. One word that seemed to reach within my body and thump my heart sending it to its maximum speed. I watched my face fall in the mirror and my reflection become blurred, after I realized all in a split second, what he said and where he was. "Yes." was his reply to my internal chant. "Yes." I would see him tonight, not just see but now hear him. He sounded from right outside the door of the bathroom.

I couldn't move. I could not force my head to turn to the door. I stared at nothing, I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror anymore, blurred by tears. They started to stream down my cheeks as I lost all logical thought, all control over my emotions. I could not explain THEM! As I cried I held nothing back, I wailed. My cry caught in my throat as Sam started crying too. I blinked away my tears and stared at my shocked expression in the mirror, mouth hanging open. A child's cry, a whimper at first them becoming a cry!

    He moved away from the door towards the living room and I could do nothing but stare. My thoughts were stale and unattainable, undecipherable. Then he stopped so suddenly it made me jump and everything in my mind clicked on! I had to leave, I had to get out! This sadness was consuming me, and they thoughts of seeing Sam's face made me want to get out of the house, even if I had to crawl my way out of the very walls, scraping everything aside with my own hands, my delicate fingers and nails! My main thought was 'grab something to defend yourself with!' I grabbed the first thing closest to me as I prepared to bolt from the tiny bathroom, maybe right into Sam's crying face. I jerked the door open and sprinted to the living room.

   The consuming sadness disappeared the moment I was out of the bathroom. He was nowhere to be seen and the crowded feeling, I noticed, had dissipated. I looked around the living room quickly and spotted the phone. I had to talk to mom, I had to have some sort of logic, conversation, something normal. I called her and told her what had happened and she had me repeat myself because I found I was still crying. She told me everything was alright, that They would not hurt me and she'd be home in five minutes. I hung up and looked warily around the living room, hugging my knees to my chest on the couch and waited for that moment my mom would enter the room and give me some peace of mind.

Henry, Alex, & Oliver

Anonymous, CO, USA

   A couple weeks ago, I spent the night at my friend, Kat's house. Our other friend, Adri came joined us shortly after and we were having a good time. We ate ice cream and chilled, doing what sixteen year old girls do. Eventually, we started looking up scary games, which lead to looking up scary videos, which led to me showing them this site. We were reading the section concerning Ouija Boards, and we decided we kind of wanted to try it.

     We printed the board that's found on this site, and got a shot glass to do it with, and we sat in a circle. We said the prayer on the board, hands linked, and then we started asking questions. We asked simple questions, "Is anyone here?" "What is your name?" "How old are you?" Things along those lines. The board seemed, to put it simply, alive. The glass was moving everywhere, answering quickly, now and then slowing down a bit, only to pick right back up shortly after.

   After asking questions for a while, we found out that it was a little girl. Seven years old, who had lived in the house previously. She said she had fallen down the stairs. She spelled like a child and seemed to speak like one. Her name was Alexandra. We've been calling her Alex. We asked if anyone else was in the room. She said yes, Henry. When we asked who he was, she didn't answer. We started guessing family members, when we said "cousin," the glass went to yes. Then the glass kept going to my edge of the board. Kat asked something along the lines of, "Is Henry with Kendelle?" Alex said yes. She asked why, and Alex spelled out, "sister." I got scared, and extremely cold, but I let it go.

    The next day, Adri and Kat spoke to Alex again after I'd went home. They said she'd been less friendly. She'd said, "perish." and went to goodbye. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I mean, people say things like this all the time. Things about ghosts and Ouija boards, and they knew I'm a firm believer in spirits, so yes, I was skeptical about Alex.

     We went back a couple of weeks later, and talked to her again. Again, we got to talking and Henry came up. And we asked where he was, and the glass almost came off of the board going to me. We asked why, and she said, "sister," again. Kat asked if it was that I looked like his sister, and Alex said, "yes." I got cold again. I couldn't stop shivering, but I still let it go.

     We talked to her some more, and all in all it was an ok conversation, but it left us all kind of scared. Alex seemed so strong. We'd read about Ouija Boards and things and thought that the movement would be slow, but she answered almost immediately every time, and she seemed to like us.

