December 2008

Diseased Ghost

Anon, CA, USA

Okay, well my experience happened in 2004 during the summer in my aunts house. I was 13 at that time and my cousin, who is 2 years older than me, was going to hang out with me for the day while our mothers went shopping.

So her house is pretty big and they have a huge backyard. The kitchen is on one side of the house, then between that and the bedrooms is the massive living room. On one wall of the living room is this huge mirror that faces the balcony doors. So when you cross from the kitchen to the bedrooms, you have to cross between the mirror wall and balcony doors.

Anyway, it was a little bit past 8 pm--I remember thinking "I have to call my dad and wake him up" since my dad takes a nap during the day. My cousin and I had decided to watch dramas on her computer which was in the bedroom across the livingroom. She had gone into the bedroom and I had crossed the livingroom to the kitchen to get us some chips and drinks. I always got a weird feeling whenever I passed the living room area because it always looked like there were other people walking too (thanks to the mirror and balcony doors).

I had gotten the stuff and was walking back to the bedroom when, from the corner of my eye, I saw a little girl walking on my right side in the mirror. I remember almost every detail because I had stood there for a minute just trying to figure out whether I was seeing things or whether the mirror had been painted on. She wore a white night gown and was like 3 feet tall. I didn't see her face because she was facing forward with her head drooping down but she had blond hair in a bob style cut. I then looked down to my right side and she wasnt next to me. When I had looked up again, she was gone.

I was filled with such terror that I had started to have an anxiety attack. I dropped the chips and soda cans and ran to my cousin to tell her what I saw. She was shocked because she hadn't seen anything like this before but she was really concerned so she called our moms. I knew she believed me because my older relatives had many experiences with spirits so it wasn't that big of a deal to her.

After that incident, I had decided that I wouldn't go back to their house because I remembered what I saw in such vivid details that it would scare me again. My cousin had done some research during the few days after that, as well as asking the neighbors if they knew anything or anyone who lived in this area before they had moved in.

She told me that the grandma of the lady two doors down knew the family who lived there before them. My cousin found out that the previous family had a child daughter who had died from Acute Leukemia and they had moved shortly after. I was pretty shocked but sad too because maybe if that childs family had stayed living in the house a bit longer, they might've met her.

After that I decided to start visiting my cousins house again. I sometimes still see her in the mirror, although I don't know why it's only the mirror. It never happens to anyone else like this. However, I don't let it get to me like before..even though it still does creep me out even now.

Little Girl in the Attic

Ashley, Kentucky, USA

I was 8 years old when I had my first encounter with the supernatural.I don't think I could ever forget what happened that night. There was a doorway that led to a very small hall where the stairs to the attic were located. The only way to get to the attic was through my bedroom. There was a gate in the doorway to stop my younger brother from getting hurt on the stairs.

I woke up around 2 a.m. and turned my lamp on so I could go to the kitchen for something to drink. I did this around the same time every night so it had become a habit. As I walked back into my bedroom I thought I could hear someone crying. I sat down on my bed and looked around to see where the noise was coming from. That's when I saw something move behind the gate. I got up and walked over to see what it was. I wasn't really afraid of anything at that age. That's when I saw a little girl in a yellow dress sitting in the floor behind the gate. She stood up when I saw her and motioned with her hand for me to follow her. She started walking up the stairs to the attic and I followed her. When i got to the top she looked mad and then she just disappeared. It took me forever to get back to sleep that night. When I woke up I had scratch marks down my back like someone had dug their fingernails into me. I never did figure out how I got them but they were deep enough to leave scars.

That was just my first experience. After that night a lot of strange stuff happened to me in that house up until I moved out last year. It all seemed to happen in the attic or the hallway at the bottom of the stairs. Now my little brother is in my old room and he gets so scared that he wont even sleep in there half of the time.

Ghost Boys Love Toys

Chandler, GA, USA

It all started a few years after I moved into my new home with my parents, my two older brothers, and my younger sister.

A toy box used to sit in my room. It was filled with stuffed animals, action figures,and other things of that nature. I was too old for those things but I felt as If I should still keep them around. I used to lock my door every time I left my room. My door used a different key then all of the other bed room doors in my house. I had to buy a different one after it got jammed one day. I never knew how that happened.

One day after coming home from school I unlocked my door unaware of what awaited me. When I walked in I noticed my toy box lid was opened and the toys laid scattered all around my room. I wondered how this could be. Nobody was home except for my mom. How would she get into my room if I had the only key? If she did get in why would she do that? I brushed it off and cleaned it up.

