June 2009

Hauntings and Encounters

Nickey, Greenville, MS, USA

   This happened to me about 4 years ago. When I was 9 years old, we were living in Byhalia, Tennessee. We moved into a two story house that was located by a large lake. The lake didn't completely belong to us, because there were other people living close by, across the lake. I was the first one to see something there, but it was only in the corner of my eye, so I don't know if it was just my imagination, but I do believe in spirits. I had a Playstation 2 I would always play on, and whenever I played it I saw shadows of black figures in the corner of my eye, walk across. I also was seated in front of a closet with the T.V. sitting across from me. I didn't see them all the time, just frequently when I played my game, and I don't know why. I’m not even sure if it was a shadow figure or not. I didn't say anything about it, because I wasn't sure.

   About a month later, my mom had only one encounter, and then nothing else from anybody. She says that when she was sleeping, she felt something crawling under her covers, like a human body, from her feet all the way up. She looked under the covers and nothing was there. We moved out of the house about a half a year later, but we still didn't find out anything further from that experience. We don't know if it was haunted, because we never did ask or get any information.

   This happened to me once and I was probably about 5 years old then
(13 now) and we lived in this old house my Grandpa had built. I had two brothers and a mother, I never met my dad. I also had a Grandma living with me. My Grandpa was a big drinker, so he got drunk a lot. One day he coughed up blood clots and died. I thought nothing out of the ordinary of it. Then a couple of weeks later, when I was asleep, I heard loud wailing noises. Of course I really was a big believer in ghosts, and I still am now. I went to go check it out, it sounded like the noises were coming from the kitchen, so I went to the kitchen. By the time I reached the Kitchen the wailing stopped. I thought I was hearing things, so I went back to bed. By the time I crawled into bed the wailing started again. I went to my mom's room where she slept and woke her up, because I was starting to get scared. I asked her if she heard anything and she told me no. I explained what I heard to her, and she let me sleep in the bed with her.

   The next morning, I went to the kitchen to find my mom. I went all around the house looking for her, but she wasn't anywhere to be found. I thought it was pretty strange for a mom to leave behind a 5 year old daughter. I found a note on the fridge saying "Be back soon”. I went into the living room to watch some T.V. until I heard more wailing. I ignored it until I couldn't stand it anymore. I turned off the T.V. to listen closer, and I saw a transparent figure in the T.V. which looked similar to my Grandpa. I freaked out and started screaming for my mom or for anyone to help me. My mom came running down the stairs, and then I really started to freak, because I thought she was gone. I told her that I thought she was gone, and she said she had been in the attic pulling old stuff out. Then I asked her about the note on the fridge, and she told me "What note?”I said "The note on the fridge you wrote.” she told me she didn't write a note and put it on the fridge. So I freaked out again. I went back to the fridge, but the note wasn't there anymore. My brother came down (my Grandma didn't live with me at the time). My mom started having strange encounters, but she wouldn't tell us what it was about. She decided we should move.

   Two years later (I was 7 then) we moved in with my Grandma, because of the previous house. A couple of months went by, and my Grandma started getting sick. She eventually died in a hospital because she had a disease (I can't remember what it was called).It was peaceful, until the next couple of weeks went by. Me and my brother were at the house alone, and my mom was at work. We watched a movie. I put it in and when I sat down the tape flew out of the VCR and onto the floor. Me and my brother didn't freak out, but started laughing because we thought that it was just a coincidence that it flew out. So no worries, right? Wrong. That very next day I heard someone cooking in the kitchen, so I walked into the kitchen. The stove was on, but no one was there. I turned the stove off, but I was concerned that there was a ghost here. When my mom got home I told her what I saw and heard, she believed me, but said that my brother was probably just playing a joke. I told her that my brother isn't tall enough to reach the burners or the switch to turn on the stove. She told me that I was probably just trying to play a joke on her, but then my fear went away and I did get mad, because she didn't believe me.