   About a week later, I went through a break-up. It was a painful time for me. One night I looked up at a picture of my newly ex-boyfriend and I, and I started crying. Then I got this sudden cold. It was the middle of Summer, and my skin felt hot, the whole room was stuffy and hot with the Summer air, and I couldn't stop shivering. I remember Henry and said, "Go away," out loud, and I got warm again.

   That whole experience freaked me out. Over the next weeks, every time I would get upset, Henry would be there, but always left when I asked, which was kind of a comfort, despite the circumstances. I decided I wanted to talk to Henry. He was a child, like, Alex. She'd said he was eight years old, and I hoped he'd be willing to talk to us like she had.

     The three of us got together one night to try it. We asked if Henry was there, and the board said, no. We asked who it was and it spelled out, "Oliver." With much questioning, we found out that Oliver was Henry's older brother. In his thirties. Oliver too, seemed to like me. He would move to the end of the table, and we had to catch him and put the glass back on the board a few times. This scared me. I was cold again. And what was surprising, Oliver had a completely different personality than Alex. He answered differently, longer words, which would make sense, since he was not a child. He was impatient. The glass would rotate or jostle if we stopped talking for two long. And he didn't like us to interrupt him or try and guess what he was spelling, while Alex would simply go to yes if we guessed correctly. Oliver seemed meaner, to be honest.

   We had to stop when Kat's parents got home. We tried again later, after everyone had went to bed, and this time, we lit a candle. We asked if it was Oliver. "No." Was it Alex? "No." It was Henry this time. We talked to him, and he too seemed to have different habits. If we were quiet for a long period of time he would make circles on the board, and he didn't spell correctly in the slightest, as many eight year olds don't, especially in the time period he said he was from, the 1800's. He moved to the edge of the board just like Oliver had. It scared me, them being so close to me, and that I could feel them.

   In the past weeks, I'd become accustomed to Henry being there when I was upset, or even sometimes when I wasn't. The sudden inner cold even though the room was hot, and my skin was hot to the touch... I still couldn't stop shivering.

We asked Henry to blow out the candle. It flickered a bit more deliberately, but it didn't go out. Henry started making circles with the glass again, we assumed out of frustration. Then the glass started moving violently towards the candle. Hitting it, trying to knock it off of the table, which had a lip that made this nearly impossible. After about ten minutes of this along with much circle making, the glass hit the candle HARD, and it did fall over. The wax got all over the carpet, and we all screamed. Kat and Adri both moved their hands off of the glass, jumping. We stopped soon after that, we were all kind of scared, and shocked that Henry had done something like that.

     I started feeling Henry again, or I thought it was Henry. I'm pretty sure now that it's Oliver. He was more aggressive with the board, and now when I get the cold feeling, when I feel them/him/it, he doesn't leave. Henry ALWAYS left when I asked him to.

     Then, a couple of nights ago, I was in my room. I got the cold and I told him to go away, and he didn't, so I knew it was Oliver. The my light went off, not the light went out; the bulb was fine, but the actually switch went down. I went downstairs and slept in the living room for two nights, then I came back up. As soon as I stepped into my room again, it got cold again.

     I'm getting over the chills, and I may still be a bit skeptical about the board. I mean, one of my friends could have moved the glass, but these are both girls that I trust, and neither of them could give me those feelings of another presence. That cold, that's not something someone can force on me. I'm getting that cold and that feeling more and more often, and it's still kind of freaking me out, but I don't think that they want to hurt me.

    Now me, Kat, and Adri are trying our best to consider Alex, Henry, and Oliver as friends....

A Sight of the Past and a Strange Feeling

Elijah, GA, USA

   This story took place at Victoria Creek Campsite off of Altoona lake in Georgia.

   Hello, I am Elijah Gurley. I am 12 years old, and this story took place October 4th, 2008. I have always somewhat believed in the paranormal, but never so much when I experienced this. Two days before I experienced this, one of my friends had invited me to go camping with him for his birthday. Some of my friends were there, too. They were Dalton, James and Josh (they're identical twins), Joseph, and Konner (the birthday boy).

