Diseased Ghost

Anon, CA, USA

Okay, well my experience happened in 2004 during the summer in my aunts house. I was 13 at that time and my cousin, who is 2 years older than me, was going to hang out with me for the day while our mothers went shopping.

So her house is pretty big and they have a huge backyard. The kitchen is on one side of the house, then between that and the bedrooms is the massive living room. On one wall of the living room is this huge mirror that faces the balcony doors. So when you cross from the kitchen to the bedrooms, you have to cross between the mirror wall and balcony doors.

Anyway, it was a little bit past 8 pm--I remember thinking "I have to call my dad and wake him up" since my dad takes a nap during the day. My cousin and I had decided to watch dramas on her computer which was in the bedroom across the livingroom. She had gone into the bedroom and I had crossed the livingroom to the kitchen to get us some chips and drinks. I always got a weird feeling whenever I passed the living room area because it always looked like there were other people walking too (thanks to the mirror and balcony doors).

I had gotten the stuff and was walking back to the bedroom when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl walking on my right side in the mirror. I remember almost every detail because I had stood there for a minute just trying to figure out whether I was seeing things or whether the mirror had been painted on. She wore a white night gown and was like 3 feet tall. I didn't see her face because she was facing forward with her head drooping down but she had blond hair in a bob style cut. I then looked down to my right side and she wasnt next to me. When I had looked up again, she was gone.

I was filled with such terror that I had started to have an anxiety attack. I dropped the chips and soda cans and ran to my cousin to tell her what I saw. She was shocked because she hadn't seen anything like this before but she was really concerned so she called our moms. I knew she believed me because my older relatives had many experiences with spirits so it wasn't that big of a deal to her.

After that incident, I had decided that I wouldn't go back to their house because I remembered what I saw in such vivid details that it would scare me again. My cousin had done some research during the few days after that, as well as asking the neighbors if they knew anything or anyone who lived in this area before they had moved in.

She told me that the grandma of the lady two doors down knew the family who lived there before them. My cousin found out that the previous family had a child daughter who had died from Acute Leukemia and they had moved shortly after. I was pretty shocked but sad too because maybe if that childs family had stayed living in the house a bit longer, they might've met her.

After that I decided to start visiting my cousins house again. I sometimes still see her in the mirror, although I don't know why it's only the mirror. It never happens to anyone else like this. However, I don't let it get to me like before..even though it still does creep me out even now.

Little Girl in the Attic

Ashley, Kentucky, USA

I was 8 years old when I had my first encounter with the supernatural.I don't think I could ever forget what happened that night. There was a doorway that led to a very small hall where the stairs to the attic were located. The only way to get to the attic was through my bedroom. There was a gate in the doorway to stop my younger brother from getting hurt on the stairs.

I woke up around 2 a.m. and turned my lamp on so I could go to the kitchen for something to drink. I did this around the same time every night so it had become a habit. As I walked back into my bedroom I thought I could hear someone crying. I sat down on my bed and looked around to see where the noise was coming from. That's when I saw something move behind the gate. I got up and walked over to see what it was. I wasn't really afraid of anything at that age. That's when I saw a little girl in a yellow dress sitting in the floor behind the gate. She stood up when I saw her and motioned with her hand for me to follow her. She started walking up the stairs to the attic and I followed her. When i got to the top she looked mad and then she just disappeared. It took me forever to get back to sleep that night. When I woke up I had scratch marks down my back like someone had dug their fingernails into me. I never did figure out how I got them but they were deep enough to leave scars.

That was just my first experience. After that night a lot of strange stuff happened to me in that house up until I moved out last year. It all seemed to happen in the attic or the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Now my little brother is in my old room and he gets so scared that he wont even sleep in there half of the time.

Ghost Boys Love Toys

Chandler, GA, USA

It all started a few years after I moved into my new home with my parents, my two older brothers, and my younger sister.

A toy box used to sit in my room. It was filled with stuffed animals, action figures,and other things of that nature. I was too old for those things but I felt as If I should still keep them around. I used to lock my door every time I left my room. My door used a different key then all of the other bed room doors in my house. I had to buy a different one after it got jammed one day. I never knew how that happened.

One day after coming home from school I unlocked my door unaware of what awaited me. When I walked in I noticed my toy box lid was opened and the toys laid scattered all around my room. I wondered how this could be. Nobody was home except for my mom. How would she get into my room if I had the only key? If she did get in why would she do that? I brushed it off and cleaned it up.

The next day came and the same thing happened. I put up the toys and went on. It happened again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. It went on for months. I finally got tired of it and put the toy box in my closet and put boxes on top of it.
Nothing much happened after that for a while. I thought it was over. I was way wrong. It just begun. I stared to see things around my house. More then I did before (different story). I started seeing a little boy around the age of 7 or 8. He looked almost like the boy off of the Omen. I saw him the first time when I looked over at something taping my shoulder wile I was watching TV. Nobody else seemed to see him, until they saw him riding his bike. I was outside with my brother and two of are neighbors one night. We were just sitting out side on top of the cover for are streets storm drain that sat on the curve of a steep hill. It was dark and a little foggy. It wasn't too bad. Out of no where a kid on an old looking bike came out of no where speeding down the hill that was right in front of the hill we were sitting on. He rode right past us when he went up the steeper hill. He looked right at us. His eyes were glowing. He disappeared into the night up the hill. I ran up there. Nobody to be found.

I woke up feeling hands on my throat. I was being choked. "Was this actually happening?" I thought to my self. I opened my eyes and tried to grab who ever it was doing this. Nothing was there. Just red little hand prints on my throat. That's not all that happened to me in my sleep. I would wake up with big scratches that look like slashes on my back. I didn't have any nails to do this. They weren't long enough. Plus I slept on my back all night and I didn't move. This still continues to happen to this very day.

One of the last times I saw him it was about 1:00 in the morning. I was laying in my bed and the lights started to flicker. A figure was running around my room in the shadows. After that nothing, I never saw him again. Only glimpses every once in a while. My sister told me she saw a boy standing outside her window looking up at the house where my room was. That's the only time she ever saw him. It creeped her out big time I put out toys since then. Not a lot. A few stuffed animals. I still have scratches. His whole family live in this house. I'll post how I know If somebody emails me about it. I'm not going to post any more if nobody likes this one.