August 2009

Little Girl Ghost

Sincee, VA, USA

   This is a true story. I know some don't believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but I think people should open just more than their eyes and SEE.

    Here's my story, I moved from California into a old farm house in Virginia. I was seventeen at the time. My parents divorced and I went to live with my Mom and her husband. The house was cute and cozy, and it had many acres. I would go exploring all the time and one day I came across a tree with a heart carved into it there were two names but I could only read one the name Jody. I didn't think much of it just some little kid stuff.

    One night I went to bed and drifted off, for some reason my sleep was disrupted. I turned to look about my room and it was storming outside things were banging against the side of the house. I suspected it was some tree branches hitting the side of the house. I went back to sleep. I awoke again rather abruptly turned to my left and there was a little girl no older twelve staring down at me. I looked up at her but I couldn't make out her face, it was white. She glowed a little It looked like you could only make out the outer parts of her body, but I noticed she had long curly hair and was wearing a knee high skirt.  I then realized what I was seeing... a ghost.

   At this point I was still lying down, I wanted to scream or yell for my mom to do anything. My chest felt like it was being pushed into the bed I couldn't catch my breath, I couldn't move! All that I could manage to do is produce tears. As soon as she disappeared I sat up and screamed and ran to my Mom's bedroom. I told her what had happened. I don't think she quite believed me but I spent the rest of the night with her. The little girl never came to me a again, I think she looked over us, her presence still scared me but I believe she is a good spirit, a little guardian. The funny thing was when I was in the military Technical School my Mom called me one day and she told me they had seen the ghost... my mom said the ghost had walked from my room to their room. Now she believes me.

Humming Angela

Sarah, London, UK

   Growing up, I was never really a believer in ghosts. I was always doubtful about the paranormal, and I always tried to find logical explanations for strange happenings. But there was no logical explanation for this house.
   A few years back, I bought a house just outside of Kent, UK, in an isolated area. It was a fixer-upper, but it had a lot history, which I was fond of. It was pretty small, with two bedrooms on the first floor, a bathroom that connected to one of the bedrooms, a small but inviting living room and a cute tiny kitchen. The stairs twirled upwards to the second floor, where there was a small bedroom with a sitting window and a bathroom that connected to it.
   I had just divorced my first husband, and was moving in with my nine year old daughter Raleigh and my sixteen year old son William. They were as ecstatic about the house as myself, which was relieving.

   So once we were deciding rooms, Raleigh took the small room upstairs while William and I took the rooms on the main floor. I took the one with the bathroom, and he chose the one across the hall from me.

    The first time I noticed anything, I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I heard my daughter upstairs talking to someone. I assumed it was my son, but he was in the living reading a book. I went upstairs to find Raleigh sitting on her bed, just finishing talking to the window when she turned to face me as I entered her room. Confused, I asked, "Who are you talking to?" and she replied, "Angela." Assuming it was her imaginary friend, I just brushed it off and didn't think anything of it.

The following week, it was midnight when I was sleeping and my son entered the room saying he thought Raleigh was upstairs thumping about, and he asked me to tell her to stop, since her bedroom was right above his. Tired, I got up to check on her, and as I entered her room, and I found she was fast asleep. There were no sounds of footsteps, just silence. Puzzled, I went downstairs and told William she was fast asleep. He swore he heard footsteps, but we ended up just going back to bed.

   A few days later, I came home from grocery shopping to hear arguing in the kitchen. I assumed it was Raleigh and William arguing over something, so I made my way through the living room to the kitchen, to find the arguing disappeared, and no one present. This bothered me, but I convinced myself it was the tele in Williams room, and he had just simply turned it off.