   That night we all went in the tent, talking about ghost stories and other things about the paranormal. We always took a flashlight and made freaky faces. I shined the flashlight over to the camp next to us (which I wish I hadn't done). I didn't spot the camp, but I did spot a large hill. The odd thing about it was that there wasn't a hill there. It was just flat ground. I told my friends, but they didn't believe me. But somewhere I remember hearing that there was a hill there that was leveled out for another camp. But at the top, where it was bare, or so I saw, there was something strange. I saw a little translucent girl standing at the top. She had long, greasy black hair with a large gash in her forehead. Tears formed in my eyes, but I blinked and they went away. Even typing this makes me nearly cry, for I have to recall the sad face and the fatal injury on such a young girl. I quickly pulled my gaze away from her. I didn't tell any of my friends, for I knew they wouldn't believe me.

      But in about five minutes I told them. I wouldn't call myself lucky for them believing me, because right after I told them, I felt a feeling of dread climb over me. My heart felt like it was in my stomach, and tears seeped out of my eyes. I could see my friends mouthing "What's wrong?", but their voices were toned out by the voice of a screaming young girl. It lasted for about two minutes, then it stopped. Then it passed on to Konner, then Josh, then James, and so on, until all of us had experienced it. It happened to each one of us more than once, but mostly me. After it had passed for good, all of my friends believed me, and everybody felt like there was something of the paranormal happening. But even though I didn't share it, I thought that the little girl was among us, and we all felt her sad presence.

Whispers Of The Soul

Rhys, UK

   This happened to me about three years ago. It was about two months after my father was involved in a horrific car accident, he was driving home from work when two boy racers sped around the corner and collided head on with my father's Citroen. The two boys were unharmed of course why wouldn't they be. A passersby rung the paramedic and he was rushed to hospital where he fought valiantly for his life but the internal injuries were too serious to beat and he later passed on in hospital. I was informed the next morning.

   My dad's death hit the family hard, nobody would talk to each other, it was as if a void had opened up. When we sat down to watch TV, a coldness would spread amongst me and my sisters and our mother would just stare off disconnected into distant space. I would go to my bedroom early from supper and just cry and scream into the casing of my pillow. It seemed that not only had I lost my father but also my family too.

   One morning I woke up went downstairs and I have no clue to why I did this but I made my Dad breakfast. His favourite: buttered toast, fried eggs with bacon, beans and a glass of skimmed milk. I was about halfway through when I dropped the knife while slicing the toast and realized I was cooking for a dead man. Anyway that's not the story.

   I had had enough of all this, I was in the depths of depression and really just couldn't bear the icy silence of my sisters and the almost senile shallowness that had enshrouded my mother. Suicide was the best option. I trudged over to the local rocky mountain cliffs and climbed to the nearest peak. I edged to the descent and stared sadly down at the jagged boulders beneath. I glanced at the grey sky above as raindrops fell and just as I was about to take the leap of life, I heard him. His rough voice said the word, "Live" into my cold ears. I stood on the edge of that cliff, on the edge of existence, listening to him say over and over again to me that one word - "Live."

   I could sense him by me, I believe even now that if I had reached backward at that moment in time I would have touched my father's black burial suit. Then suddenly the rocks cascaded from underneath my feet, my arms whirl winded and I witnessed myself plummeting downward to my death. But alas I am here writing this story and before I plunged to my untimely end, a hand, a firm but light hand shot out, grabbed my shoulders and flung me backward to safety. I got up, scanned around but nowhere could I see a single soul. I went home alive.

   To this day I still cannot understand what happened to me, but I have my wonders, hey why do you think I'm posting this story here. Hope you enjoyed my experience and if there are any questions just E- mail me them.

Ouija Board From Hell

Anonymous, USA

   This is not something that has actually happened to me. It happened to my mother when she was sixteen years old. My mother has always been bothered by sprits. She is sort of like, a giant magnet for paranormal activity. I have also inherited this gift and love the fact that my mother and I share such an unusual trait.

   My mom and her twin sister loved reading books when they were younger, and being poor couldn’t afford to buy them. Down the street from their farm house was a used book store. The lady that ran the bookstore took a liking to my mom and my aunt and would often let them borrow books, and return others (sort of like a library). One day my mom and my aunt walked down to the bookstore to exchange their books, little did they know that that trip would change their lives forever. When they had picked out their new books and where about to leave, the lady stopped them and said, “You know girls, I bought this Ouija board from and auction for my daughter, and she doesn’t want anything to do with it. You can have it if you like.”

