July 2000 Ghost Stories

Ghosts of the Attic
Green House
Ghost With A Mothering Instinct?
My Experiences with Ghosts
A Hair Obsession
Woman In A Blue Dress
Out Of The Woods
Sarah's Grave
Chief Owoso's Hand
Never Doubt Ghosts
Ski Retreat
The Tunnels
Grandpa's Reuinion & Other Stories
Tall Man
A Horrifying Feeling
Full House
Haunted Cemetery
Visitors from Beyond
Thieving Shadow
The Little Town House
Territory Struggle
Invisible Hands
So Much Sadness
Uncle Frank
House on 7th Avenue
Thanks for Telling Me
A Haunted House (3)
Protecting Eyes
A Young Mothers Ghost?
Mysteries of Danfield Court
Yellow House
The Man in the Attic
A Father's Concern
Church Visitors
Afraid of the Dark
Back Seat Specter
New Years Eve Experience
One Lonely Night
Strange Bike Ride

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