With the advancement of digital technology a new problem has emerged with digital cameras and ghost photos. While it is easy and convenient (and fun too) to take photos with digital cameras, we are finding that the photos they take are not always as steady or high resolution as the old SLR (single lens reflex) cameras.
This is causing a terrible problem for the Paranormal Field. A lot of people are mistaking digital photos for paranormal anomalies captured in the photo. Most times they are wrong.

Without going into a long and boring explanation of the different ways the cameras take photos, I'll just cut it short and say that SLR cameras are completely different in the way they capture an image from the new Digital technology. The cameras certainly DO react differently to different environments, this includes dust, dirt, damp (rain/snow etc) wind etc.
Many times we have experimented with an SLR camera and a digital camera and gotten completely different objects appearing in the photos (see examples below). It came to my attention early on that "orbs" showed up in almost every single photo taken with my digital camera. Some associates in the paranormal field assured me this was in fact paranormal (some type of spirit showing up in the photo) but I was skeptical and didn't believe it was so.
Further investigation showed that if I stood near some dust I could easily stamp my foot on the ground, take a photo with my digital camera(use a flash and it usually works better) and low and behold orbs would show up! In fact I could do this in the most cleanest place or the most dirtiest, orbs would show up no matter what, especially if I didn't clean the lens before using my camera. I don't believe for one minute these are ghosts or spirits that are being captured in my photos, and I decided not to be fooled by the numerous mistaken "orb" ghost photos that are now available on the Internet.

The second problem with digital cameras I am finding is that a digital photo taken can easily show a second shadow or blur, that is usually reflected or blurred off an object in the photo, especially if the camera is moved even slightly when the photo is taken. This depends on which type of digital camera you are using. Some of the cheaper and lower resolution cameras are particularly bad and a lot of people are fooled by their blurry photos that sometimes show strange brilliant shapes next to people, and or strange shadows in the photo. The answer to this is simple - it's the camera and the camera operator, not anything paranormal.

As a general rule of thumb, consider where you took the photo, was it known to be haunted? Did you feel that there was a presence at the time of taking the photo? If not, and you are using a digital camera, consider it may just be camera movement, dust, rain or something else that is in your photo.

We don't want to stop people altogether from believing they may have caught something paranormal in their photo, we just want to present a few facts that might give you a better insight into what it is in your photos.

Good luck and happy hauntings!

Rowena & AGHS (Australian Ghost Hunters Society)

photo of pigeon dust created by myself
Photo No.1: was taken at an old haunted Orphanage located just outside Paramatta, NSW. The place is known to be haunted but at the time of taking the photo we did not believe anything to be present.
The room was flooded with pigeon droppings and I noticed how easily I could stir them up (just by walking on the floor or stamping my foot) and millions of orbs would show up in the photo. The photo shown here is one of many that I took, all showing the same thing after I disturbed the ground a bit.
I need to add, that the dust in this photo wasn't particularly visible to the human eye at the time.

the same photo taken with an SLR camera instead of digital
Photo No.2: this photo was taken in the exact same conditions as photo No.1, however the difference between the two is photo no.1 was using a Digital camera and photo no.2 was using a high quality Pentax SLR. You can see by my examples the difference in the photos and what the digital shows an the SLR shows.

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