   Naturally my mother said thank you, and excited to play their new “game” went home to test it out. At first they played around and moved it on their own creating their own ghosts and monsters. Then spirits actually started coming through and talking to them. My aunts got freaked out and refused to play with her anymore. It soon got to the point where my mother was so obsessed with the Ouija board, that she could sit Indian style in front of it and think a question in her head and watch the pointer move to the answers. Therefore she required no one to take log of the things they said. She told me that one time she asked it:
“How many spirits are in here?”

   My mom told me that after the question was answered she felt like she was being suffocated, like there was at least twenty other people in the room with her. Everyone in the family, except for my grandparents, knew about my mom’s unhealthy obsession. She would go to school, and draw extremely detailed portraits of angels fighting demons, or a dragon spitting fire into the heavens.

   One night my grandmother was out with some friends at a local bar, when she was approached by a lady she had never seen before. She seemed to be in a frantic rush and quickly spoke to my grandmother calling her by name. She told her “Maryann your daughter, Lisa, is in trouble and we need to go to your house now.” Without question my grandmother jumped into her car and started the drive to her house.

  Halfway home the lady started driving faster and even passed her on the highway, making it to her house before my grandmother even pulled into the driveway. The lady ran upstairs and told my mother that she needed the Ouija board, because good and evil where fighting for her soul. This is enough to make any sixteen year old girl upset so she listened to the woman in awe as she told her “Do not let the lights go out at all tonight, and try your hardest not to fall asleep, because you will have the most terrible dreams you have ever had.”
So my mom, with whatever light bulb she could get her hands on, every candle and flashlight in the house, sat in her room while the mysterious lady sat outside trying her hardest to burn the Ouija board. My mom went through six light bulbs, two sets of batteries, and had to re-light candle several times that night. She ended up falling asleep three times.
The first time at the top for her driveway stood a woman in red, and at the bottom a little girl in a black dress. The little girl screamed at the top of her lungs “YOU CANT CONTROL ME, I AM STRONGER THAN YOU”, and the woman and the girl continued to argue back and forth until the little girl had lay in the dust at the bottom of the driveway.

   The second dream was of a man dressed in a military uniform. He was speaking a different language but, my mother could understand him. He was talking about, how the war was over but the fighting would never end. That the urge to fight has literally been bred into both sides, and that it would never stop. The third dream was simply an angel wrapping her arms around my mom’s house.

   At that moment my mom woke up, and looked out the window to see if the lady had finished. She saw the lady pulling out of her driveway, and the small remains of a fire burning in the pit not far off. My mother was free. To this day my mom refuses to let me use a Ouija board, though she knows that her own misfortune came from not using it properly, she does not want me to have to go through anything even similar to that.

The Hanging Woman

Jay, Quebec, Canada

   I only recently moved to Quebec City and noticed that there was a great deal of paranormal activity here, but none so aggressive than the spirits I encountered in the woods just this evening.

    My boyfriend and I like to take walks at night and we decided to walk in the woods. Being sensitive it was normal for me to feel spirits but I felt a warning this time and ignored it.

    While walking through the skate park near the trail in the woods we encountered some guys, and I thought perhaps they were what I was warned about, but they simply passed us by.

   Once again, at the mouth of the trail, I felt the warning once more but I ignored it even though my boyfriend and I were already feeling panic of some kind. We headed into the forest and suddenly I felt something dark. We stopped and looked around and I saw a light float from the ground into the trees, and with a quick glance I saw a woman hanging from a noose on a tree limb. A second look and she was gone and a voice whispered, 'get out.'

   You didn't need to tell us twice, we turned around and left hurriedly, though we were chased by blue faces. They would show up in our peripheral vision and linger.

   We're quite sure that we'll never return to those woods, whether in daylight or in the night.

Haunted Holiday

Cassie, NSW, Australia

   Late last year, my family (mom, dad, my little sister and I) went on a trip to Ballarat in Victoria. It was our first time there, and we were very excited (as you can imagine). Before we left for Ballarat, my mum had booked us accommodation in a cute little cottage in the middle of the town. Before we arrived there, however, I had not seen any pictures of the cottage or of its interior (this is an important point to consider later on).