The next day came and the same thing happened. I put up the toys and went on. It happened again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. It went on for months. I finally got tired of it and put the toy box in my closet and put boxes on top of it.
Nothing much happened after that for a while. I thought it was over. I was way wrong. It just begun. I stared to see things around my house. More then I did before (different story). I started seeing a little boy around the age of 7 or 8. He looked almost like the boy off of the Omen. I saw him the first time when I looked over at something taping my shoulder wile I was watching TV. Nobody else seemed to see him, until they saw him riding his bike. I was outside with my brother and two of are neighbors one night. We were just sitting out side on top of the cover for are streets storm drain that sat on the curve of a steep hill. It was dark and a little foggy. It wasn't too bad. Out of no where a kid on an old looking bike came out of no where speeding down the hill that was right in front of the hill we were sitting on. He rode right past us when he went up the steeper hill. He looked right at us. His eyes were glowing. He disappeared into the night up the hill. I ran up there. Nobody to be found.

I woke up feeling hands on my throat. I was being choked. "Was this actually happening?" I thought to my self. I opened my eyes and tried to grab who ever it was doing this. Nothing was there. Just red little hand prints on my throat. That's not all that happened to me in my sleep. I would wake up with big scratches that look like slashes on my back. I didn't have any nails to do this. They weren't long enough. Plus I slept on my back all night and I didn't move. This still continues to happen to this very day.

One of the last times I saw him it was about 1:00 in the morning. I was laying in my bed and the lights started to flicker. A figure was running around my room in the shadows. After that nothing, I never saw him again. Only glimpses every once in a while. My sister told me she saw a boy standing outside her window looking up at the house where my room was. That's the only time she ever saw him. It creeped her out big time I put out toys since then. Not a lot. A few stuffed animals. I still have scratches. His whole family live in this house. I'll post how I know If somebody emails me about it. I'm not going to post any more if nobody likes this one.

The Girl in the Hallway

Kenneth, TN, USA

The university that I attended has this story of a girl that hung herself, and is said to walk the hallways of our university. I won't say which university it was. Anyways I was working late one night on a project that I had to turn in the next morning. Our building is shared with the theater, it was art and theater. The building had an old theater there and a hallway you could only get to from the stairs. One night as I was working late on a photo assignment, I went to ask the thearter department offical if I could use some of their old costumes to photograph. She was very kind and let me use them. Well I want to take photos of people dressed in old clothes from the 20's, and wanted to use the stage as a prop. I wanted to do this late at night because there would not be a lot of people at that time. As I was going down the hall I seen a shadow on the ground. That was all I seen and it was moving like someone was walking across the floor. It went around the corner, I thought it was a janitor so I went around the corner and nothing was there. That was the first night, the next night I was there setting up to take some more photos and saw this young girl walking into the dressing room. It was strange because she was dressed very old fashioned, like someone would from the 60's. I thought it might be costume. So I didn't really give it much thought. But as I looked closed her feet weren't touching the ground, just hanging there in midair. Then I realized she was floating, with a black shadow under her. I went down the hallway, I didn't feel scared just curious. I looked at where she went and the dressing room door was locked and she was gone. So the next day I asked one of our professors if they have heard about a young girl Walking around here at night dressed in old clothes from the 60's. She said to me along time ago a young girl hung herself because she was heartbroken. It was said during that time her boyfriend went off to fight in the Vietnam war and died. So she commited suicide because she lost her love. And sometimes a few people have seen her walking the hallways.


Ray Feurstein, NY, USA

My name is Ray Feurstein. My family has always been involved with the paranormal. My great aunt was a sooth-sayer and my aunt (on my fathers side) was a fortune teller. My great uncle dabbled in the dark art (seven book Moses). My father was a practicing Druid (So I found out many years later, after his death). The story happens in the Adirondack Mountains at a lake called Sacandaga. My family has owned property there since 1946. I grew up on the lake. An incredibly beautiful area. But it wasn't always a lake, it was a valley with many small hamlet villages. Before flooding the valley, they moved the villages and the homesteads along with all the graves to another location on higher ground. So everyone thought.