   Later that night, I was cutting vegetables for dinner, when I started to hear faint coughing. I stopped my knife for a moment and listened, but I heard nothing. As I shrugged and continued cutting, I heard the coughing again, this time louder, and harder. Worried, I looked in the other room hoping to find the kids, but I reminded myself the kids were out in the backyard playing football.
Nervously, I continued on with dinner, and did not hear the coughing again until I was setting the table. This time it was continuous, and sounded as if someone was awfully sick. I thought the sound was coming from the living room, but to my dismay, no one was there. I turned on the tele to ease my nerves, and I did not hear the coughing for the remainder of the night. The same occurrences happened over the next two weeks, coincidentally around the same times.

   One evening, I was taking a shower and once I got out my son approached me with a frightened look on his face. I asked him what happened, and he said that when he looked into Raleigh's room, he swore he saw a little girl sitting on the windowsill. He said when he looked at Raleigh sleeping and then back at where the little girl was, she had disappeared. I told him it was dark, and his eyes could've been playing tricks on him. Doubtfully, he went to bed, not saying another word.

   One day, I was doing the laundry in the back room of the main floor when I started to hear humming. I brushed it off the first time, but it started to get louder and louder until it broke out into a lullaby. I couldn't make out the words nor recognize the tune, so I was certain it was an old lullaby. I went upstairs to put Raleigh's laundry in her room, and as I stepped up the stairs, the humming got louder. I felt a cold chill as I opened Raleigh's door, and as I stepped in the humming stopped. The room was awfully cold, unusually, and it was only the middle of September. Shivering, I put Raleigh's clothes away, and then I felt the need to escape that room. Shutting the door behind me and heading downstairs, the humming continued on for about five minutes before it died out completely. By that time, I was leaving to pick up the kids from school.

   A few weeks after that incident, I was tucking Raleigh into bed, and as I turned to head for the door I saw a little girl on the sitting window. She wasn't looking at me, but through the dim light of the nightlight I could see blonde hair and an old fashioned dress that stopped at her knees. She was wearing long white socks and black buckled shoes. I realized she was in the exact same spot William described her to be in. Nervously I asked who she was, and as she turned towards me I noticed tears down her cheeks, and she replied by saying "I don't like needles."

   Suddenly she vanished, and I took Raleigh out of bed and had her sleep with me. The next few weeks I was determined to find a new house, and as I did this Raleigh began to get ill. She was throwing up and she had caught a fever, saying she was cold, but her body felt hot to the touch. Worried, I decided to move in with my mother across town, and rapidly she began to get better.

I called the last few owners of the house and compared experiences, and they all  said the same things, except that none of them had kids, and they did not have the same incident where someone became ill. I asked for the history on the house, and when the results came, I discovered there had been a child by the name of Angela that had passed away due to illness during the mid-1940's. I could not explain the arguing, but it sounded like adults, so I assumed it could very well have been her parents.

I never went back to that house, fearing for the health of my kids, and later I found out that last owners of the house moved away due to the same experiences.
I only hope that girl will find peace.

Please email me if there are any concerns/questions.


Ashley, MI, USA

   At the end of May, my step-grandfather Frank, passed away from cancer. He'd been fighting it for the last ten years, and actually lived a year and a half past what the doctors said he would.

   The night Frank passed, I left for my brother-in-law's graduation down state. I never did get to say goodbye to him. He deteriorated rather quickly. In a week he went from standing up straight and tall to being bed ridden not able to move at all.

   I spent time with my in-laws but in the back of my mind the entire time was Frank's funeral that was scheduled for the following Tuesday. It'd been decided earlier in the week that I would be a pallbearer.

So after a full day of shopping with my mother and sister-in-law I tried to get to bed early so I'd be ready to go to the graduation the next day. Being a night owl naturally, didn't help me sleep at all at Eleven PM when I'm used to going to bed at five AM. I'm laying on the air mattress trying to fall asleep and in my mind's eye I can see Frank standing there just looking at me with the same slightly hunched over figure I'd last seen him in. I didn't find it all that strange seeing him as I'd been thinking about him a lot.