   When we finally arrived after a 9 hour trip by car (uggh!), we were greeted by the owner of the holiday cottage, who quickly helped us settle in before leaving us to unpack. The cottage itself was inundated with modern furnishings which gave it a very comfortable feel. The cottage's hallways were high-ceilinged and they snaked through the small building as if it were a rabbit warren. When I asked my mum how old the house was, she said that it's appearance reminded her of cottages at home built during the period between the 1930's and '50's.

   At first, I was very comfortable with the cottage as soon as I entered it. However, this all changed when I entered my room. As I closed the door to my room, I discovered a plain rectangular mirror hanging on its back. Nothing to be worried about, right? Well, not in my case. I took one look at that mirror and instantly, I was terrified of it. Why, you may ask? Well, a few weeks before our trip, I had dreamt about looking into a plain mirror on the back of a white door. The background reflected in the mirror was of a bed with green covers. The creepy thing, though, was that instead of me being reflected in it, looking back at me was a young boy!

   But it was just a stupid dream, right? That's what I thought when had it. But as I looked into that mirror in my room, I saw the exact same scene from that dream: the bed with the green covers, the mirror on the white door; all of it minus the little boy! This encounter creeped me out so bad that I refused to sleep with the door closed for the rest of my stay! I thought this was the end of my problems there. But boy, was I wrong!

   Over the time we were there, my family and I (all minus my dad, for some reason) had weird experiences. These included:

- getting the intense feeling of being watched through the bathroom windows while in the bathroom.
- doors closing by themselves on unsuspecting people
- a cold atmosphere in the cottage from time to time I also had a weird experience by myself where I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of what sounded like someone walking around outside my window in our fenced-in back garden, which was not accessible to anyone except the occupants of the cottage (this is because the only access point to it is through a large glass door in the back of the house)! None of my family admitted that they had been outside during that time. After all, who would in their right mind walk around in their backyard in the freezing cold and rain at 3:00 am?

   However, nothing could have prepared us for our final night there. Because it was a long drive to get home, we decided to leave early in the morning, waking up at 2:00AM and leaving at about 3:30AM. That was when the weird things started happening. This is what happened in order:

- the alarm clock went off an hour later that it was set. However, at the time when the alarm was MEANT to go off, the air conditioner turned on by itself, only to turn itself back off when we all woke up as a result of the noise of it.
- When my dad went to check that we'd packed everything, the door to my sister's room, which had always worked perfectly, suddenly slammed shut all by itself with my dad still in the room.

These occurrences really freaked us all out, so it is no wonder that we left really quickly! As we drove away, I talked to my mum about the occurrences and about my dream. As I told her about my dream, she suddenly went pale. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had had a dream during our stay where she was chasing A LITTLE BOY!!

  When we got back home, my mum and I concluded, based on our experiences, that there were 2 spirits in the cottage: the little boy and a not-so-friendly presence outside the cottage. The little boy seemed to enjoy playing pranks on us, like playfully slamming the door on my dad. This told us that he was a friendly ghost. However, we believe that the feelings of being watched and the heavy footsteps I'd heard outside my window were caused by a not-so-nice spirit who seemed to be stuck outside the cottage (thankfully!).

   We later on decided to contact the owner and ask if anyone else has had a ghostly experience in the house. We never received a reply. I'm sorry that this experience is so long, but I hoped you enjoyed it anyway.  

Grandma and the Ouija Board

Anonymous, PA, USA

   This is a story my mom told me about her mother's experience.

   First I'll tell you the layout of the house. It's a two story house, the garage is right below the main part of the house with a guest room connected on one end of the garage. The only way to get to the main part of the house is a long stairway up the side of the house.

   Until I turned 5, I lived near the house, so I was learning to count by the time I moved. So naturally, I counted the stairs. There were 30 steps. going in to the house, you would have the dining room on the left and the living room on the right. Going straight you have the bathroom, on the right is the kitchen and on the left is my grandmas room.

   When my aunt (my mom's older sister) was in junior high, she and her friend brought a Ouija board into the house without telling my grandma. They took the Ouija board into my aunt's room while my grandma was out of the house so they wouldn't get caught. When they were finished asking all the standard questions (and getting completely freaked out) they hid it on the refrigerator hoping her mom wouldn't find it. My aunt just wanted it out of her room.

