December 2009

My Little Ghost

Velda Henley, TX, USA

    This is not just a story, this is true and happens almost every night, and it has even happened during the daytime if I happened to be lying down resting.  I moved into my grandmother’s house in 1998
about a year and a half after she had passed away.

   The first night we were here I felt something sort of run across the bed.  I thought that it was a mouse or a rat but never saw droppings from one.  This happened again and again. I am a person that believes in such things as ghosts so I was not really scared after the first few times.  But sometimes it would catch me by surprise and it was like someone hit the bed by my feet and on a few occasions it was behind me when I slept on my back.

   There are times when it happens when I am asleep and it wakes me up, but many times it has happened while I am still awake.  It sometimes feels like something is under the mattress and it bopping it from the inside. I will kick the bed and most of the time it stops but sometimes it just makes it worse. No one else has ever had this experience except me and there are nights that it is off and on for several hours so I get up and watch TV.  It doesn't matter if it is dark or not but I don't sleep in the dark anymore.

Have you ever heard of a 50 year old woman that sleeps with a night light? I sometimes wonder that if I crawled under the house maybe I would find where someone is buried there and move the bones, maybe this would stop. I have learned to live with it because a lot of people do not believe and will actually think that I have lost my mind. Who knows, maybe I have and no one will ever know until the ghost decides to turn its attention to them. 

The Spirit in 212

Velda Henley, TX, USA

   This is another true story, not made up.  I used to work at a motel in San Angelo but will not use their name without their permission.

   Room 212 was always a little creepy.  We all knew something was not right because several of us had seen something while cleaning this room. It would be a blur in the corner of the eye and when looking where it should have been there was nothing. We would put a chair in front of the door so that it would not shut because we did not want to be there with the door closed.

   Well, one weekend the room was rented to some men who had come to hunt during deer season. They rented 212 and 211 next door. These rooms have adjoining doors that they left open during the night.

   The next morning one of the men came down to the office and told us of his scary night. He told us that he was asleep when he felt something hit the bed by his feet several times. He was so scared he just lay there and acted like he was still asleep. He said that it must not have been enough to just smack the bed so the spirit started messing with the curtain. He said it sounded like someone running their finger nails down the curtain making a scraping sound.  The man said he still tried to lay there quietly. It was then that the adjoining door slammed shut. It woke up everyone else and he told them what had been happening in the room.

   We did not admit that we had had experiences in that room, we just said that maybe the next night would be better.  After he went outside we heard someone talking loudly and looked out the window and he was in the parking lot telling others about what had happened. He had a small crowd around him.  This man had been truly scared and will never forget his night in 212.

But Mummy, He's Still Here

Samantha, Victoria, Australia

   I have a lot of ghost stories but for now I want to tell you the one about my dad...

   About 1 month before my 4th birthday my father passed away. My family is always telling me how much I look like my dad and how much they see him in me and how they think he was reincarnated in me because of all the ''coincidences'' between the order of activities in my dad's life and my own.

    Anyway, one time when i was having lunch with my aunty she told me that after dad passed I had started seeing him. She said I would point to thin air and shout out ''Look Mummy, Daddy's over there!'' She said that use to freak my mum out because there wasn't anyone there. When I asked my mum about it she said it was true, she said I also use to be able to see and talk to him.

    I felt tripped out by this, she said that she use to sneak into my room and I'd be talking to him as if he never left. She told me that sometimes she would see shadows go into my room but when she went to investigate she would stop and listen to me talk to my dad.

Grandpa's Spirit of Christmas - A True Ghost Story

Michael Foote, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

   This event happened on Christmas Eve  in 1990 in West Yorkshire in a village called Upperthong. My in-laws were from Leeds.

   My mother & father in-law always stayed with us at Christmas time. We had 3 children - Caroline 10, Robert 8, and Matthew 6. Christmas with the children and Grandparents was a special time for all of us.