    I'm not sure how long he stayed in my mind when I started feeling like I wasn't alone in the room. I sleep with ear plugs in and I was so focused on Frank that I wasn't sure if my husband had come into the room. After I didn't feel his weight on the mattress for a few moments I rolled over and looked at the doorway. There standing at the end of the bed was a sort of shadow with Frank's same hunched over outline. Though it never moved and nothing was ever said, I could feel just this comforting presence with me in the room. Like he'd come to watch over me for a few moments, to say goodbye, as I am convinced that he knew that I felt horribly about never getting to see him before he passed. I closed my eyes again in I continued to see Frank for a few more moments before he simply smiled and faded away.

   The day of the funeral I performed my duty as Pallbearer and afterward went to my mom's house and I told her what had happened that night. She looked at me with a sort of awe on her face as she told me that my cousin who lives in the South had had a similar encounter in a park earlier in the day. I've always believed in the paranormal and all things spooky but I truly believe that Frank -grandpa- visited me that night, to say goodbye and to let me know he'd be watching over me.

Haunting in Bear Creek

Anon, PA, USA

   I used to live in an old farm house in Bear Creek, PA. My parents bought the house when my older sister was about 2 years old.

   As long as I can remember I felt and saw odd things in this house. I used to see shadows move in the bathroom (we lived far from any public road, so it could not have been a car or outside light), I saw a plant shake and move about with nothing or no one near it, and I would feel someone sitting on my bed when no one was there. Perhaps the scariest experience, however, was when I saw a green transparent blob floating in my room for hours late at night. It eventually settled on my window ledge, and I got up and put a t-shirt on the window to block the sight of this thing. When I woke up I thought it was a dream, perhaps, but I noticed the t-shirt was there.

   Later on, my sister told me she had several experiences. She saw a hand coming up from under the bed one night, and she used to play with a little imaginary friend named Mary. I too used to play with someone named Mary, and my dad later told us this was the name of a girl who had passed from cancer in our house.

   My dad said when I was a baby he heard me crying and went to get me, only to find the entire crib being shaken violently back and forth (clearly not something a baby could do). He said he also was watching TV one night and heard what sounded like the china cabinet being turned over. He ran downstairs, only to find nothing out of the ordinary and no broken glass.

   We have since sold the house, but the new owner did call my dad to ask him if we ever had any ghost experiences. Turns out his son asked him to tell the man who comes at night to stop, he'd like to get some sleep.

A Suicide in the Country

Debi Coker, OK, USA

   We purchased our house in October 2004, a nice place outside of a small town with a small acreage, a nice home, big shop, and a stocked pond. A perfect place for a 'tired of the city life' family.  Our new home had been abandoned for almost a year prior to our buying it. Imagine all the yard work that was needed! My boyfriend is a car hauler and is gone a lot of the time, so it leaves my daughter and myself home alone. 

   As you know, when you move into a 'used' house, you will always get the mail (mostly junk) for the previous occupants.  We kept receiving mail for a man that was a district manager for popular restaurant chain.

   Shortly after we moved in, I started noticing a few odd things.  Such as the toilet seat in hall bathroom being up.  No, the boyfriend wasn't home (it wouldn't have been odd).  I put it down and went on about my business.  After a couple more times of this, I asked my daughter if she put it up.  Of course she looked at me like I was crazy and said "NO"!  Other little things, like pictures being tilted, strokes and tugs on my hair were happening as well. I had been telling my boyfriend about everything all along, he believed me, knowing I was how levelheaded I am.  To this day, 15 July 2009, my daughter still doesn't know, because she freaks out watching 'Ghost Hunters' with me! She had confided in me once that she felt like she was being watched from time to time.  I told her when she was feeling that way to say "Stop watching me! Go away!"

   The following July in 2005, we had a visit from a neighbor down the road.  He came to invite us to a 4th of July party at his house.  We ended up talking with him for two hours.  He asked us if we knew about the man that committed suicide in our house. He told us that he was a manager of restaurant chain and had killed himself with a shotgun in our master bathroom!  He couldn't tell us anymore information than that because that was all he knew. My boyfriend and I realized that we pretty much knew who was in our house! We even knew his name. I will give my ghost the name of 'HIM' for this writing.