   A few months later after it was forgotten by all that it was there, my grandma found it when she was cleaning and rearranging the kitchen. She was so furious with my aunt but couldn't punish her at the time because my aunt was at school. So she took the Ouija board downstairs to the trash, putting the planchette in one can and the board in another to keep them separated. When she got back upstairs and back to her cleaning above the fridge, she found the Ouija board and the planchette right on top where she had taken it from.

    Somehow, it had beaten her up a flight of stairs to the kitchen again. Passing it off as confusion, she again took it downstairs to the trash repeating the process. Again, when she got upstairs, it was in the same spot. She knew she had taken it downstairs, but it was there. She repeated it again and again until she decided to take a hammer to the planchette. She cracked it into two pieces and put it in the different cans again. When she got upstairs, it wasn't up there.

   My grandmother and my aunt both learned a valuable lesson that night. My aunt learned never to bring a Ouija board into her life ever again, while my grandma learned how to get rid of it in case any of her other three kids followed in the eldest's example. To this day, my own mom won't even let me touch one.

   Let it be known that when you are being haunted by a Ouija board, you have to break the planchette in order to keep it from coming back.

Zero-Tolerance Ghost

Kathryn, MA, USA

   From 1995-1997, I lived in a 90+ year-old house on Todd Pond Rd. in Lincoln, MA.  There were two wings of the house, separated by a door that could be locked.  The older section of the house centered around the current kitchen and included two bedrooms, a sitting room, a bathroom and a small kitchen.  The staircase to the attic was in the hallway between the two wings.

   I was the only of my siblings living in the older wing of the house and I would frequently be awoken by the doorknob rattling or doors slamming after being opened slowly.  There were cold spots in that area of the house and the rumor of a secret passage was bolstered by stairs that went nowhere.

   The most remarkable phenomenon, however, happened to my younger sister.  For several weeks, my 14-year-old sister seemed agitated and very easily frightened.  It was not until years later that she told me of her reasons for being in that state.

   In the attic, there was a daybed with a compartment for storage beneath the cushion.  I found sheet music there and we occasionally would entertain ourselves by rummaging through drawings and letters. My sister found a small book of recipes written in a child's handwriting. Since she had a fascination with old things, she took it to her bedroom in the new wing of the house to read through it.

   A few nights later, she awoke with the impression that she was being watched.  The next night, she saw a girl of maybe nine years old watching her through the window.  There was no balcony or ledge on which someone could stand.  The girl did not respond to questions or statements, but would disappear after a few moments.

   My sister finally returned the book to the storage compartment in the attic and was never bothered by the girl again.

Auction Car

Anonymous, PA, USA

   This is my mom's story, not mine. My mom has always been a "medium" for the supernatural. She's seen and communicated with spirits as well as her own guardian angel. She's also able to sense where these spirits reside.
   When she was in high school, she had some guy friends that lived outside of town. She and her boyfriend at the time had never been to their house, and they invited them over to talk and hang out. My mom had agreed to go.

   When they got to their friend's house, my mom immediately started feeling uneasy. She and my dad were only in the house for an hour before my mom said she couldn't stand it. They all walked outside and sat on the porch for a few minute while my mom explained what had happened. She said that when she got out of the car, she sensed a spirit in the trunk of their car. Her friends stood there completely awestruck. After a few seconds, they explained that they had gotten the car at a police auction, and, of course, the information about why the car was impounded is never released. They found out why the police sold their car to them.

   After a few more minutes of getting over that shock, they asked my mom if there was anything else. She said that when she walked onto the porch at the beginning of the visit, she saw a cat hanging from the rafters on the porch. When she was in the house, she couldn't concentrate on what was being said because she kept hearing a cat screeching. Her friends didn't own a cat.

   She laughs about the story now, but it doesn't change how she felt that night. She wasn't terrified, she just couldn't handle the situation.

Bobby Has A Roomie

Faith, NSW, Australia

   I have previously (in 2007) posted another experience of mine titled 'Who is Bobby', and this is a sort of follow up with new information.

   To give a brief description of past events, my daughter Emily (now 7) and I were living at my mother's house after she was born in 2002. From early on she would laugh at empty corners and later would talk of the boy called Bobby. Things were moved around a lot and duplications of odd things like home movies were common.

   I moved in 2005 to a new home and Bobby followed, throwing keys at guests and slamming doors. In 2006 I had my second daughter as Emily started to talk less of Bobby. By the time my second daughter Beej was 1 year old she was off talking to Bobby too, giving the same sight description as Emily had done. but Ems could not see him anymore.