   My mom had to drag me to bed, since I didn't want to go to bed. I eventually just fell asleep, like I passed out or someone drugged me. I felt like I was in a freezing cold house, but the ice in the house went away like it was transparent. Then fire sprang up, like it was on fire, and smoke filled my nostrils. Something woke me up with a startle, and I noticed my house was on fire. I panicked and didn't know what to do so I went to go wake up my brother and mom to get them out. They followed me, but by the time we got outside the house wasn't on fire anymore, it was like an invisible bucket of water drenched out the fire. My mom was mad for waking her up, but my brother didn't know what to say. We went back into the house and everything was normal, I only noticed a piece of the wall was black that looked like it had been burned. I know that the wall didn't look like that before. We soon moved out of the house, and were never haunted again, or had a paranormal experience. I don't know what it was, but if it was my Grandparent's haunting me, then why have they been doing it like they hated us? My mom still doesn't believe anything that happened, but it still chills me to the bone thinking about item brother on the other hand, doesn’t say anything about it, and tries to avoid it or ignore it if someone tries to ask, even though he never experienced it.

Woman in Black Coat

Tasha, KS, USA

   Please respond if you know anything about this.

   Just today, my boyfriend was driving down a street in my small town.
There are only about 2000 people that live here, and ghost stories and sightings are very scarce.  Also, after living her for 21 years, we know mostly everyone in the town, and there is no way this could have been someone from around here.  As he was driving, he came to an intersection and saw a lady in a black cloak/trench coat with gray hair. She was walking across the street. She didn't check to see if there were cars coming, and my boyfriend being considerate, stopped to let her cross.  He didn't see her face and she was just walking normally, swinging her arms, and not going at a pace of any urgency.

   After she made her way across the street, my boyfriend checked the other way to make sure there were no cars coming so he could continue on his way.  Once he looked back, he realized that the lady was nowhere to be seen.  He got kinda nervous and got out of his car to check for her.  He looked around and searched, but could not find the lady. She had vanished.

   Another confusing thing is that today the weather was warm (70 degrees) and a little breezy, not enough for a coat of any kind.  He is very freaked out by this experience and I want to be able to help him.  If there is anything you may know about the "lady" he saw, could you please contact me immediately. Once again, it was a gray haired lady in a black cloak/trench coat that extended to her mid-calf.  Her hands were not in her pockets or clasped together and she wasn't walking like she was in any kind of hurry.


Old Mining Town


   Hi, I am a member of a paranormal investigative team based out of Colorado. We go around and try to collect evidence of life after death and other unexplainable phenomena. This is a narrative of one of our trips up the mountain to an old mining town, and our encounters there.

   Like a lot of new paranormal groups just starting out, we usually frequented cemeteries. We got word of some really old ones, up in a town about an hour’s drive from Denver. So we decided to take the trip one night and go searching. So the 4 members of our team that were available hopped in a car with our equipment and started out. We reached the town and couldn’t for the life of us find these cemeteries, so we had to stop and ask, and hope that whoever we did ask didn’t start asking questions back. Much to our surprise not only did we get excellent directions but also were told that the cemeteries were a hot spot for people coming out, trying their luck at ghost hunting and they were open to the public, even at night... meaning we wouldn’t have any run-ins with the police... hopefully. We get to the cemeteries and start putting our things together, when we notice just how old the tombstones really were there, 1800's. And there were a lot of cemeteries, like 5 or 6 all in one area and hidden in a wooded piece of land. We started our investigation and we got a few unexplained noises and things like that and just as we are really starting to get into it, we see a huge light flash up at us. So of course we are thinking the guy at the gas station lied and these are cops telling us to scram. We start our way down the hill through the trees, and see that it’s not the police but another ghost hunting group. We start a conversation and they tell us about a building in town that if we were to go talk to the owner would probably let us investigate it for a while. We said our thanks and goodbyes and decided to take a chance with the owner of the property they were talking about (I’m leaving out the name of the town and building because there was some turmoil a few months after this because of the publicity the ghosts were apparently bringing the town).