As a kid growing up on this lake my friend Ron and I use to go down to the lake to ski and swim, all the normal things you would do at a lake. Many times as we went to the lake around early morning (6:00am) and at dusk around 8:30-9:00pm we would see a figure standing at the edge of the woods just before the light of the beach. It was a girl about 16 years old with a sundress on. The dress was beige with small blue flowers on it. She had long blonde hair and was a slight figure not skinny just petite and very pretty. She would turn around each time we saw her, she would look over her shoulder and smile at us. Each time we would hurry our pace to catch up to her she would get more and more transparent as we approached until about five feet from where she was standing she would completely disappear. What was interesting about this encounter is each time we saw her she looked at us and smile, and when she disappeared she left a perfumed aroma of Lilacs. It would linger for several moments and then it to would disappear.

We saw her many times throughout our lives there. We began to call her Lizzy. She seemed to like that. As we got older we saw her less and less. Maybe because we were older and had other interest and also girl friends that occupied our time. We forgot about Lizzy. It wasn’t until I was drafted into the military that she reappeared again. It was 1970 and the Vietnam war was still on. My parents had a going away party for me with a bunch of my friends. My vacation home buddy came from Buffalo to say goodbye as well. We took a walk down to the beach that day as we did so many times before, and there she was. But this time she was facing us and was sad. We approached her talking to her telling her we missed her all these years and it was good to see her again. Interesting enough was the fact that she was facing us but as we approached she didn’t disappear. Lizzy stood there looking at us with this sad and worried look on her face. She knew somehow that I was going away to a war. We stopped short of her so not to scare or chase her away, but it didn’t seem that she wanted to go anywhere. We all stood there not speaking until Ron my friend said to her “Lizzy, why are you so sad?” We stood a little while longer then she put her hands together on her heart, smiled once more at me then put her head down and vanished. The Lilac aroma was there for a long time after. Ron wondered if it were possible that the spirit Lizzy missed us too but maybe me more. I was 19 at the time. I am now 55 years old.

I still have the camp and I still go there often. She had only appeared to me once more when I returned from the service, September 23, 1976. At dusk, on the edge of the woods, just before the light of the beach. Her dress, her smile and the aroma of Lilacs. At that moment I wished I could put my arm around her, but then all at once she vanished. I have never seen her again but every once in a while I will catch the sent of lilacs and know she is still there. This is a true story. Not scary but true all the same.

Ghost Arms Reaching For Me

Sonya Norris, Victoria, Australia

I had recently left my job as was planning to move overseas with my partner. I was sitting on the edge of my bed one night sorting through personal belongings before the removalists came to pack up the house. It was late at night, my husband was already overseas preparing for our move. I was in a quiet contemplative mood as I was leaving my home and the city I had lived in and knew I would not be returning. I turned my head behind me and coming through the open door to the balcony was two arms reaching out to me. The arms looked long and slender and where a brown/grey colour. I jumped and looked at the open door again and saw nothing. I instantly thought it was my Nana who had died 4 months before reaching for me. I remember I burst into tears but went back on with what I was doing on the bed. I actually was not scared. I do not know if it is an image I configured in my head or was something reaching for me, I may have only have thought of my Nana because she had passed. But the image is still clear in my head after a year.

Little One

Anonymous, USA

   Nine years ago me and my mom moved into a small two bedroom apartment. At that time I was seven. It was our first apartment on our own, so we were really excited. Three months went by and
everything was normal until then. My mom's friend was staying with us for a little bit.
   She would sleep in the living room and me and my mom in our own rooms. Then one night I was woken up by someone screaming so I went into the living room and saw that it was my mom's friend screaming, but she was still sleeping. So I went into my mom's room to wake her up and tell her what had happened. Then we went into the living room and tried waking her up. She woke up sweating and out of breath. My mom asked her if she was okay and her friend said that she felt that someone was choking her and that she could see a little girl, she got scared and didn’t go to sleep for the rest of the night. This would happen to her at least once every week. She got tired of it and went to her parent's house.
   We thought that she was the one that had brought it into our house and we hoped it left with her. All was normal for like two weeks.  Now I had this little cash register and when you would open and close it, it would make a noise. One night I slept with my mom in her room and my mom woke up to the noise of the buttons being pushed on my toy. She could hear it open and close. She just blew it off and went back to sleep. The next day when I woke up she told me about it and it creeped me out because it had happened in my room. So I stated to sleep with my mom in her room. Then one night I had that toy and
brought it with me to my mom's room. At night it started playing with it in my mom's room. My mom got so mad she picked up the toy and threw it across the hall into my room. Then you could hear the
buttons being pushed in my room. A week later my mom brought me a balloon and I left it in the living room. Then later that day in the afternoon you could see the red balloon just bouncing its way into my
room. And since I wouldn’t stay in my room it was dark in there. The next day my mom told her friend, the one that was living with us, what had happened while she was gone.  My mom's friend told us that in her dreams that little girl would talk to her and would say her name was "star" and that she lived there. Then my mom's friend said that when she left she didn’t have any more dreams like that. So we figured there was obviously something in our home. We eventually cleansed the house and everything stopped.
   But from time to time when you walk into my mom's room you feel as if you’re being watched from inside the closet.