   I have always believed in spirits and ghosts, and figured that maybe that was the case with everything going on in the house and since no harm had been done, I was cool with it. Until one night when I was in bed alone.  I was just at the point of falling into that deep sleep when a shotgun blast beside my head brought me straight up out of bed and my heart was beating so hard, it thought it was going pop out my chest!  My stopped and listened for my daughter and especially the dog to react and... nothing.  No one heard it but me. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom and then looked into the closet, there was nothing there.

   I told my boyfriend about it when he got home. The next day, he told me that he went into the bathroom, while I was working, and told HIM that he was welcome to stay or leave but he would not tolerate HIM scaring his girlfriend.

   I talk to HIM sometimes, especially on holidays. He has been pretty good, I must say.  He messes with the cat from time to time, which scares the cat, but it makes me laugh as cat will all of a sudden jump up, run, tail twitching and eyes as big as dinner plates! Other times, the cat will look up nervously like he sees something that I cannot.

   Other than the time, not too long ago, it felt a rubbing down my leg right after I slipped my jeans, he hasn't physically bothered me. I told HIM to "Knock it off!" and laughed. These days, he is into opening cabinet doors.

   I tried 'Googling' HIM in 2005 and found nothing. In June of 2009, I 'Googled' his name again and got a hit! I found out that he died in November of 2003, less than a year before we bought the house. I went to the local paper and found his obituary in their archives.  Such a sad story, he was only 35 years old, had a wife and was a father of three.

   Bless you my friend, I only wish you could find solace and move into the light.

Not Strangers To Me Anymore

Nana, Guilford, Surrey, UK

   My name is Nana and I have always been interested in ghost stories. There is something about the paranormal which scares me and thrills me at the same time. Today I am 21 years old and I'm about to finish university. I still have mixed feelings about the experience I want to share with you.

   It happened four years ago, when I was a fresher in a university that teaches translation. I'll always feel deeply grateful to my French teacher who gave me the first job I ever got as a translator. I was so excited when she called and told me that she had some papers, containing medical information, for me to translate, that started working on them the day after that call. All the examinations, the remarks of the doctors and the prescriptions were written in French. The patients were two children, a boy and a girl. I still recall the sadness that washed over me, the fact that they were both so young (6 and 8 years old, if I'm not mistaken.)

   Each word I had to look up - mostly medical terms I was not familiar with - was worse than the previous. The children were in a really bad condition, suffering from severe seizures and epileptic dementia. Needless to say, I had the translation ready the very next day, because I didn't want to delay the parents' knowledge about their children's condition. That night I told my mother I would go visit those two unknown, yet so familiar little patients first thing in the morning(they were in a hospital near the city where I used to live in back then). I managed to fall asleep after a few hours full of thoughts concerning the children and how painful this whole experience must be for them.

   It was about 4 o'clock in the morning when I had a strange feeling that made me wake up. I'm sure I haven't opened my eyes yet, but somehow I could see through my shut eyes a weird light right next to the window there was over my bed. I opened my eyes and saw two small figures washed in light coming towards me. I didn't feel scared. Not for a single moment. When they reached my bed, they both bent and kissed me on the forehead. Then they waved like saying goodbye and vanished into thin air.

   I wasn't able to sleep after that. I stayed up all night wondering what this all meant. When my phone rang at 8 o' clock and my teacher told me that the children died early that morning, my heart broke. I am almost sure that they came to say hello... and goodbye.

   I talked about it with my best friend Thanasis and we both understood that the children somehow knew that I felt that I was really worried about them and came to me before I managed to get to them. They are not strangers to me after that day. I feel like I know them and hope they are in a better place now.