   My father in-law had bought Caroline a pony earlier that year and this was stabled up near to the old village school house which was now the village hall.

   On Christmas Eve morning he took Caroline up to the stables to watch her tack up and ride ‘Alice’ the pony, whilst he was waiting around he wandered over to the old school house and had a closer look at the building. He was a slater & tiler by profession and always took an interest in old buildings especially the roofs.  Later back home that evening he remarked on the age of the building (1800) and the style of the slate roof and the fact that it once was the village school.

   After the evening meal we played a few Christmas games and enjoyed the children’s mounting excitement as they went to bed. We had a few drinks and then for some reason my father in-law said he would sleep on the large sofa downstairs, my mother in-law had developed rather a loud snore at this time so it was not too surprising I suppose.

   Christmas morning came and we went into the lounge with 3 excited children Grandpa was awake, ‘Did you sleep ok,’ I asked.

   ‘I did after that bloke went,’ he replied.

   ‘What bloke?’ I asked .

   ‘The one who appeared standing by your fire place staring at me all night. It’s ok, I recognized him. He drinks in my local pub’. So we all just looked a bit perplexed and put it down to too much Christmas spirit the previous evening.

   Much later in the new year my father in-law was back in Leeds some 40 miles away from where we lived. I was with him in his local pub when suddenly he said, ‘That’s him over there.’

   ‘Who?’ I replied.

   ‘That is the bloke who appeared to me in your house at Christmas.’

   ‘Oh,’ I said, ‘OK.’

   Then without another word he walked over to him and with no introduction, announced with a jabbing finger,  ‘What were you doing appearing to me in my daughter’s house as a ghost last Christmas Eve?’

   I stood there next to him firstly amazed that he would have approached this chap and just come out with what could only be described as a most bizarre statement and then secondly I froze on hearing his reply.

   ‘Where does your Daughter live?’ he asked.

    ‘Upperthong’ replied my father in-law.

   Now most people in Leeds have never and would never of heard of such a place on the other side of the County tucked away on top of the Holm valley near Huddersfield.

   But this chap had. ‘Oh, that wasn’t me,’ he said.  ‘That will have been my dad. We did look very much alike. He is dead now, but he went to school in Upperthong, a little village school on top of the valley near some stables.  He lived in Upperthong all his life.’

   A few things struck about this one. The first was my father in-law simply approaching the chap and almost demanding to know why he had appeared to him; the second was the man’s matter-of-fact reaction to the question as if he always got asked that; the third was my father had made a point of looking at the old school that Christmas Eve this and the fact that his father was from Upperthong  just made it so very spooky.


Smell of Roses

Anonymous, CA, USA

   It was the middle of October and we were moving to Santa Clarita. Our new house was two stories. When we went to go look at the house the realtor said it was haunted. Supposedly, a woman died in the house from a fire because she would always light candles. One night a curtain caught fire from one of the candles and she tried to put it out. The candle caught her blouse and she burned to death.

   Since my mom and dad are really interested in that stuff we moved there. The first day was really quiet. The second day I stayed home by myself. I was watching TV in my room and all of a sudden I heard a loud crash.

Immediately I thought it was a car crash, but it was way to close and too soft to be a car crash. I went to go check it out but nothing. I went downstairs and saw a really blurry apparition. Since I did not believe in ghosts I did not try to debunk it. I went straight to bed.

   In the middle of the night I woke up and I started to smell candles that smelled like roses, and I remembered about the lady that lived there before us, she would always light candles. The night after that i went to go get my Ouija board. I asked if that was the lady that lived here before us that I saw. It answered yes.

Caroline, Beth, and The Shadowman

Caroline, OH, USA

   Before I begin, I must tell you that this story is 100% true, and many of my friends have seen similar things in the same place.

   My boyfriend, Nicklee, is a person of many talents. One of those is attracting spirits. He and I had just gotten together at the time, and he had never taken me "ghost hunting". I thought it would be fun, since I've never had a supernatural experience. Since we were low on gas and time (curfew, hah!), we decided that local graveyards were our best bet. So armed with a digital camera, we set out.