Please Stop Tapping and Other Tales

Joanna Blonigen, TX, USA

   Way back in 2004 I submitted a couple of stories about some experiences of family and friends,  even a few that involved me. Well, four years later, I have collected some more stories, and have a couple of experiences to share.
   In West Side Ghost and Angels (Oct. 2004) I discussed some of the strange things that happened around our PK-2 school. Now I have stories about the Intermediate building, one of which I recently remembered from my own past. Much of the same things happened, the sounds of children playing, doors and windows opening on their own, a general feeling of creepiness in the building. The one incident that I remember must have happened to me when i was 7 or 8, I was still at the West Side school, and was staying with my mom after school. It had gotten a little late, and I really REALLY had to go to the restroom. Despite the fact that the nearest bathroom was scary, with no artificial light, and only a small window to let sunlight in, I decided to brave it. It was fairly well lit, the setting sun was
shining directly in the window, and I went about my business. When I was about to leave the stall, I heard a noise. The faucet turned on, someone washed their hands, tore off some paper towels...but never left the bathroom. Once I screwed up what little courage I had, I peeked out-to an empty bathroom. Needless to say, I hauled butt out of there and ran to my mom's room. The school district built a new school a few years ago, and the old Intermediate has been remodeled for the 6th graders. I don't know if strange things still happen, but I know that the new school has its own mysteries. Once, I was sitting at my dad's computer, messing around, when I saw the reflection of someone in the screen. I whirled around to look through the window, but no one was there. I even ran outside to check, but didn't see anything. Also, all doors to the outside are locked, and can only be opened with a key. They could not have reached the front of the building or let themselves in, no matter how quickly they sprinted! I also get bad vibes from an air vent in my dad's room, and can't stand to be seated under it. Any other vent I'm fine with, it's just that one. It seems our Junior High is the only school in the district that doesn't have its own mysteries. Sophomore year, my Spanish teacher told us about sounds in the high school hallways, sounds like someone dragging large boxes across the tile floor.
   There have also been odd things happening in my house as of late. I've always heard noises like the TV was on, but just low enough so I couldn't distinguish what the characters were saying. When I was smaller, I could swear something growled at me from under my old bed, in my old bedroom. My new room seemed uneventful, until this spring. I started hearing tapping on my windows at night, and
chalked it up to bugs at first. Then, one night, I heard three distinct taps. I ran screaming to my parent's room, convinced someone was outside my window. My daddy got his shotgun and went outside but there was no one we could see. Only later did I realize that I have screens on all my windows… there's no way for ANYTHING to tap on the glass! At one point, I popped all the screens out from the windows slightly, and the tapping seemed to stop. This summer, my dad and I went on our annual trip to Wyoming, but my mom stayed at home since my grandma (her mom) was sick. While we were gone, she
would hear the same noises I did, the TV type of noise, and when she woke up in the morning some of the pictures hanging in the hallway would be crooked. She simply straightened them and went on with her life, choosing not to focus on the happenings. As far as I know, my house is fairly normal, built in the 80's along with the rest of the houses on my street, and belonged to an older woman with multiple cats from its completion until we bought in 1995.
   Meanwhile, I was having my own experiences at my other grandma's house in Wyoming. We had chosen to stay with her, but the only place we could sleep was the basement; my aunt had already claimed the upstairs guest room. There was also a downstairs guest room, but it creeps me out. Something about the wall of closets at one end just doesn't feel right to me, I get a constant watching feeling. So, I camped out on one of the beds scattered around the big room of the basement, nice and safe in my sleeping bag. When I started hearing taps and rustling outside the windows, I would simply turn up the volume on my headphones and zip myself further in the bag. Creaking noises, and noises like people falling or walking upstairs also dominated my nighttime, and one night they reached the point where I, a college freshman, gathered up my sleeping bag and told my dad to move over, he was going to have to share the king size bed he had claimed for himself! He agreed the next morning that the old house had been making a lot of noise the night before. Many nights, I simply laid in my sleeping bag, totally hidden, music up and eyes shut for hours, finally sleeping when the misty morning light started
to show. Of course, I already knew the house was haunted. So did the other female members of my family, with all the men claiming we were silly women. When the upstairs is empty, and you are in the
basement, footsteps will walk in the front door, through the dining room and kitchen, and stop at the top of the stairs, before they corner and turn down into the basement. My mother heard them once
when I was only a month old and she had me with her while she did laundry downstairs. My dad was gone, taking my grandma to an appointment in Casper, a good two hour drive. I heard them myself
when I was probably 10 or so, dad was taking grandma to the doctor again, and mom was outside. I was reading a Harry Potter book on one of the beds when I heard them and screamed bloody murder. My mom came running in, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with her in the garden.
Now for one last story. I also have an uncle who got lost in Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, many years ago when it was being remodeled. He wandered around the floor he was on, which was evidently under construction and empty, but eventually an older man in a white coat guided him to the elevators, not saying a word. My uncle would later recall that he smelled of embalming fluids. Before he got on the elevator, he read the doctor's name tag, and remembered his name. Years later, he ran into a younger man with the same name, and told him his story. To his great surprise, the young doctor burst out laughing and told him that it was his father’s ghost, and he roamed the hospital where he had dedicated so much of his life to his patients, along with other buildings nearby where he had worked. I guess he's still helping to this very day.
I hope you enjoyed these stories!

