October 2005 - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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Ghost stories are updated throughout the month, please check back regularly for new stories.

I Can Feel It
Regina's Family is Watching
The Play
Late Night Paperboy
The Gatehouse
Quakers Graveyard and Chapelton
I'm Alright Now
Creepy Customers
The Fire Lady
The Haunting on Leita Street
The Scream By The River
The Scariest Job I've Ever Had
One Summer Night In Wales
Nightmare Before Christmas
House on Division Street, Dover
Lagenda Mahsuri
Glass Doors and Slippery Floors
White Figure In The Forest
Ghost Lady From the 1700's
When Your Not Looking
The Monastery
Gone To The Dogs
The Tape Recorder
The Dead Zone
Am I Ghost Sensitive or Hallucinating?
My Deliverer
Friendly Old Lady
Guardian Ghost
Meeting Isaac
The Perfect Apartment
Ghost Under The Bed

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