   In early June this year my daughters and I (and Bobby) returned to my mother's house while I look for a new house. Straight away Beej (now 3) began telling everyone that visited about 'the kid with the hat' who liked jumping on my bed with her. On asking her where he is she can always point him out, whether he is under a bed, in the kitchen or sitting next to her.

   I asked her once, what had happened to the kid with the hat, and she looked to her bed for a moment, then replied he had been on the road and a car bumped him and he went round and round and his leg nearly fell off and he hit his head.

   On the subject of Bobby, he is still with us and has decided he likes playing games with us, mostly centered around a lamp in my mother's room. When I turn it on, he turns it off, over and over. We play for a few minutes this way then I say "OK Bobby hun, enough now the girls need to get to sleep" and he lets the light stay on every time.

   I have also tried recording to see If there are voices or noise In my home. What I have gotten so far is an EVP of a boy saying mum, mum, muuum. It was recorded at (minus) -28 to -36 decibels.

   I plan now on trying it with me asking questions and seeing who Bobby and the kid really are.  For the record, Beej insists that Bobby and the kid are different spirits, and are unaware of each other.

   If anyone has any suggestions or comments, or has a way to help me find out who these boys are, or why they are with me, please don't hesitate to contact me!

It Started With A Sound

KG Moore, MA, USA

   I grew up in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  The old house I grew up in was built in the mid 1800's.  Prior to being a house, it was a firehouse, church and school.  I learned this as a teenager when I did a history of my house for a school project.

   I was the youngest of 8 kids.  My three brothers and I shared the third floor attic as a bedroom.  Being the youngest, I went to bed first and was always in the room alone for a hour or two before others came up to bed.

   In 1982, I was about 10 years old.  I was up in my room alone.   The
family was downstairs watching TV or doing homework.  I heard a sound, very slight.  It was an odd sound that I would best describe as sounding like an orchestra warming up before a concert.  Many different sounds all doing their own thing.

   I looked around for the origin of the sound; the closet, the stairway, outside.  I couldn't distinguish a specific direction for the sound.

   As a minutes or two went by, the sound began to get louder and I started to get nervous.  After 5 minutes or so, the sound was so loud that I was curled up on the floor in the fetal position with my hands cupping my ears; it was painful.  The all of a sudden it stopped; dead silent.

   I went downstairs and asked my family what had happened.  They replied that they had heard nothing unusual, then sent me back to bed.

   That was the day I started to see shadow people.  Mostly I see them in my peripheral vision, but sometimes I see them outright.  I also began hearing voices saying my name, or laughing.

   Today I'm 36 years old.  I have few clear memories of my past, yet I remember that incident like it just happened.

Figure In The Hall

Adam Buky, KY, USA

   I was around 8 years old. We just moved into a new house. It wasn't a particularly old house, but it wasn't new either.

   It was 1994. I shared a room with my brother. For weeks after we moved in, every early morning around 5 or 6 (I knew this because it was before I got up for school) I would hear scratching on my bed post. It was always on the left top bed post. Always. I always just covered my face with my blanket until it stopped. After another week or so of this I finally saw what was causing it.

   I woke up and it was dark outside. I'm guessing it was a little after 3. I looked over and my brother was gone. I remember the room being very cold, which I now know is a tell- tale sign of spirit activity. I got up to go find him. I glanced in my other brothers room directly across the hall and he was gone too. I started walking up the long hallway to my mother's room.

   Out of nowhere, in my peripheral vision I saw a figure just standing against the wall. It was a white somewhat glowing form. It had no facial features I could make out, but there was a blackness where there should have been eyes. It did have two arms and two legs. I didn't stand around to study it very long because I bolted up the hall to my mother's room and dove into her bed. I buried my face in a pillow and waited.

   I gathered the courage to look up and there, crawling toward me on all fours, was the figure. It was crawling slowly but it was definitely coming toward me. That is when I screamed out. My mother awoke and turned the lamp on her night stand on. The figure was gone. Also in the bed were my two brothers which makes me think the very presence of the figure had some sort of effect on their mood even though they didn't see it. After than night, I never heard the scratching on saw the figure again.