Castle of - True Ghost Stories

August 2003

My Grandmother's Bullet
Robber or Daddy?
Bolton House and Other Mysteries
Hondo Creek Ranch
Lady Ghost In The Hospital
Juli's House
The Haunted Spaghetti Company
The Dark Shadow/The Room That Wasn't There
The Legend of Harwill House
Who Is He?
Ghost Driver
The Diner
Strange Happenings In Our New Home
Now I believe
Don't Play With Things You Don't Know
Karen's Ghost
Threatening Apparitions
Bathroom Bogeyman
American Pie
The Boy In The Pool
Wavy Alice/My Aunt
Strange Goings On In My House
Phantom Bicycle Rider
Eyeglass Frames
Lost In The Woods of Thailand
Our Creepy New House
Ghost In The House
The Glowing Gravestone
The Man In The Hat & Cape

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