April 2009

What Have You Done?

Livvy, NC, USA

   My home is a two story house. The downstairs is where the kitchen, living room, dining room, and the study are. Upstairs is the area that houses the bedrooms. Once you walk up the stairs, mine is the very first on the right.

   I was home alone one day, my parents were still at work and my sister was at soccer practice. I was watching TV downstairs, when I heard something upstairs. I thought it was our dog, Starbuck, and dismissed it. Then, Starbuck walked into the living room from the kitchen. There was no way he could've gotten there without me hearing him! I was a little freaked out, but kept watching TV. Then, a voice called down the stairs, "What have you done?!" The voice belonged to a man, and he sounded angry. I thought it was my father, and then remembered that he wasn't there. The voice called again, "What have you DONE?!" It was a lot louder, as though it was descending the stairs. I heard a heavy thump on the stairs, proving my theory.

   I jumped off the couch, just in time to see a very angry man get off the stairs. I'll never forget what he looked like. Black hair with some white in it, charcoal black eyes, tall, and with an expression of pure rage.

   "What have you done you little tramp?!" He yelled at me. I didn't wait any longer and ran outside with Starbuck at my heels.

   I stayed out there until my sister, Izzy, got home. She saw me in the backyard, hugging Starbuck and shaking from fear, and ran to me.

   "What's wrong Livvy?" she asked me.

   "There was a man in there! He yelled at me! I was so scared I ran out here!" I yelled.

   "There's nobody home Livvy. Just us and Starbuck."

   Izzy took my hand and led me inside. It looked like a tornado had hit the inside of our house. Papers were strewn everywhere and a chair was tipped over. 

   Our mother walked in as soon as we did and saw the mess.

   "What have you done?!" she screamed.

   I explained and got grounded for telling stories and making a mess.

   To this day, I hate being home alone and make any excuse to leave when I'm in the position of being there alone.

Typical Suburban House

Anon, Tasmania, Australia

My name is Zoe and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I have a little story about my house which me and my mum, dad and younger sister live in. It all started about 5 years ago now I guess. Strange things started to happen, just weird things, nothing that would really harm anyone. On one occasion my sister’s makeup brushes went spinning around in their container really fast and we have seen little things out the corner of our eyes. We have had a house full of guests and there have been DVD’s pushed out of people’s hands in full view if everyone in the room and my mother has seen a little girl in a long night gown staring at her from the entrance of my sister’s room with a very upset look on her face.

We have come to the realization that we have a man, a young girl and sometimes a little boy as well I have heard giggling most nights. One time I was home later and everyone was in bed asleep I just got into bed and all of my things I had sitting on top of my wardrobe started flying off. I was so scared I couldn’t move but I finally fell asleep. I woke up to my mother saying, "Why are all of your things on the floor"? I said to her "Ask the ghosts, they did it.” I know this story is probably not what you expect but it was nice to share it with people. Thanks for your time!

Haunting on Stokes Ferry Road

Kim Kincaid, NC, USA

   The House That I have lived in since 2000 is haunted. We live on Stokes Ferry Road in Salisbury North Carolina, our home has been here for close to 90 years, it has been added onto so this could have started everything. When we moved in a neighbor told us that there had been a murder in this house about 30 years before, we thought nothing of it, we've lived in haunted houses before, so we just sat back and waited for the fun to start.

   Two weeks after we got settled in our daughter, she was 18 years old, started yelling for me to come into her room. When I walked in she was on the bed that sat against the far wall from the door, the dresser sat by the door, there in the center of the room a black beany baby bear floated in the air. There was nothing touching it while it made its way across the room to settle on the desk. I was speechless, it was my first visual contact with anything unexplained.

   Things seemed to pick up after that, anyone that sleeps in the bed in the middle bedroom alone gets a bed companion. The old lady actually gets in the bed with you. She loves to break things when there is arguing going on so I have had lots of dishes broken with 3 Teenagers in the house, our oldest son was away at College. She seems to have attached herself to my daughter Erin, she is now 26 and is visited nightly.

