July 2009

Face in the Trees

Josh Kenyon, Manchester, UK

    My friends, my friend's mum and I went for a walk in the woods. We went every Sunday but this walk seemed different, we all had the feeling that we were being watched. We have always beloved in ghosts and spirits and have sometimes had different experiences but this was the scariest.

   We were coming to the end of the woods and decided to go off the path and into the trees. The trees went up on a slant. So Kirsty, Naomi and myself went through the bushes and started up the hill. As soon as we started going up I got a cold shiver down my spine. Half way up the hill my friends mum (Gail) shouted us to stop. We all looked back and her face was as white as a ghost's. Kirsty shouted down asking what’s up, But Gail just shouted to come down. Obeying her we all ran down and went home.

   At home Gail told us that she had saw a grey-white face in the tree between Naomi and I and it looked like a little boy. We were all curious and wanted to see it for ourselves. So later that day Naomi, Kirsty and I went back. We took a shortcut to where Gail saw the face. Kirsty decided that Naomi and I go up and stand in the same positions as we did before. Frightened and scared Naomi and I made our way up the hill, arriving at the tree we stood there waiting. We both suddenly became cold and tear ran down my eye. Kirsty screamed making me and Naomi scream. We ran back down and stood with Kirsty.

   All huddled up we stared at the grey-white face staring back at us.

Hauntings of My Houses (2008-2009)

Marilyn, NC, USA

   I'm a 14 year old girl and have had many experiences in my lifetime. I have had many with my friends Katie and A.J, but I will only tell three one of me at my dad's house with Katie and A.J, one at my mom's that no one knows of and one that was my 18 year old brother's experience.

   Okay my first experience happened when I was 13 years old; I was at my dad's house having a sleepover with Katie and A.J it was August of 2008 and we are all into ghosts and the supernatural. I've told many stories to Katie and A.J of my experiences at my dad's newly built house. I told them that doll's eyes seem to follow you, unexplained tapping and knocking and shadows/full apparitions you can see. I've also told them that my step-brother Kyle's room has the most activity in the house. About an hour after we got home from the school's 'Welcome Back Dance' it was dark and we went to Kyle's room with my camera, shut the door and turned off the lights. We started asking questions to the spirits, told them to tap once for yes and twice for no. Katie then asked to make a loud noise and nothing happened. We have been in there for an hour and nothing has happened. I was really ticked off because they usually make a lot of noise so I yelled out, "'Why?! Why won't you make any noise!? You’re nothing! Nothing but a wimp and you won't do anything!'" I knew it was bad to provoke a spirit but I had to. The response for me was painful and for Katie and A.J loud. At first in response was a loud bang from behind us and we were upstairs alone and leaned against the headboard of the bed. We were frozen with fear and then I felt a burning sensation on my left shoulder and I yelled at the top of my lungs and jumped up. At the same time I jumped up we saw a dark figure emerge from behind the bed at the spot where I was sitting. Katie and A.J asked what was wrong and I told them that something burned my shoulder. We went to the bathroom to look in the mirror to see if anything was on my shoulder from the burn and boy was there. On my left shoulder blade was a huge hand print that went from the top of my shoulder down passed my shoulder blade. Katie, A.J. and I all agreed never to provoke a spirit again.
Now my second story. I was heading to bed at my mom's house and it was really hot in my room so I opened one of my windows like I usually do on hot nights and at about 2:00am I felt something crawl on the end of my bed and stay there. At first I blew it off thinking that I was dreaming and about 5 minutes later I woke up again and felt that same presence in the same spot, so I looked up and saw this black figure and it was crouched on my bed and then jumped out the window! I looked at the window and then saw a huge tear in it, the figure almost cut the entire screen out and it’s still there.
Now my last story. My brother had woken up early one morning before the sun was up and went to his crank his jeep up to warm it up. He was about to go hunting with my dad and had to meet him since he was at my mom's. When he went outside he saw this black figure sitting by the chicken house on the cinder block. Bradley shook it off saying his eyes were playing tricks on him since it was dark. He sat in his jeep a while afraid to look back because he knew that if he did that thing would show up in front of him. He looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that it was still there just looking at him! He got out of his jeep and looked at the thing, it had stood up! He was so freaked that he went inside and shut and locked the door. He decided to watch it from the kitchen window and it walked to the window to follow him! He went to his room locked the door and decided that it would be best for him to go back to sleep and forget the whole thing. 

Ghost in Railway Tunnel

Mark Relph, Bolton, Lancashire, England

    At the time of this event, we were living near a pub along with my wife’s family. One night when we had finished working (about 12.30 am) we both made our way to my family home which was about a mile away.