That night, we visited three graveyards. I will never forget the third cemetery.  The first graveyard Nicklee and I went to was off a well-lit, main road, and nothing really happened. He wouldn’t let me go deep into the cemetery because he thought it was disrespectful to the spirits, so not much would happen when you’re in the light. Before we went to the second graveyard, we decided to go pick up my closest friend, Beth.

    The next cemetery we went to was small and rather old. Next to it was a beautiful church. Once again, nothing happened, although we did get some cool orbs.

   As we drove, looking for our next destination, Beth suggested that we check out this large graveyard that her eldest brother had been to. It sounded like a good idea at the time, until we arrived there. The place was much larger than I expected, and it was a lot of ground to cover. Since it was such a large place, the most we feared was getting caught, so we had to keep an eye out for people.

   We parked in an apartment complex down the road and hopped the fence. We started walking to the back of the place, where Beth’s brother had seen a glowing figure, when Nick thought he saw something and went to go take a picture of it, telling us to go on without him,  that we’d be all right and he would catch up with us. So we decided to walk on without him. That was most likely the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

   The night was pretty light; the sky was clear, the moon was relatively bright, and I could see all of Beth’s features from a few feet away. As we walked deeper and deeper into the place, I began to feel uneasy, like I was being watched. But I pretended like nothing was happening.

As we neared the statues (we were facing them, the statues were no more than 30 or 40 feet away from us), Beth put her arm in front of me so I couldn't move any further, but she said nothing. She was looking in horror at something next to me. I slowly turned my head to where she was looking, and there stood a man who couldn’t have been less than six feet tall. Although it was so bright out, he had no features. He was facing the statues and he was only seven or eight feet away from us. Within seconds, he heard our heavy breathing and turned his whole body to us in one motion. He didn’t speak, which made things scarier. Beth and I started to move back a few steps, and it started moving closer. It then started walking to us, so we turned around and started running. We looked back and found that it was chasing us, but somehow its legs were not moving.

We ran for a while before we realized that it wasn’t behind us anymore. We hid in between four bushes for an hour before Nicklee found us. We took Beth home and I went to stay at his house. We slept with the lights on that night.

   The shadow man has made me love ghost hunting, the rush of seeing something that I couldn’t explain was remarkable. I haven’t gone ghost hunting since then, but I've planned some pretty cool trips to haunted places, and I'll be taking those trips soon. Maybe one day, I'll meet the shadow man again.

Image From The Past

Anonymous, NC, USA

   My grandfather swears the story to be true. He would always tell it to me and my cousins growing up. He claims he encountered the woman twice. It was in the late nineteen fifties. My great-grandfather had just passed away and my grandmother had gone to stay with my grea- grandmother who was in mourning. Her house was right up the road, so it was in walking distance. My grandfather was asleep in his guestroom when he heard a woman crying and saying, “They wouldn’t let me in. They wouldn’t let me in.”

    My grandfather woke up from the sound and walked out into the hall and thinking it was his wife (my
grandmother). He said, “Now why wouldn’t your mother let you in the house?”

    He then saw her and noticed her clothes where out- dated and like my grandmother at the time was also pregnant, but he could not see her face because she had her hands over it and was sobbing into them. She kept repeating the haunting words,  “They wouldn’t let me in. They wouldn’t let me in.”

    The woman did not even seem to notice my grandfather. She then turned into the living room and then walked right through the wall and disappeared. Then there was silence. It was impossible. It could not have happened. My grandfather turned on all the lights. There was just no way she could have walked right through the wall. Who was the woman?

    He did not tell the story to anyone for years. He thought people would think he was crazy. Years later he talked to someone who knew about the previous house which shared its foundation with the newer house. My great-grandfather had torn it down, kept the foundation and built a new house upon it. The person told him the front door used to be in the exact spot in the living room the apparition had walked through. He never even told that person about the incident, but it put that much more truth into the story.