    We found the building and then met with the owner and he agreed to let us walk the building for a few minutes. It was a beautiful 4 story building, and very old from the look and smell of it. My part in the group is what I call a "sensor", simply because I don’t know what else to call what I do. I have never been able to explain it, and I’ve had it my whole life, but I just seem to be able to pick up emotions and auras surrounding places and people, living and dead... basically I can feel if there was something traumatic in an environment, that caused heavy amount of emotional distress. And I can also tell if you are a good or bad natured person, from the first time I meet you... nice trait to have, most of the time. Anyways we were told it had once been a brothel/burlesque theater as well as a hotel. I could feel the bitter-sweetness of the place. So myself and a fellow investigator decided to hole up in one of the brothel rooms.
We were in there for all of 5 minutes when we heard what sounded like a child’s voice. Nothing distinguishable, but very high pitched. We were pretty startled by this and decided to regroup and go investigate other areas. We went to the stage area, and we were informed here that a man had hung himself behind the right side of the stage; there the curtains were pulled in and out. We went back there and though nothing happened, I got the very distinctive feeling that whoever had died there did not kill themselves, I was getting the feeling his death was caused by someone else. From there we went up to the 4th floor. There is a separate elevator that takes you to that floor. As soon as we stepped off the elevator there was a feeling of oppression. Like someone didn’t want us to be up there AT ALL. I glanced around the room and, I remember it like it was yesterday, I saw a grey outline of what looked to me to be an old woman hunched over in a chair. She was gone just as fast as I saw her though, and as much as I’d like to say I was brave and ran over to the chair and tried to find out where she disappeared to… honestly I was frozen  half with shock half with fear. I wouldn’t step any further into the room, and when my teammates had decided they were done we agreed to go downstairs to the ballroom. There we were told that a former prostitute liked to coverse with people in the room.

We started talking and all of a sudden the chandelier started dimming, then got brighter, then got dimmer again. We also noticed that the room's temperature greatly decreased so much that it was July and we could see our breaths. We started taking pictures, a lot of "orbs" but we discounted them as dust from an old building......we didn’t notice anything else until we started analyzing the photos. We caught one great photo of what we believe to be a man standing in the doorway at the top of the stairs. You can make out what appears to be the side of his face as well as a shoulder, the rest just fades to blackness. We were so astonished at this photo we couldn’t wait to return, and we did, however the only evidence recovered during later visits were EVPS (which I will look into how to post them on here as well) but I do have the photo posted that shows the man in the doorway. I truly feel that this was one of the most paranormal active places I have ever been to.

What Could This Be...

Anon, GA, USA

   Okay, I have had many experiences with the paranormal; this year though has been the worst for me. I shall start by saying early this year my favorite horse passed away. She was not ever in the best shape and wasn’t the fittest out of the other two she came with, she was a very strong one and always stuck by my side unfortunately she lost a battle that she had been fighting for awhile that I never knew about. To add to that I learnt that a lady committed suicide way before our house was built on our land.

   Me and my friend went up to my barn real late. Being the girls we are we joke around about how something’s going to get us just for the heck of it. My friend started getting the feeling something was watching us and that it was coming from the pond that we have. I laughed and said okay we can go back well I went on ahead of her to open the gate for us and I got there and I turned and she was frozen in place just staring at me with a really strange look on her face. She gets up to me and is looking all around me, I asked her what her deal was and she said that she thought that she saw a horse following me up to the gate when clearly my horses were in the separate pasture. I was freaked out because I always have felt like something followed me around up there but I never would have though anything of it, just your normal feeling when you enter the woods which surrounds our land.

   Me and my same friend were out in my front field (which was where the lady committed suicide) and we were sitting there talking when we heard a lady scream our names. We both thought it was my mom but my mom wasn’t there she had went to the store. We got freaked out especially when we heard the porch door slam shut. We hid in a big pine tree and watched but nothing came around and needless to say we didn’t go in until my mom got back.