   Back then, there were no street lights along the old power station road, almost complete darkness. We had taken this route many times before and were used to it. However, this one night was not to be forgotten. As we walked the long dark road towards the railway tunnel entrance, we both stopped dead in our tracks. Ahead of us at the entrance was a bright figure, the figure of a little boy. We froze to the spot looking on, as he walked from the right of the tunnel to the left of the tunnel. As he did this, he was staring directly at us as he did so. He now paused whilst leaning against the tunnel wall, then returned to where he first was. While he walked back and forward, he never took his eyes off us and had a crystal clear silhouette. The movement of his arms and legs were immaculate. It was now that the panic hit us both. Without a word we ran and ran until out of sight from the tunnel. We slowed down as we rounded the corner, out of sight, only to come face to face with a car in the middle of the road (at an angle) with its four doors all open. Again we stopped as we were approached by a man who came from the driver’s door, asking if we'd seen anything out of the ordinary alongside the road. There were four people around the car all looking for something, or someone. We said we hadn't seen anything even thou' we had at the tunnel. It was when they said that they were looking for a little boy , we continued walking along the road and past the pub we'd come from and along the brightly lit road back to my parents house (the long way round)in Kearsley. It was many years later until we told anyone about this experience. Even to this day we ask ourselves, “What was he and what was he doing there. Was he intent on us not going through the tunnel?”

   Maybe we'll never know.

The Walker in the Attic

Anon, CA, USA

   It was 1995, I had just moved into my first apartment on Daggett Street-Moosup, CT. It was a very old Victorian house and I was the only person in the entire building at that time. Around 9:00 pm, while I was sitting on the couch, there was a sudden crash come from the attic. It was so loud that particles from the ceiling fell onto my head. I was bewildered at first, thinking part of the chimney might have broken off, that is until heavy footsteps began walking from one end of the attic to the other, each time dropping something heavy at each end. My heart pounded with fear, and I sat on the couch paralyzed until I finally gained enough nerve to run out of the house. I spent a month sleeping over friends' houses, trying to avoid being alone in that house. I never believed in ghosts before this incident, so eventually I decided that if I was paying for the apartment, I was going to sleep in it. And each night, around 9:00pm, the same walking and dropping something heavy would happen in the attic. Another month went by when I decided it was time to get over my fear, so after a half an hour of listening to the walking one night, I burst open the door to the attic and ran up the half of flight of stairs brushing on the lights as I ran by them. I landed in the middle of an empty attic. When I finally let out a breath, thick fog came from my mouth. It wouldn't have been so odd in winter time, but this was June. Half disappointed that I hadn't met face to face with my apparition of a room-mate, I retreated downstairs only to notice that the noise did not continue for the rest of the night. The following night however, it started again as usual. A couple of months later, a friend of mine needed somewhere to stay so I let her come live with me. I had forgotten about the ghost in the attic because I had become quite used to him. But the first night my friend would stay at my apartment while I worked third shift, she came back to my place with a few friends to crash. It was then that I received a frantic call at work. There were a bunch of girls on the other end of the phone yelling, "There's a ghost in your attic!" I was rather relieved that it wasn't in my head.


Terry, CA, USA

    I still can recall the particular night, not the date, but still somewhat fresh in my mind to this day. My wife and I had heard the footsteps before, but never when others were around. This particular night my parents had decided to spend the night. I had had been sleeping on a small sofa as we had given my folks our bed, my wife slept in a small bed in another room. I had awoke and was sitting and listening to the footsteps for perhaps a few minutes when I heard my dad come out from our room where he had been sleeping. He asked me what I was doing walking all around the house. I asked him how he thought it was me walking when I was sitting on the sofa and listening to the footsteps myself. I don't recall that he had answered anything at all and he had sit himself and for a while longer we both listened to the footsteps as they seemed to go from the front door, through the front room, passing the kitchen and entered into the main bedroom several more times. This happened several times for perhaps the next five minutes and then ceased. It is possible that it was more than just one. It was nonthreatening, just more interesting than anything else.

   We talked about it later for a bit and then dropped the subject. I discovered later, that there was the remote possibility that the property we resided on and according to some local lore and county archives (which we couldn't really prove so dropped) that there may very well have been an Indian burial ground beneath the properties upon where these homes were (or had been built), but we never could get a straight answer as to the validity from the county assessor’s office, or elsewhere for that matter, so as being unsure, we did not pursue it, but know the sounds of footsteps sure seemed real as even my father had heard them. So as we no longer live there, and it was not the reason we moved, we were unable to ferret out the truth or facts, just know what we had heard and experienced.

   Afterwards, I only recall that the front door on occasion had sometimes seemed to be open when got up the next day or our neighbors saw it and woke us. Even a deputy sheriff discovered it one night and investigated and woke us as he had called out. But we never saw or felt threatened. And we usually both, my wife and I checked the same door more than just once just to make sure, but as I said, consciously, we did not leave it open, and on some occasions it was opened. I am not sure who or what it or the sounds meant or what if anything it (or they, if that may have been the case) was or were seeking or looking for, passing through or if it was just a strange phenomenon that had no meaning at all. I cannot even recall if we indeed sensed anything other than what we just thought we had heard and were (we believed) footsteps.

Crossroad Ghost

Alexander, Lisbon, Portugal

    First of all, I need to explain something; I think this is important for you to understand my story. My family has always been sensitive to paranormal stuff (or, as I say, "The Force is strong in our family"). My great-grandmother was a renowned... uh... paranormal expert... or, as most people say, a witch. She was the village healer and people traveled a great distance to see her. Before she passed out she taught some things to my grandfather, and he taught them to me. My mother was about 10 years old when she saw a spirit for the first time, and the stories go on... That said, let's move on for the story I want to tell.

