Haunted Picton and the tunnel

WARNING: This is a note to anyone who plans on visiting the Picton Tunnel without proper authority PICTON TUNNEL IS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY - The police have been out regularly patrolling the area now due to some destruction and damage to the area from unwelcome visitors - if you would like to visit the tunnel YOU NEED TO OBTAIN PERMISSION FROM LIZ VINCENT FIRST - locals now call the police when they see anyone unauthorized turn off at the tunnel road. IF YOU VENTURE UP THERE WITHOUT PERMISSION YOU ARE TRESPASSING AND IF THE POLICE ARE CALLED YOU WILL BE FINED.


Liz Vincent runs a variety of different ghost tours around the Picton area and the Tunnel.
They are most reasonably priced and I can't even begin to tell you how much you will enjoy going on one of these - we have already been on quite a few of these tours along with other AGHS members and all have enjoyed themselves immensely. Most tours include a wonderful dinner or supper -
If you are interested in visiting the tunnel this is one of the best ways to see it and also get a great tour.


The haunted Picton tunnel is a disused 592ft long railway tunnel - it has a history of suicides and at least one railway accident of a woman named Emily. It lies in waiting up a dark dirt road in the middle of the bushland. There are no signs pointing the way. If you know where to go you can find this extremely spooky and dark old tunnel and explore it for yourself. When I went and paid it a little visit on my own at dusk I must admit; the place was unnerving and overly spooky. I was immediately on edge just standing at the entrance and looking down into the depths of it's darkness as the sun slowly sank behind the nearby hills. You couldn't help but feel as though something was looming there in the shadows, daring you to enter.

Liz Vincent (Picton Ghost Hunt Tours) runs ghost tours of Picton which includes a visit to the tunnel towards the end of the tour when it's dark and late at night. She leads the group in and tells of all the ghost sightings and other strange paranormal encounters that people have had whilst visiting. More than a few skeptics have had an encounter that has completely changed their view on ghosts and the paranormal. People have even collapsed and had to be carried out when they are faced with something from the supernatural in the darkness of the Haunted tunnel.

disappearing into the darkness
people walk into the darkness and seem to disappear before your very eyes as the shadows envelop them inside the tunnel.

The tunnel has a resident ghost by the name of "Emily". It is believed that Emily was the unfortunate lady that was killed many years ago by a train as she was walking through the tunnel when used by the railways. It's not certain if she intended on killing herself or if it was just an accident. She died at the very center of the tunnel and quite a few investigations have produced strange readings and some people have experienced the apparition of Emily in this area.

Emily is harmless, she is out to hurt no one and has given quite a few people a good scare, but she's not the only thing to be seen inside the tunnel. On occasion black shadows have been viewed rapidly moving up the entire length of the tunnel towards the tour group. Strange flashing lights are constantly viewed throughout the tunnel, some of which are produced by far away cars passing by on local roads out the far end of the tunnel, but some are not. People have reported of white lights hovering above peoples heads, figures appearing in front and behind in the blackness, ghostly children, strange electrical appearances travelling down the tunnel. Some people have gone in there late at night with a group of friends and still refuse to speak about what happened to them in there.......................

haunted tunnel On one occasion when we participated in one of Liz Vincent's popular Tunnel Watch's we experienced this large glowing light flashing directly behind us, there is nothing out this end of the tunnel and nothing at all that could cause this (it's on the opposite end to the car lights). It is not usually seen at this end and we were all quite surprised when it made a guest appearance behind our row of seats and lit us all up like Christmas trees!.

Orbs or glowing dust in picton tunnel If you would like a clearer picture of this photograph click here

On the night that we sat in the tunnel I managed to capture this photograph showing strange white lights - however on further investigation we soon discovered that the dust in the tunnel appears to glow brightly when a flash is set off - we believe this is merely dust........but who knows?.
The apparition of Emily the ghost has been seen on quite a few separate occasions, Liz Vincent knows that if someone on the tour has Psychic or Clairvoyant talents that the ghost is more than likely to appear to the tour group. She appears usually as a white flowing figure of a woman with no face. She (or another ghost) has also appeared as a black shadow (that is regularly seen on the walls and throughout the tunnel) and has appeared once again in front of a tour member whilst standing in the dark of the tunnel.

tunnel watch 2000
Tunnel Watch 2000 - a popular event with Castle of Spirits.

On the last tunnel watch that we did we didn't see the apparition of Emily the ghost, but some of the ghosthunters on this occasion reported seeing black shadows and white shadows moving along the walls. We all experienced a human type figure at the exit of the tunnel (directly in front of us) which had a dirty green appearance. It appeared to be moving in a rapid motion and waving it's arms about madly. Was the ghost teasing us? A person's shape cannot be viewed in the exit of the tunnel from where we were sitting. This was an unusual sighting indeed.

As I stated before we were all taken by complete surprise when the light flashed directly behind our chairs and lit up our small band of ghosthunters.

Inside the tunnel

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