A Bump in the Night

Hannah, Sydney, Australia

   A while ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Port Arthur, Tasmania, on a holiday. I had been down to Tasmania to visit my grandmother and grandfather, and some other cousins and relatives. I was very much looking forward to attending the nightly "ghost tour" at Port Arthur, as from a young age I had been fascinated by the paranormal.
   I also felt a strange connection with the place, as my Aunt had died in the massacre that occurred there not so long ago.
   We went all through the buildings, and our guide told us some very spooky and unusual stories which made me feel like I was being watched. Sometimes that happens, you know, when you hear a particularly scary tale that makes you think it's real. Of course, I tried to believe that the stories the guide told weren't true, but in my heart I had to believe they were. My suspicions were to be confirmed.

   I was standing next to my dad, and we came up to the Parsonage. The guide told us of a "Lady in Blue" and how she had died in childbirth, and was always sad, and wanted to play with children. At the time, I was a child myself, around twelve or thirteen. I was standing near the window, a position I didn't particularly want to be in. Throughout the whole tour, I had been standing in the midst of everyone, not wanting to be right up front or lagging behind, because I was afraid of what I might experience there. It was very dark inside the house, which was locked up for the night. I remembered it  was my least favourite house, because of the feeling I got whenever I was around it. I peered closer to the window, trying to see inside. It was too dark. All I could see was a lamplight from the other side of the house, shining through another window. I saw movement, just slightly, over at that other window, and so I pressed my face against the glass in an effort to see what it was. My dad was close behind me, so I wasn't too afraid. Suddenly, the glass started to shake violently, as if someone was pounding the glass from the inside with their fists. A faded white shape could distinctly be seen on the other side of the glass, and with a screech of fright, I jumped back. My dad (being mean as he was) pushed me back towards the window, laughing as if nothing was wrong. He told me later, he suspected it was a guide, trying to trick me. But I know otherwise. No-one but myself and my brother saw the white shape, and knew that it wasn't a guide, but something else.
   Shaken, I followed the rest of the group, this time standing right in the middle. We came to the asylum, and we went inside the terror-stricken building. The guide was talking to us again, and I realized that I was at the back of the group again. I heard a noise, like chains scraping against the ground. I slowly turned around, dreading what I would see there. There was nothing.

"Listen to that, can anyone hear it?" I asked in my soft voice. I echoed because of the stones around us, and so I was heard. Everyone started to murmur amongst themselves, frightened and unsure. "Sssh!" said our guide, "let's all be quiet" Everyone was. Sure enough, we heard the chains coming steadily closer. It went on for about a minute, and then suddenly stopped.
That night I found it hard to sleep, because I was recollecting what had happened at Port Arthur. One thing is certain, although I was terrified at the time, I long to return there, and one day I will.