   One evening when my youngest son had been out with some friends and came home with a cigarette burn on his face, I had the strangest thing happen to me. While Richie excitedly explained where the burn came from I began to see lights flashing across the ceiling. I kept stopping him asking if he saw the lights, finally he left the room saying he thought I had lost my mind. I personally think it was my father, Richie is my youngest son and my dad’s favorite and since he died in 2001, this occurred in 2008, I believe he was here showing how angry he was. 

   There are so many strange things that happen here I could go on forever but I've run out of time. Until next time. Kim

In Her Room

Cassandra Redgrave, CA, USA

   When I was in Junior High I met my best friend, Jessica. About a month after we became good friends, I spent the night at her house... little did I know it was a night that would haunt me forever. We decided to stay up pretty late that night, watching horror movies and talking about ghosts. Jessica than told me that her house was haunted. I am a total believer in all supernatural things, and as a matter of fact, strange things had been happening at my house too. She told me  that at her bedroom window, a man who was in a bad state of decomposition would stare at her, not saying a word. It scared her so bad that she would scream at it to leave her alone, than he would just walk away.

   We also started talking about other things that have happened to her when, we both noticed a reflection of a person on one of the pictures hanging in her hallway. We were the only ones home at that time, but all that night we saw it pass by then disappear. We finally decided to listen to some music in her room with the door closed so we wouldn't get too freaked out by her dark hallway. We started talking about the ghosts haunting her room. She said that every time she tried to kill herself (she takes Lithium but it doesn't really help) that she would see her friend who killed himself, and he would tell her not to do it.

   Then I being such a bigmouth said, "What would you do if he was standing right in that corner?" Just then, the lights go out! I was sitting on the floor and she was on her bed... but, not for long because she jumped on the floor with me and she grabbed me arm really tight. The first thing we saw was on the ceiling, a black shadow figure that looked tattered and torn. The second was in the corner I pointed out before. It was a man, or at least the shape of one in a transparent, light blue color not a full bodied apparition.

   Our legs went numb, and then I realized something, the black shadow had been in my room, haunting me for about a month when I was awake and in my dreams. I remembered that I had read in a book that the more afraid you become, the scarier it seems, and evil spirits feed off of our fear. After telling her this, we got the hell out of there feeling light headed and dizzy but, it was a lot better than being in her room.

   In 2007, Jessica and I were hanging out with some of our friends by her swimming pool. Her brother’s dog started barking and growling, I don't know if anybody else noticed nor felt like there was some sort of creepy feeling in the air but, I was too scared to tell them that the dog was barking at nothing. He then stopped for a few seconds than we heard someone, a woman breath out but then got choked off as if she was gasping for air. We all ran at high speed into the house and out of breath, we just looked at each other in disbelief. Arming ourselves with butcher knives and meat cleavers we headed back to Jessica’s room, she told me a few more stories.

   When she was six-years old, she got up for school and was going to take a shower when she heard her mother’s voice coming from somewhere in the dark house. She saw her mom stand in the hallway and she asked Jessica what she was doing. She went to turn on the light and when she did, no one was there! She turned it off again and there her mother was. Jessica didn't take a shower that day.

   One time last year, our friend Fred was asleep on Jessica's couch and she didn't want to wake him up so she, left her bedroom door open so that she could hear him if he needed anything. Fred woke to a woman holding his hand, but it wasn't Jessica...it was her mom! (her mom was out of the state at the time) When Fred came running in to the room, he claimed that he had just had a bad dream, that was until Jessica told him the story of  her mom appearing in the house when she doesn't even live there anymore.

   Just this year, I helped Jessica move into a house just down the street from her old house. When we walked in we were greeted by a large crucifix and mental hospital-like decor and hallways. Later that night while returning a chair to the living room, I saw a face in her T.V., one that was not my own. Her brother complained of the feeling of being watched in his room as he tried to fall asleep, but he ended up sleeping in the same room with us. Her sister also had a strange thing happen to her, she hung up a picture of herself on the fireplace mantle, and out of nowhere, it came flying off of the shelf. Although it was cold and windy outside, the patio doors were shut and there are no windows in that room.

I haven't visited Jessica in a while, but all I can say is her house is not the only thing that is haunted.