   This happened in the early 40's on a rural town on the western region of Portugal. In the middle of nowhere there is a crossroad. A typical crossroad made of dirt in the middle of some pine trees and olive trees. Back then people said that a ghost was often seen around that place. My uncle (may he rest in peace) was going home from work late at night, riding his bicycle, and when he got to the crossroad he decided to take a break. He looked around, heard the crickets, and gazed at the stars. Then he remembered the story and said out loud "Hey, ghost! You there?" On that precise moment two immensely strong slaps knocked him off his feet. When my uncle looked up he saw a pale man with white hair and beard dressed like a late XIX century hunter, with a light gray fedora hat, white shirt, light gray coat, vest and pants, a shotgun on his right hand and a white blood hound on a leash on his left hand. The man said "Don't you play with serious things, boy!” My uncle jumped on his bike and started paddling as fast as he could, the man always behind him apparently without moving a muscle. The thing only stopped following him when he entered the village. He told this story until the day he died, about 3 years ago.

   Last summer I was spending a few days on my family's old house, now a hunting cabin. One night I was coming home from a club with my girlfriend and when we passed the crossroad I said "Hey, remember the story about the ghost my uncle saw? It was here" as soon as I spoke my car died. The engine stalled, the lights went out, and the radio was muted. I hit the Start/Stop switch and nothing, and it was a brand new Alfa Romeo 159, I had just bought it a few months earlier. Our phones didn't work, either, but there is no coverage in that area anyway, so that wasn't a surprise. And to make things worse both me and my girlfriend had tremendous headaches a few moments later. About 10 minutes later, when we were starting to panic, the radio started playing and the headlights lit. I hit the start button and burned rubber out of there. It was the worst 10 minutes of my life. Even today my girlfriend refuses to pass there at night.
The next day I drove to my cousin's auto shop and had him take a look at it. He found nothing wrong, and according to the car's computer and GPS we never stopped there.

   I have no idea what happened, but it sure was strange.

Visit During Painful Times

Anon, Kuala Lumpur

    This is my experience after I was admitted 2 years ago (I'm now 29) due to a serious accident when my bike collided with a car which made an illegal U-turn near my office. After 8 hours of operation, the doctor was able to reattach my ankle but he informed my parents that I might be able to run nor jump nor even a slight jog for the rest of my life due to serious injuries I sustained on my tendons & nerves which were suppose to enable me to live a normal lifestyle.
    I woke up after 2 or 3 hours after operation on my bed with excrutiating pain all over my body. I was not able to move even a single inch of my body and it would ache tremendously. But the real fear kicked in when I realize that I can't move my left leg at all and to make it worse I can't feel it at all. My parent's & the doctor who operated me walked and gave me the worst news a guy who loves to dance and doing all the outdoor activities could hear. I cried as it was another 3 more months for me to get married but because of this injury I might need to postpone the marriage for another 2-3 years. Also, the fact that I won't be to do the things I loved further aggravated the pain both in my heart and body. For the first 2 days, I was injected with heavy dosage of morphine in order to reduce the pain since I had multiple fractures all over my body. But on the third day the dosage was reduced as the doctor feared I might be over dosed. The night was not pleasant at all and pain is the only thing I had as a companion throughout the night. I tried to force myself to go to sleep but it wasn't an easy task. I managed to sleep a little after about 2am but still could feel the pain all over.

     This is when it gets creepy but pleasant as well; suddenly I felt some presence by my bedside as if someone standing. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't and felt this relieve all over my body as if I was drifting in air. My head was lifted up and placed back as if on someone’s lap and a pair of hands was stroking my hair and gently rubbing my chest as well as my hands. At the same time, I felt another pair of hands was gently massaging both of legs from waist to the toe but more on my left injured leg. All I know, at that moment there was no pain and I felt a surge of strength went through my veins and I felt as if I was healing or something. The next thing I remembered was waking up all smiling but this time I was able to feel my left and even move it an inch. The doctor however was surprised and requested for another scan to see for any improvement. He was shocked to see my nerves which was not to suppose to work for the next year or two is actually showing significant signs of productivity and the only things he said to me was "I was your guardian angel did some work on you". When my parents came around 10am, I told them what happened and my parent's face turned pale white all of a sudden. I asked "What's the matter dad?” He shrugged for a while and said "It's strange cause last night I dreamed your grandparents (from my father's side) gave a visit in the hospital and was sort of massaging you just like you said". I smiled because everyone knows I'm their favourite grandchild and it's good to know I'm still their favourite. For the next 2 months I had several of that experience, especially when I'm in pain but the next day I'll be smiling as if nothing happened. By the way I'm now all well but still can't run as I used too but believe me the time is very near.

    I know my grandparents can't read this but just somehow rather if they did, just want to tell them I still love them too and maybe one day they could give me the opportunity to say good bye as I was away when both of them passed away....