   My mom and her boyfriend and I were sitting in our downstairs den one night and we were the only ones home that night. My mom and her boyfriend were on the couch and I was lying on the floor and I heard what sounded like someone walking from my grandparent's bed room to the stairs. The thing is the hall way was pretty long and the footsteps cleared the whole hallway in only 3 steps but never came down the stairs. Our dog was outside because I had just let her out and our cat was beside me, but the cat didn’t budge when it happened like he usually would and my mom and her boyfriend claimed that they didn’t hear it. About 30 minutes later it happened again only from the stairs to the bedroom and this time it got there it two steps, all of us heard it and the cat was looking up. I was very freaked out so I got up and went to the couch, from the part of the couch my mom's boyfriend was sitting on you can see up the stairs to the kitchen, my back was turned but my mom's boyfriend looked up and saw what looked like legs glide by the door. Her got freaked out and decided to leave when my grandparents got home. I contacted and psychic and she told me that the spirits fed off of fear and I was just humoring them.

   I have stayed home alone plenty of times after that but I always have my dog with me because I never want to have that same experience again alone. I really do believe that my horse is watching over me especially since I can’t be sure if what is at my house is evil or not. I have had more experiences but I don’t feel like posting all of them, these are just my main creepiest ones. I hope that I won’t have any more creepy experiences but who knows. Thanks for reading I hope I'm not the only one with these kind of experiences.

Theatre Ghost

Chaz Evans, Yorkshire, UK

   I'm a writing, directing and performance student, and a couple of weeks ago I was directing and starring in a production of the Vagina Monologues. It was 2 days before we were due to go on, and I went upstairs to the theatre tech box to turn on all the lighting while the rest of my cast milled around on the stage area below.

   I switched on all the dimmers and waited for the sound board to warm up, and as I was just a little bit stressed and anticipating a long rehearsal decided to take a couple of moment to myself. I didn't turn on the tech box lights as the house lights were on in the theatre and so there was enough light coming through the window for me to see by.

   The tech box is quite a large space with a window that looks down on the theatre below that can be opened or closed, and in front of which is the lighting  and sound desk. The stairs come up on the right and there is a door to an office on the left. It's air conditioned and as it was a really warm day I welcomed the cool air. I sat on the floor with my back to the window (through which I could hear everyone downstairs) and tried to relax. Now as I've mentioned the stairs are on the right, and in full view of where I was sitting, also the door to the stairs at the bottom is quite heavy so I would have heard it open, there is no other way into the tech box. All of which is very important when you consider what happened next.

    As I was sitting there something passed behind me, between me and the window, creating a shadow as it moved between me and the light from the theatre below. It was only momentary, and I don't remember feeling afraid or any change in temperature. I looked around of course, knowing full well I was alone, and obviously I didn't see anything.

   Now they do say theatre's attracts ghosts, but I can honestly say I don't know what it was, other than for a moment it was certainly there.

The Twins in the Fog

April, NC, USA

  I have always believed in ghosts, and have seen many things that were unexplainable. I live in Mt. Airy NC but this particular incident occurred near King NC on Chestnut Grove Rd.

  It was on April 10th 2009 that this occurred. I had to attend a meeting in Winston Salem for a class I was taking, and my friend had offered to go with me. I met her at her house and after the meeting we went to eat! Then we headed back to her house and ended up talking until around 1:30 am. I have only been on this road a total of 3 times and this was my 2nd time on this rd. It had been raining earlier that day and so as I’m driving there are patches of fog here and there. I was listening to the radio and came upon this patch of fog and thought out loud to myself “That looks like something you would see in a horror movie.” Before I could get the last word out of my mouth I saw them.  They were walking in the fog side by side. It was two twins. They were women, both of which had blonde hair were wearing the same clothes and everything.  They looked to be in their late 30s or early 40s. But their faces had no features. I couldn’t make out eyes or noses or anything. They weren’t black but just dark enough that I couldn’t make out anything. I wouldn’t have thought much about this had it been earlier but it was after two in the morning. And not many people are walking around that late and especially not twins dressed to match. This scared me so bad that I called my friend immediately and told her what I just saw. I made her talk to me until I felt comfortable again. Then I decide to call my sister and tell her about what I just saw and before I could even tell her my headlights went out and I had to drive another 10 miles home in the dark. That really freaked me out so I called my friend back and talked to her until I got home. My lights never came back on.