My First Experience

Anon, NE, USA

   I grew up in the country just outside of a small village (population 334) in southeastern Nebraska. We lived in a large white farmhouse which previously had belonged to my great-grandfather. There were five bedrooms - my parent's bedroom was downstairs as well as one of the rooms we used as an office. My three brothers all shared the largest bedroom upstairs and my sister and I each had our own room right across the hall from one another.  At the end of the hall right between our rooms was a large walk-in closet.  I believe this closet had at one time been just another room as there was a door clear in the back of the closet that looked like it had once led to a balcony which no longer existed.

   The walls in my bedroom were covered in greenish-gray colored wallpaper with beautiful large white and pink flowers, perhaps carnations.  I had two very large windows that overlooked our huge back yard surrounded by a thick, spooky forest. 
I eventually came to learn that this had been the room my great- grandmother once used as her bedroom as well. I remember the overhead lighting in the room was just a single light bulb and a long cord hung down from the outlet which had to be pulled in order to turn it on and off. Most often than not, the light bulb was burned out.  I always had an eerie, uneasy feeling when entering my room and that feeling only became worse when unexplainable things began to happen. 

   It was late one night and I had been sleeping for several hours, when all of a sudden I just woke up for no reason whatsoever.  I was about 5 years old at the time, but I remember this night like it just happened… one of my most vivid childhood memories.  I opened my eyes and saw this glowing ball of light, about the size of a basketball, coming from the wall that my room shared with the large walk-in closet in the hall.  I noticed it was slowly coming closer and closer to me.  I really wasn't that frightened at first.  I looked at it for a few seconds and then quickly covered up my head with my thin, pink bedspread.  I lay there still for a few minutes and then slowly peeked out from underneath my blankets to see if it was still there.

It was… and it was closer and still making its way towards me.  Once again, I covered my head hoping it would just go away.  After another minute or two, I pulled the cover slowly off my head and it was still there.  I screamed, "Mom! Dad!"  And as soon as I screamed for my parents, the ball of light disappeared into the wall.  My parents came running upstairs.  I told them what had happened.  They, of course, tried to convince me it was headlights from a passing car, but I knew that was impossible, as there was only one light and my room was surrounded by a forest.  They sat by my side until I fell back to sleep and nothing more was ever said of it until just a few years ago when my mom had disclosed to me that she had seen the exact same thing in her room.  She saw it by her window and thought it was the moon, but quickly realized that it couldn't have been since her room was downstairs.  I also came to know that my great-grandmother had told stories of seeing "things" in her older age, but no one ever believed her.

   Who or what was it?  What would have happened if I had let it continue to come closer and not have woken up in time to scare it away.  I have no idea!  And it really frightens me to think about it.

Second World Revealed

Nikita, Liverpool, UK

  I was born in Liverpool but moved to Leeds. The house we moved into was very welcoming. I have an older brother who is 10 years older than me and I was 6 at the time so he was 16.

   This all started when we got a new fan/lights put in the living room and at night on no certain time the lights would flicker.

   My mum used to work at boots in town and near her work was a little cafe. My mum was eating there as usual when a medium came up to her and asked her if she had seen anything weird. My mum said, "Yes."
The medium replied, "There is a woman in your house called Betty and she doesn't mean you any harm. If you say something like, 'I know you're here, you can stop it now', whatever Betty is doing should stop."

My mum told us all what the medium said. I had a 13ft trampoline and I knew about all the ghost stuff. While I was jumping on my trampoline, I called out, "Betty if you're here show me a sign" I didn't know if it was just me or not but I'm sure I saw a face in the living room window.

 One day my mum, nan, granddad and I were going out and my brother Kyle was staying at home. He ordered a takeaway and he was eating it while looking in the mirror and he saw the lights flickering but when he turned to look at them and they were off.

   Then about 3 months later Kyle had wardrobes with mirrors on and he just came home from work so he went to bed. As soon as he got in his bed he needed the toilet so he got up and saw a face in the mirror. He went into my mum's room and he was as white as a sheet. My mum asked him "What's wrong Kyle?"
He shuddered then answered "I saw a face in my mirror".
My mum thought he was just tired so she told him "It was probably just your face."
He answered back "Mum, it was an old woman's face." Even though Kyle was 16 he didn't want to go back into his room so he had to stay with my mum that night.