Hell House

Izzy, NC, USA

   My sister has a story on here, and mine is another one about strange things in our house.

   Well, being home alone in that house is creepy enough, but since Livvy (my sister) told me about what happened to her, I wasn't happy about being there alone.  Our dog, Starbuck, was at the vet, so I didn't even have him to protect me.

   Thumping on the stairs was what I first heard.  I dismissed it as the house settling, even though I knew it wasn't true.  Next, the picture on the TV started flickering.  I don't mean like the picture became distorted, I mean it actually was coming and going.  Like, the picture would be there and then the screen would go gray.  I turned off the TV, and it turned back on.  Again, I turned it off, and it turned back on.  I unplugged it, and it didn't come back on.

   I ran to the phone, to call my mom or dad, and couldn't find it.  Our phone is a cordless one and it's hardly ever where it needs to be.  I ran around the kitchen searching, and couldn't find it at all.

   Eventually, I gave up and ran outside.  Once there, it began pouring rain, making me feel like I was in a horror movie.  I remained outside until I thought it was safe to go back inside.  Everything seemed alright, so I went upstairs to my room to dry off.

   I got into my room and went over to my dresser, which has a mirror on top of it.  Looking into the mirror, I expected to see my hazel eyes staring back at me, but I saw bright sky blue ones.  I screamed, but couldn't look away.  The girl staring back at me had deep brown hair and those bright sky blue eyes.

   The girl was saying something, but I couldn't hear it.  She had a strange look in her eyes that I couldn't place, but it made me uncomfortable.  She was repeating the same thing over and over, that much I could tell.  I slowly left my room, hoping to escape whatever was in my room, and her voice was growing in volume.

   "Who are you?  Why are you in Clarissa's room?"

   It wasn't me who asked that, the mystery girl did.

   "My name's Izzy, and this is my room."

   My answer didn't satisfy her, it only made her angry.

   "This is CLARRISA'S room!  Not yours!  Clarissa's!"

   Once more, I ran out of my home into the safety of the rain.  My mom and dad arrived home soon after with Livvy and Starbuck.  Livvy ran to me and asked why I was outside in the pouring rain, and I told her everything.  She'd experienced things in the house too, so she believed me right away.  Our mom and dad caved, finally choosing to believe us, and we moved out of the house.

   Before we left, I did some research on the house and found out that a girl named Clarissa used to live in my room before she died. Clarissa matched the girl who appeared in my mirror.  I also found out that her father, the man who Livvy saw, used to live there as well, he was Clarissa's father.

   Livvy and I now stay in the same room at our new house, and Starbuck stays in there with us.

The Lady in High Heels

Ernesto, Mexico

   This story is not as sensational as many others from this site, but it’s true. My father told it to me many years ago, when I was just a child. I recalled it perfectly, but I wasn’t sure if my imagination added something with the years. So, a couple of weeks ago I asked him to narrate it to again. It was exactly the same story he told many before. Here we go...

   When my father was single in his twenties, he visited his aunt in Chihuahua, Mexico. His relatives used to live in an old house close to a hospital. They let him sleep on a sofa in the living room that was located at the entrance to the building. Above the sofa was a window through which the street could be seen.

   One night my father woke up at the footsteps from a woman wearing high heels. The sound was clear and indicated that she was walking in a hurry from one end of the street to the other. The sound came as if the woman was walking just on the sidewalk behind the window. He didn’t pay attention and went back to sleep.

   The following nights the same occurrence happened again so his curiosity grew. He planned that next time he listens to the footsteps he will stand up and look outside to meet the mysterious lady. Surely, she was a young woman who has a job nearby starting very early in the morning.

   That very night it happened. As soon as he heard the footsteps he woke up, dragged the curtain and looked for her.... The street was completely empty. He thought that he just had missed her, but surely another occasion will come soon.

   Some nights went by and nothing happened. He almost forgot the incident when the phenomenon occurred again. However, this time as soon as he heard the steps he inspected the street and noted that nobody was there. Even so, the steps could be heard clearly and loudly, resembling the Doppler effect, as if somebody was actually passing through the sidewalk underneath the window. He was startled but not afraid.

