January 2003 ghost stories

Who Said You Can't Take it With You?
Something Broke Up Our Date
The Intruder
Haunted Mansion & Restaurant, IN, USA
The Headless Ghosts
Did My Neighbour Come Back For Her Dog?
Dad Is That You?
Old Pali Road
The Crying Girl
The Bedroom & Other Tales
Life Angels
My Brothers Room
Is Someone There?
The Man With No Face
Experiences Over The Years
And The Pans Banged On
Cold Chills
The Hand Print
Ghostly Hide And Seek
My Youngest Son
Grandma Likes To Visit
Dancing Slave Ghosts
An Unexpected Sight
The Phone And Other Stories
Charlie Sais Goodbye
No Batteries
Haunted By My Ex
Dream Dog
No Rational Explanation For This One
Kindergarten Blues
Hallway of Fire
My Neighbours Ghost Moved
Haunted Subway Tunnels
It Vanished
A Fish Called Wanda
Spooky Seance
The Read House
What The?
The Keyrring
Unexplained Experiences
New Home

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