  Just this Friday I drove back down to her house and I was back on that road it was daylight and I was looking for the area that I seen them in. And then I drive by the area and I notice a very small graveyard with a beat up old fence around it. It looked like a really old grave yard. It was getting late and I didn’t want to stop, but I do want to stop by there someday and look and see if there is a set of graves for two women who are twins. If anyone who lives in this area knows anything about this or has ever seen these two women please let me know I would like to know the truth.

Experience That Scared My Husband

Andrea Fraser, BC, Canada

   This happened in Kamloops about ten years ago, shortly after I had started going out with my husband Keith in 1999. I had a dream and in the dream we were in his parents’ house, 798 Ridgeview Terrace where my husband was living at the time and his parents were not home, but Keith and I were at the house and suddenly we heard noises coming from the basement of the house which is right underneath the kitchen.
   The back door is right at the corner of the kitchen and the top of the basement stairs. We cautiously went to investigate and we seen two women we did not know in the basement and they got really excited and spoke to us as if they didn't know they were in Keith's house and they exclaimed to us, “Keith! Andrea! How are you? We haven't seen you for a long time?" and for some reason I knew they were ghosts, but Keith didn't and then I got really scared and I was trying as hard as I could but it was one of those slow motion dreams and I could not get up the stairs out of the basement as fast as I wanted to.

   I told Keith about my dream and he looked right at me. He said that was interesting I would tell him that. I asked him why and he told me a creepy story. He told me that when the pool in his neighbor's back yard, which at one time was his back yard before the city divided it into lots, was being dug, the land almost became a historic site as the skeletons of two Indians were uncovered. The neighbor's pool behind the fence is at the most only 20 feet away from the back door and what else is very creepy is I swam in that very same pool as a 3 to 6 year old when my Aunt lived in that house.

My Neighborhood

Anon, Iowa, USA

   I'm not exactly sure this would count but throughout my 4th grade year and again now ending my 7th grade year I felt like I was being watched. In fourth grade out of the corner of my eye I would see dark shapes of what I can only describe as people I guess. At night I was afraid to fall asleep considering the weird noises downstairs. Also I started being depressed. I hated myself entirely. I wanted to die, I thought about death, I even accidently let the whole grade know I was suicidal just by my behavior. I had to get a therapist. One night I woke up and for a brief second I thought I saw something. I've always believed in the supernatural so now that I'm older I think it could have just been my 9-year-old imagination.

    After 4th grade the summer was short and I stopped noticing all the weirdness and I think it was because I was focusing more on my homework because even when I did it, it would just disappear and I would get in so much trouble I focused more on that. I'm not implying that a ghost stole my homework because that's just crazy even for me. Around that year my parents started fighting and no longer sleep in the same room. The peace in my house was disrupted until I started 6th grade. My parents stopped fighting, but still sleep in separate rooms. Even though the peace between my parents went back to normal disputes arose between me and my mom. I was only 11 and I fought with my mom like a teenager. My maturity level has always been high for my age but not like this. I was having the weirdest feelings at home, school, and just about everywhere really that I was being watched again and that someone was listening to my thoughts in my head. That still continues today. I still had suicide thoughts in 5th grade because of my homework and things got better in 6th grade. My therapist told me I have ADD. It's sort of like ADHD only not hyper. So I started taking a pill and it made me better in school but ADD didn't give a reason for depression.

   Again, I'm not implying a ghost made me depressed but it has happened before. Now that I'm a 7th grader I'm noticing a lot of the same weirdness I noticed when I was in 4th grade. At 4th grade I had the maturity of a 12 year old. Now I have the maturity of a 15 year old.