   In the morning, he mentioned to his aunt what happened. She said: “So, finally you noticed her” —“notice who?” My father replied. —“The lady in high heels, of course, who else?”  —“Who is she?” asked my father. “You mean, who she was?” told his aunt, and continued “She was a nurse that worked many years ago in the hospital two blocks from here. She used to do the night shift until she died quite young. Many neighbors have listened to her, but nobody has seen her. Some nights her steps are quite loud, other they barely are noticed and others she just doesn’t come.”

   It’s funny that my father has never referred to her as a ghost. In fact, I believe that nobody in my aunt’s neighborhood did it. A ghost normally is an unknown presence that may scare living people. However, the lady in high-heels was well known, and she didn’t scare anybody. In life, she was there to help other people. In death couldn’t be different.

Nevada Trip-The Lady In Red

Christopher, Washington DC, USA

   We didn't believe in ghosts, so when the fellow checking us in warned us that our room on the sixth floor was haunted, we just laughed. There were a lot of  crazy people out there who believed in ghosts and wanted to stay in a haunted hotel, but Marie and I weren't two of them. I'd chosen the Mizpah for our weekend getaway because I'd like the description of the hotel and it amenities, not because it had a phantom.

  Just for kicks, Marie asked the fellow who was supposed to haunt our room. He told us that it was a ghost called "The Lady in Red". She was a prostitute who was strangled by a jealous boyfriend and her tormented spirit still lingered in the hotel. She was said to follow guests around, and to play with the gaming equipment in the casino.

   "A gambling ghost?" I asked laughingly. The boy glared at me, and I was sorry for making a joke about something he obviously believed in. We said a hasty good-night and went up to the sixth floor.

   As we neared our room, Marie gasped and grabbed my arm. I stopped and looked at her. She pointed, wide-eyed, toward the far end of the hallway. Before our eyes, the glowing figure of a woman came hurrying toward us. I shivered superstitiously, my skin prickling in the sudden cold as she rushed passed us and walked right through the wall next to our room.

   "Good lord, there really is a ghost in our room!" I gasped.

  "I am not going in there," Marie said firmly. Her face was pale and her black eyes were wide with fear. "No way."

   I didn't much feel like going in there either, but we had gotten a special deal for two nights, paid in advance and non-refundable. I didn't want to waste our money. In the end, I wrenched open the door, turned on the light, and investigated every corner, looking for the Lady in Red. She was gone.

   Marie absolutely refused to set foot in the haunted room. In the end, I had to go down to the desk and request a room on another floor. The boy didn't say much when I told him we had seen the Lady in Red, but he gave me a know-it-all smirk that made me want to smack him, and assigned us to a room on another floor. Marie barely got a wink of sleep that night. She kept waking up, afraid that the Lady in Red would come walking through the wall and do terrible things to us. We were up at dawn and had checked out of the Mizpah by breakfast time the next day.

   From that day on, Marie always booked our hotels, and she always made sure that there were no ghosts anywhere on the premises before she made a reservation.

The Brother

Rachel, Wales, UK

   Most of my family believes in the paranormal. My cousin is a medium and my aunty (her mother) can feel spirits around her. My cousin have always given us messages from my grandmother, she even told us that 'someone' in the family is going to have a baby boy very soon, and it turned out to be me which was a big shock for the family since I was only 17 at the time. But even though we have a medium in the family, a lot of people still don't believe. My partner doesn't believe in anything paranormal even though I am adamant that my story is true. Also my father is not a believer and laughs and makes jokes when something is brought up about the paranormal.