    Years later my grandfather was up stairs working in his room when he heard the sobbing again and those same haunting words, but this time it seemed fainter than before. My grandfather just chuckled and said to himself, “There’s that woman again.” It seems it just played the same incident in time over again. It must have had something to do with my grandmother being pregnant because she was pregnant with my aunt that time. He believes that the woman must have been pushed away from her family for being with child and not being married. It would have been a common thing in the eighteen hundreds in which her clothes seemed to date back to. It must have been a horrific event for her image, cries, and feelings to be trapped in time and to replay themselves over and over time after time.

Speedy Little Black Shadow

Evlee Mayer, Quebec, Canada

   In my life, I did not have a lot of paranormal activity going on… until recently.
   Now I am a big fan of animals.  I just love them, it is my passion and I would pretty much do anything for them.  I have adopted several homeless cats, and been feeding those who are too timid to be approached.

   My boyfriend and I moved into our new condo 8 months ago with our cat Vagabond.  During the summer, I found a homeless kitty outside and started feeding it (plus the skunks, the other kitties and the raccoons…).  When it started to get too cold outside, I decided to bring him in.  That is when strange stuff started happening.

Whenever I am in the kitchen or the hallway facing the kitchen, I often see a small black shadow moving quickly in the corner of my eye.  Thinking it is one of my cats (Luna is white, so I always assume it is Vagabond), I turn around to say something to it but nothing is there.  Now it does not freak me out and to be honest, for a little while I blamed it on my imagination until it happened more frequently.

    I did not say anything to my boyfriend, because I did not want him to think I was crazy or making stuff up.  Finally, I did not have to say anything to him because of the following event:  We were sitting on the couch watching television.  Our show just ended and we were deciding whether to go to bed or watch some more television.  All of a sudden I saw the shadow pass very quickly under the table.  I was surprised, but not about to say anything until my boyfriend let out, “What was THAT!!??”

     I asked if he saw the shadow too.  He looked at me with a little confused/slightly frightened and
Said, “ Shadow?  What shadow?  I heard something move very quickly from one side of the table to the other. “

    We decided to go to bed after that.  My boyfriend is a little uncomfortable with what happened, but I am very at ease with whatever is in the house.  I like to believe it is a small animal, even though I never experienced something similar before and I might be totally wrong.  Might even be one of the cats I was feeding outside who passed away and decided to come live with us.  If you know what it might be, or if you’ve experienced something similar, feel free to contact me.

My Haunted Attic

Cheyenne Johnson, IL, USA

   I have always been skeptic about paranormal and supernatural happenings. But this occurrence I noticed started happening to me when I moved in with my aunt and uncle, and everything that I mention in this story is real! I am not making any of this up!

    I used to live with my father in Belleville, Illinois. But then my mother died and my father decided that I would be much better off living with my aunt Terry and Uncle John. My mother was cremated and we put her ashes up in our attic. We also have the ashes of my mother's mother. Anyway, I started noticing strange noises only I heard whenever I went in the bathroom, or if I was in my bedroom by myself. I would hear creeping up in the attic as if someone were walking around up there. I told my aunt what I heard and she told me that it is only my mind messing with my head because of the recent death of my mother. I decided that maybe she was right and it was only my mind playing tricks on me. The next day, strange things stared to happen again. I heard the same weird footsteps upstairs when no one was up there. That was not just the only thing.

   One night I invited my friend Emilia for a sleepover. We did what girls would do normally at a sleepover... talk about boys, ghosts and stuff like that. We slept out in the living room. It was about 3:30 in the morning, and we were watching the movie "Urban Legends". We had the lights out and then all of a sudden we feel the room getting colder. Both of us were freezing. Then we heard something shatter in the kitchen. Emilia and I went to explore and see what made the sound. When we got to the kitchen, a broken glass lay on the floor. Then we saw something like fog run into the living room. We were very terrified and we wanted to go to sleep. After that the house was silent.