   Once we moved into the house, our radio kept going on. If you left the room,  it got louder and louder. The odd thing is when it goes louder it normally displays the volume level going up, but when it got louder the display didn't change at all.

   The only thing I've got to say now is there is a medium living next door to my Nan and she said I have a little girl, a dog and a guardian angel with me. When my mum showed her a picture of me she pointed out a face in the background.

Home Alone... Or Was I?

Teresa Cavallo, Victoria, Australia

   My experience took place in my house on Tuesday the 18th of August. I was watching TV when I started to hear a groaning noise, almost like the sound of someone in pain. My parents had gone out for dinner and my only brother was over at a friend's place for the night. I turned on all of the lights and checked the house making sure that I was THE ONLY ONE in the house. Sure enough I was alone.

   I have never been the superstitious type and I am usually the one to find a logical explanation for everything. So I put the groaning noise down the water/gas pipes (my house is 100 years old and has been known to groan and walls to vibrate). I flicked the TV back on and continued to watch. About five minutes after I had sat down I felt a cold breeze blow on my face as if someone was blowing on me.

   I went over to my heater and turned it on ('Must of been a cold draught'). The room started to heat up and I continued watching TV. About half an hour later, I heard the sound of my fridge door opening. I spun my head around to see that it was open and an apple had rolled out (funny since we keep them in a separate compartment and we had only just bought a new fridge). I walked over and shut the door. I picked up the apple and decided to eat it. I grabbed a knife and started to cut it in half only to find to my surprise that it was completely rotten inside. I ditched it and sat back down on my sofa.

I fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 a.m. (Parents still not back.) I noticed that my study papers had been removed from the table, screwed up and thrown onto the floor. I was really angry since that was why I had been up in the first place. I gathered up my ruined papers and proceeded to unfold them. That is when I felt a cold shiver go down my spine. Something hard and cold had just touched my hand. I froze. I looked down and a purplish mark had formed on the spot that I had been touched. I was really scared now. It took me five minutes to be able to move again. I ran into my bathroom and splashed water on my face. I looked up into my mirror. THERE WAS A FIGURE STANDING BEHIND ME.

I spun around and I stared  at the figure. I tried to scream but I couldn't, I was frozen in fear. It was obviously a man, about my age (16) dark curly hair, olive skin, and dark brown eyes. He (or should I say IT) moved towards me (and I noticed that it seemed to be floating about an inch off of the floor and was semi see through) and put one arm around my shoulder and said, "Can I kiss you?"

   His arm felt very cold and I instantly felt happy (god knows why). It/he smiled at me and brought its head closer. I tried to pull my head back but I was already against the wall. Its lips were about to touch mine when it suddenly disappeared. I ran out of the bathroom and called my mum. She told me to ring the police and that she and my father would be back in 5 minutes. So I hung up and rung the police.

   The police searched my house and filed a report and left saying that they couldn't do much about it. I didn't tell the police about the strange things I had seen as they would of thought I was completely crazy! I didn't know what to do! Every night I dream of the boy/it/scary figure. He keeps trying to kiss me (I think, at least something along those lines) and when he manages to, he says something in another language. I think it may be Italian (I speak Italian but it sounds different- may be a dialect) or Latin.

I have told my closest friend about my experience and she thinks that a ghost may have a crush on me. I think that is weird... but it strikes a line of truth to me. He's always very kind to me in my dreams and if he was alive I might of dated him myself. I don't know what to do. The strange thing is, I am able to communicate with it/him, he's told me that he is 'happy to see me happy' and that he misses his family and friends'. I have tried to ask him how he died, but he just shrugs his shoulders and disappears.

   What does this all mean? Do I have a demonic apparition on my hands or a ghostly boyfriend?? I need advice....what would you do in my situation???