   Okay, back to my story. I was 10 at the time, which makes the year 2000. It took place in my parent’s house, which I have lived in since three years old and never really had any other experiences apart from seeing auras. My room was the small box room, being the youngest and old girl I was lucky to have my own room. My brother’s room was next to mine. I was trying to get to sleep one night, staring at my bedroom door, my bed was in the angle which I could stare straight through the door onto the landing. I was starting to feel tired when I thought I saw something weird. I had a camper bed, the sort of bed which is set half way up the wall. I saw figures walking through my doorway and straight through the desk and wall/window a few steps away. That’s when I started to get scared, more figures walked in and I noticed they didn't have any heads!! I was frozen in my bed, lying down, following the figures with my eyes. That’s when my brother, Richard, came in my room. He was 13-14 at the time. I was so happy to see him. He stood at the head of my bed where I was laying and said 'It’s alright Rachel, It's nothing here.' as he went to put his hand on my face to sooth me, his face changed. I can't explain what this face looked like it was so long ago, but I can remember it was a male and his face looked deformed like he have been tortured, or burnt. His hand was an inch away from my face when I screamed and he disappeared. I was sitting up in my bed when my parents came running in worrying what happened to me. I explained to them what I saw, and my father didn't believe a word, the unbeliever he is. My mother was pretty much the same and thought I had a bad dream even though she is a believer, having seeing her mother a few month after her death. I slept in their bed that night. A lot of people I told about my 'experience' have put it off to a bad dream, but I am adamant that it is true. After a while, I started to believe everyone that it must have been a dream, what other explanation is behind this? But in the back of my head I still believed what I saw and I KNEW that I wasn't dreaming that night.

   To put more truth behind my experience, I decided to look for mediums on the internet. I was about 14 at the time, and moved out of the box bedroom. Not because I was afraid, I loved that room!! even after everything that happened (More things happened in that bedroom, myself, my mother and my oldest brother all saw the auras, and came to the conclusion that only that room had paranormal activity because nothing happened around the rest of the house, which was newly built on a field when we first moved in). It had been my room since I was 3 and actually cried when I went into the 'garage' which had been turned into a bedroom for me. So I went on the internet and searched for a medium. I found one who had his email address. I wrote him an email, tried to put in the least information as possible. I told him that I saw things when I was 10 in my bedroom, also about the 'shape- shifter' who looked like my brother (I learnt this word on most haunted years after my experience, a ghost picks a shape and look of someone else, this also helped me think that I wasn't crazy) I mentioned the auras we saw and asked if it was my Nan. I told him that we are the only family who has ever lived in the house since it was built new. When I had an email back I was shocked because I didn't expect a reply. He told me that the place my house was built on used to be a castle ground in the 1300's and the specific place was where they tortured the people in the 'wrong', and beheaded them. (I never told him about the headless ghosts!!) he did mention something about the ghost which took the figure of my brother but I can't remember exactly what he said, I don't think he wanted to harm me but to scare me. The auras were not my Nan but were an old lady and a young boy who are friendly and just like company. That's pretty much all he said, but he did tell me a way to get in contact with my Nan because I wanted to see if she was okay but I never tried it, Too scared.

There is one other part to my scary night, which I didn't find out about until a couple of months ago. Richards (my brother) girlfriend of 7 years was talking to me and I told her about my experience (I had told her before but she forgot what happened) and when I said that I saw Richards face on that one spirit, she gasped and told me that one night when Richard was 13, he woke up in the night and felt like he couldn't breathe, nothing like a panic attack, but as if something or someone was pushing down on him. He also couldn't move and started to get afraid but didn't shout out because our oldest brother was asleep in the bed next to him. I’m not sure if this is connected to my night, or even if it is 100% true. But it is a bit weird that it happened to my brother the same age he was that it happened to me. I will never know if it was the same night, I could try asking my cousin about it but the family don't like bothering her with spirit questions because they give her a 'headache' (she has them around her all day long). the only reason she told us that my Nan was with her is because my Nan had been 'pestering' her all day to talk to us about something important, and this made me and my mother 100% believers no matter what happens, even though we have always believed, it’s just different when you have 'proof'.

   Thank you for reading my story, I know many people will not believe this experience. I have to admit it seems pretty far-fetched and if I read something like this on here I'd probably think 'is it true?' As well, all I can give you is my word that this story is 100% true. I have admitted that people thought I was dreaming and even admitted that I thought it was at some point. But no matter what people say to me about it being a 'dream' at least I know that it wasn't.
p.s. while writing my experience I felt some sort of pressure pushing me down into the armchair I'm sitting on, probably just my mind playing tricks on me, I get so freaked out remembering this experience!