September 2002 ghost stories

Spirits Sleep
Window Well
Bones & Bodies in the Back Yard
The Little Girl
The Vanishing Church
A Visit from Great-Grandpa
Two Towers
Disappearing Livestock
If I'm Doing Everything Right
Night In The Court
Possible Possesion?
Breathing, Whispers & My Cat Protector
River Ghost
Las Vegas Life Saver
The Ghost Who Saved My Life
Bringing Life To An Unloved House
Ghosts From Previous Owners
Spooky Summer Job
My Mother Still Watches Us
Little Girl Crying
The Ghost That Ran In Circles
The Ghost And Her Baby
Am I A Spirit Magnet?
Bus Ride
Various Spooks
The Bear Lady
Lantern In The Mists
The Fog
Sleep Deprivation?
Scattered Encounters
The Old Lodge & Stouthall
My Daughters Best Friend
Guardian Angel
The Memory Remains

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