So I don't think I can call it "my imagination" anymore. But now unlike 4th grade I'm too scared to sleep in my own room. When my uncle died and mom left (I still sleep in my mom's room when I'm scared. Don't judge me. I had a 23 year old camp counselor who does the same thing) to help out I had a nightmare. It was unlike any nightmare I've had before. I can't remember it except for the emotions I felt. Total and utter fear. Since my mom wasn't home and my dad sleeps in the basement (guest room) I went to sleep in my brother's room. He was asleep the entire time I was in his room in a very uncomfortable position but I didn't care. I felt safer there than I did in my own room. When I went to the funeral I slept in one of my grandma's million guest rooms with my cousin. When I was trying to fall asleep (she was already asleep) I heard her breathing near me and I swear it sounded like that kind of demonic breathing you hear in movies and TV shows. It freaked me out. A few weeks ago I was half asleep and kept waking up. When I was half asleep (I actually thought it was a dream) something told me to move my trash can towards my bed just to see if it could tell me what to do. Then I fell back asleep. Then I woke up again half asleep and I saw a cloaked figure standing next to my door (which I hope was part of my being half asleep or just a dream because it was freaking terrifying!). It wanted me to open my door. I was heading to my door when I saw it. It was cloaked, suspended off the ground; it looked like one of those freaking weird things in Harry Potter 3. But then supernatural logic came into my half subconscious that if it wanted me to open my door it wanted to get out and it couldn't open the door. So I didn't open the door and went back to sleep and never woke up until morning. It seems completely unrealistic I know, but the first thing I thought when I woke up was "That was hell of a dream". I didn't event believe I was half awake. But then as I got out of bed I saw my trash can next to my bed. Another morning I don't know how long ago but it was a while ago I woke up and my door was a third of the way open. I ALWAYS keep my door shut when I go to bed. Something creepier at night coming out of the shower I notice scratches and bruises I don't remember getting. The school year is coming to an end and I hope these weird occurrences end as I enter 8th grade in the fall. They've been happening since 2006 to now in 2009. I even hang a blessed rosary next to my window. But like I said in the beginning it could be nothing.

A Small Collection of Experiences

Jay, Quebec, Canada

   I have had numerous, and I mean numerous, experience with paranormal activity. It's merely a fact when I say I am psychic, it's not being said for attention. To keep this short I'm posting the experiences I've had since July of last year, or else this would be close to fifty pages long.

   In July of last year I realized that what I was putting aside as simple 'house settling' for noises and 'forgetfulness' for missing objects were just excuses.

   I personally really hate mirrors, but sometimes I have to use it to make sure my piercings are okay and that my hair isn’t sticking out everywhere. The mirror is on the wall across from my mother’s room. Her door was wide open and I saw the shape of a man walk into her room, thinking it was her boyfriend I turned around to politely say hi and that’s when I realized nobody was in the room and what I saw was actually a shadow person. I couldn’t debunk it because it wasn’t just a random shadow; it was the shape of a man. Crystal clear, but black with no defining features. I saw it for only a split second and it was actually moving, I saw it walk behind me and turn into the room and everything, hence why I thought it was my mother’s boyfriend. Boy, it still gives me shivers.

   Later on that year I had another experience, this one includes this photo I took.

I have a dog who likes to be a bad boy if I don’t give him cuddles. He jumped onto the stove and took down all the pots and tried to lick the food off them. I took a photo before I cleaned it up (don’t ask why, I just did). I took two pictures a second of each other. One came out fine; the other had this line in it. I don’t have a camera strap and my hair was pulled back. I spent days trying to recreate this or find a logical explanation with no results, the only thing I can figure is it’s the being I’ve been seeing around my house.

   Fast-forward to May this year and the reason I'm deciding to post this.