    After that night I started having odd dreams with my mother in each of them. In my dream she was wearing a white dress with blood stains on them. She was lying in the corner, her face against the wall weeping. I slowly approached her and then she quickly twisted her head around and stared at me. Her eyes were bleeding and she looked at me and mouthed the words I missed you. I was so scared. I turned and tried to run, then my mother appeared in front of me blocking my path. In that instant, I woke up and I was sweating. I continued to have these dreams until I turned 11. When I started having these dream I was only 9 years old. When the dreams ended, that wasn’t the end of it. To this day I still hear someone in the attic. If you have any question or comments email me.

Little Girl in Hotel

Myia, OH, USA

   I can't really tell this story much without getting the goose bumps as it had just happened within the past couple of months to me, but I feel like it's better to just tell the story as it is and maybe I'll get some kind of closure on it...

   I am a flight attendant, so I am used to staying in different hotels throughout the USA. I've heard stories of one hotel we'd overnight in Norfolk, VA, but that was soon changed to a better one this following month because flight attendants would usually call off just to avoid that hotel or drop the trip itself. You'd think that my story would happen here as I've been there couple of times, but no. My story comes from one where most say they sleep comfortably in. It makes me actually doubt my story at times, but it has to be real, for what I saw and felt was pretty real to me...

   We'd arrived in Fort Meyers, FL late that night, so all I wanted to do was change, check my mail, and sleep. When I arrived to my room, it was immediately freezing! I literally ran straight to the heater/air conditioner to find that housekeeping had left it on high freezing air, so I'd immediately switched it to low heat.

   Not even a second had passed before my fire alarm went off. I'd open my door to see if it really was a drill, but no others were going off, just mine, so I shrugged it off and after a minute of listening to the blaring drill and no one coming to investigate it, I shut off my heater. It immediately stopped. It raised questions, but I just shrugged it off, already tired from today's activities. I figured once I get into bed, I'll be warm.

   I continued on my routine of cutting on the TV, setting up my laptop, and clicking on the light near the bed. Two minutes after clicking on the light, it began to flicker as if it was going to blow out at any moment. Thinking it was the light bulb, I immediately cut it off, laid in my bed and began trying to get on the Internet. That didn't work either. Last resort, and very frustrated, I called my fellow flight attendant to see if he was having problems. He'd already gone to bed, so I had no one to complain about and I didn't want to bug the front desk with my problems, so I decided to watch TV.

   Now, this was the part that struck me a little weird. I went to change the channel, but the TV would flicker as if to change, but stayed on the same channel. No matter what I did, it never changed from the movie channel that all hotels have. That was beyond weird looking back on it, but at the time, I was just so pissed and angry, that I'd set my clock to wake me up at 3am, 3:30am, and 4am, because I am a very heavy sleeper and it really does take that many alarms to wake me up. With that, I feel asleep very angry that night with thoughts of complaining in the morning.

   Now here's the part that really scared the crap out of me. My first alarm never wakes me up. Never. I never hear that alarm, and it's usually the second alarm that gets me stirring, so when I wake up at 3am in the morning, I am annoyed enough to shut it off and toss it on the other side of the bed. As I went to turn around, something from the corner of my eye made me do a double-take.

   There at the corner of my bed, I saw a small Caucasian girl. She had shoulder length blonde hair in old-fashioned ringlets that I'd never seen before except in old movies. Very striking blue eyes and she wore a white and pink dress with lace all over the top as if covering the pink. She was glaring at me with this cold look upon her face and her mouth turned in a gruesome frown. The room I was in was completely dark, but for some reason, I could see her clearly.

   I reached over to turn the light on and looked back over as if to verify that she was there, but she wasn't. If I wasn't awake because of my alarm, I was then.