   I woke up hearing somebody walking around the house and opening and closing doors. First, I thought it was just my mother getting ready for work until I saw it was two hours after she would’ve left. I got up to make sure no one broke in, since I live in a rather poor area, but nobody was there. I wrote it off to hearing a neighbor, even though I knew no one in the building was home but me. I support a scientific view towards the paranormal and, trying to debunk, wrote it down to someone turned hot water on. I finally decided to get up and had a rather hard time closing my futon, which can just be the springs getting jammed, if it wasn’t for the fact I felt someone get off the futon before it closed. Then, I had the urge to look behind me. I collect Halloween decorations, I love that day. I have these decorations the light up and make noise if you put batteries in them and flick a switch. The switch barely moves. It’s pretty stuck because I never turn them on. I also removed the batteries because I didn’t want them to leak, so imagine my surprise when I see the Halloween tree lit up regardless of the fact it had no batteries in it. That switch can’t turn itself, let alone light up with no batteries in it. That, I still can’t explain whatsoever.

   Those are the major events as of late, I've had plenty of little ones, such as seeing shadow people while walking the dog (one even reached out to me causing my dog to whimper and run away yanking the leash from my hand) or seeing faces pop out of walls, looking at me. I wonder if it's because they know I can see them, or if it's something else.

The Mystical Man

Alayna, TN, USA

   It was August the 3rd, 2008 when I saw the scariest thing of my life.
Here is my living nightmare.

   It was around 10:00 P.M. I was getting ready for bed when I heard a big thump come from outside. My two dogs that were outside started to bark. My heart pounded as I looked out my window. Nothing but the open night and the moonlight glowing down on the pool. I walked back over to my bed nervous, but i stopped being nervous after a few seconds in my soft bed. I snuggled under the thick covers, but pulled the thick blanket back because it was a little hot. I shut my eyes thinking about the next day and what would happen when my sister would come over. Thump! I heard it again. I got up and looked back out my window. Nothing. I went back to my bed and tried to fall asleep, but the thumping continued to keep me up until around two in the morning. That is when it stopped. I finally fell asleep.

   It was around 4:30 A.M. when the thumping noise started back again. It was starting to get really annoying so I got back out of bed and walked out the door and onto the porch. The dogs were gone. I only saw my cat sleeping in the porch swing. I looked around the house, but I did not find a single thing. Then, as I was just about to walk in the house, I heard it again. It came from the porch swing. Cold chills ran down my back as I slowly turned around. There in the swing, I didn't see my cat, I saw a man, sitting on the left side facing me directly. He was wearing a red jacket with buttons, plaid pants, and shiny black clogs. At first I thought it was just some man that was homeless and wanted food, but as I looked closer I noticed that I could see right through him. I was speechless as he just sat there, swinging silently.

   I slowly backed up into the doorway and then made a run for it. I ran inside, locked the door, and past-out right there. I woke up in the hospital the next day, with my sister Sara looking down at me. She shouted, “You are ok! I'm so glad, I found you on your kitchen floor this morning past-out." I tried to tell her what I saw and heard, but she never believed me. She said I must have had a dream. I don't think she ever will believe me.

   Now, I live in a new house with my husband Derick and my two dogs and cat. I now live away from the woods in a small suburb, but I still won't go outside at night without Derick to go with me. I hope to NEVER see the "Mystical Man" ever again, but I still have a feeling at night that someone is watching me, waiting, ready to spring out at me when I'm not watching. The Mystical Man, or is he something more than a man. An evil spirit.

   If you have seen this man before, or have a picture of him, please send your info or pics to my twitter account at twitter.com. My username is 'Geghie12'.

3 AM

Meg, IL, USA

  Last night I had a rather weird experience when trying to go to sleep. I am someone who is a moderate believer of ghosts. I have never seen one, but I believe there is something in my basement.

This is unrelated to my story but when I go down there to do laundry, I hear movement and whistling.

  Anyway, last night I was lying in bed and I heard the word, "Hey" it seemed to come from in front of my face and from the back of my head but I can't describe how it sounded. It wasn't whispered and it wasn't quiet and I don't think it would have been heard by anyone else. At first it seemed I might be sleeping so I tried to ignore it but then I felt tapping on my back and the back of my head. I sat straight up but saw nothing. I lay back down and was trying to get comfortable when I heard a woman clear her throat. I tried to ignore it but then I heard some other tapping on the wall.

  I examined the room again but saw nothing. The next time I tried to go back to sleep I felt a hand on my neck, it was pressing down and it was uncomfortable. I finally fell asleep. In the morning I felt like death and now as I'm writing this I have a really bad headache.

My Warning and His Voice

Anon, Australia

   I was 15 years old and already renting a small flat behind some shops on the main street. This night I went to a friend’s house which was a walk about 20 mins away from where I lived. It too was near the milk bar where a lot of the local kids used to hang out as you did in the western suburbs in those days. When I decided it was time to walk home I realized it was after 10 at night I refused to let my friend walk me home and her mum was out at bingo so she couldn’t drive me.

   When you came out of her drive way you could see the milk bar clearly, for a moment I thought in my head what if the local boys were there hanging out and being a self conscious young girl I thought I will walk down the laneway that ran behind the shops. As I had that thought I saw a woman in white (and she was illuminated and white all over) standing at the entrance of this laneway. A small distance from where I stood her hand was pointing towards the milk bar and then I heard her voice as if whispered in my actual ear all in that moment of seeing her she whispered "don’t go here". I knew right then and there I don’t go down that lane way. So I didn’t, I braved the shop way and with luck the boys weren’t there hanging out. I always think of that night and the "what if's" creep in. There was talk at the time of a seedy character that lived behind a shop in that laneway, I never saw him. I've been very lucky to have a spirit awareness of my existence and guidance since I was a toddler, so this particular experience seemed natural.

   This second story is simple many of you reading this will remember the days when we had to tape music off the radio, when I was 14, it was school holidays I was in my room and I was "blanking" a tape I already had stuff on, by as you did pressing record quietly in my room. It was the middle of the day and I was in my room alone which was a small one. when I played each section back to make sure it was done well ( I was a bit of a perfectionist then) I’m listening then I hear some static and as clear as anything "hello ****" my name , in a man’s whisper his voice had expression . At first I didn’t believe it, I played it back probably about 10 times , I knew that it couldn’t have been there before because of my careful checking whenever I blanked my tapes. I eventually set it up in the kitchen for my mum and brother and sisters to hear, my mum broke the tape up after hearing it a few times. She is very spiritual herself but she felt that voice was at that time she described it as "evil".

Ghost Caller

Sherwood Edwards, IL, USA

   I live a house that I do not believe to be haunted. This, however, doesn't stop this experience from happening. Two days ago I was in my house alone during the day. I was watching MSNBC and hadn't a thing in my mind about ghostly activity. I noticed my family room lights flicker off then back on. Just a split second later, my phone rang quite ominously. I get up and go to answer the phone.

   This is where things get really creepy. There was static, no end to static. A voice asks for my father. I told him he wasn't there. The second after I said that the voice and the static just stops all at once, no sign of a hang-up noise or anything. During our short exchange, I was freaked out because I recognized the voice. After the phone call, it all hit me. The caller was the friend of my father.

   The only thing is, this person has been dead for 2 years.

   I had been close to him when he was alive so I can recognize that voice anywhere. I know I was not dreaming. This truly scared me so I went outside to play basketball. After that, nothing strange has happened.

The Three Women

Anon, KY, USA

   My grandmother has always been a strong believer in spirits and the paranormal. I can recall numerous times were my grandmother recalled stories of ghosts and ghouls. But there was one story that I always thought peculiar. When my Grandmother and her sister were children they had a friend who lived next door. She is now dead. Anyway one evening as they were walking home they were approached by three women. They stood before them at the very top of the hill. (My grandmother neighborhood was on a large hill.) They stood there quietly watching these three women. My grandmother recalled them with long hair, short dresses, pasty white, transparent, and there were no feet standing on the road. My grandmother being the bravest of the three girls called out "Who are you?" In response the three women seemed to hover off the ground. Floating in midair! They quickly vanished into the air, into a mist. Terrified my grandmother's sister and friend ran home. To this day my grandmother tells me she gets a chill when she recalls this strange story.