Old Government House Parramatta, Australia

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Old Government House, to this day, is Australia's oldest surviving public building. Located in the heart of historic Parramatta at the gates to the park it is approximately 1 hour's drive from Central Sydney.

This beautiful Old homestead was first built by Governors Hunter and Macquarie between 1799 and 1816. It has a fine collection of colonial furniture and has been featured in many Australian historical drama's including "Oscar and Lucinda" starring Ralph Finnes and Cate Blanchette.

The building is gloriously renovated and still open for the public on a daily basis.

A highly popular ghost tour was begun in the early 1990's. The tour still runs today on Friday nights. The building is most definitely haunted and many an unwary tourist has been lucky enough to come face to face with one of the spectral residents.

A large history of Paranormal events have taken place in the house. The ghosts scare both the tourists and also the rather unwilling staff. Some staff members are so afraid to be inside the house once night falls they make sure they depart before the sun sets!

The ghosts of Old Government House are well known to inhabit such places as the "Blue Room", the old wooden staircase and often hover around in one of the hallways. Many a ghost of one of the old servants has been spied still carrying out their duties of the 1800's.

No, you do not need to be clairvoyant or have any special supernatural talents to meet up or see one of the more see-through inhabitants. You just need a strong heart and an eager mind. But like all ghosts, they won't appear on demand!.


I myself have visited Old Government House quite a few times. The house is well worth the visit if you can ever make it to Parramatta. The ghost tour is well worth the money as well. Although I have had mixed reviews. Some people report a wonderful tour and others report being toured around the place by an uninterested and ill informed guide. Unfortunately I experienced the same thing when I first did the ghost tour. But I think a great, fun night for all can certainly be had if you ask for one of the more experienced guides.

The tour starts off in a suitably spooky place, down the old stone stairs and in the dark cellar underneath the old Mansion. A slide show is shown and interesting information regarding the history of the house is given. Afterwards we were taken around the house by candlelight and through Parramatta park to the well known obelisk with a tree marking the death of one of the residents of the house. This area in particular has disturbed a few visitors to the park. It is located just inside the front gates and there have been reports of apparitions, strange white mists, screams and other events in this particular spot.

doorway to government house There is a common story told of four Psychics that were brought into the house to investigate the ghosts. The psychics supposedly walked around the house and immediately attempted to leave. When asked why they so desperately wanted to go they replied that the ghosts were not friendly. However most of the reports of ghostly encounters seem to be harmless enough. Many other professional psychics and clairvoyants have visited the house and not reported unfriendly ghosts.

One of the first reported ghost sightings in the house was by a workman who was along in a semi darkened room. He was installing a chandelier when he was confronted by a disembodied face at one of the windows, he looked in the window to the left of this one and saw the same face.

The center of all the ghostly activity seems to revolve around the "Blue Room" located at the top of the original wooden staircase.

The Blue Room is a bedroom painted blue (of course) and every haunted house seems to have one, along with the standard "blue lady". Of course the Blue Lady of Government House has been seen in and around the blue room.

The room itself contains a beautiful antique four poster bed. It has windows across the front wall, a window to the side and various other pieces of antique furniture including one rather old wardrobe.

One answer to who the "Blue Lady" is could be a young girl named Mary Bligh. There is a small picture of her on the wall near the blue room. Staff have reported seeing her ghost walking the short hallway outside the "Blue Room" with her dog in her arms, just as depicted in the painting outside the room.

Some Psychics reports from the blue room tell of an extremely violent act taking place, mainly in the corner of the room closest to the wardrobe. Staff have reported seeing the wardrobe open by itself and also found the wardrobe open on many occasions when entering the room first thing in the morning. The main door to the room has given staff a few problems over the years, these problems include opening by itself once locked up for the night. Showing itself to be disturbed or open on the security board, when it is still locked. Staff have followed people dressed in old time clothes into the room, only to discover nobody is there. Knocking has been heard on both the inside and outside of the doors by both staff and visitors. Two staff members were witness to a violent shaking of the door handle one night. When they opened the door nobody was inside the room. One staff member told me how she found a vase of flowers tipped over one morning. They could not work out how the flowers would be tipped over as the room had been sealed up tight for the night.

Visitors to the room often find they have difficulty breathing, some cannot even enter the room. Others get an overwhelming feeling of a "bad" spirit or "Evil" in the room. There have also been reports of drops in temperature and cold spots in and around the corner where the violence is reported to have happened. The Blue Room would be the most haunted and most troubled of all the rooms in Government House.

Government House Parramatta Of course it's not just the Blue Room that is haunted. I felt a very strong feeling of some strange presence in one of the lower rooms. The air had a feel to it that others could also pick up on.

Listed here are a few of the other sightings reported by both the staff of Government house and the visitors:

  • A guardian on duty in the old dining room met a ghostly servant girl standing by the dining table. The ghostly figure dressed in costume appeared quite content to chat. No one knows what the two said to each other the guardian is now deceased and can no longer tell the full story.

  • One of the managers of Government House often heard voices coming from the old dining room. The voices always stopped as soon as she entered the room.

  • On a ghost tour one night a group with a guide were gathered in a room when a wraith circled around the outside of the group and exited out the doorway into the long dark hallway.

  • A guide was letting a couple out one of the back doors, as he was saying good bye he could see a ghostly figure of a man standing in the hallway just near him.

  • Once again during the ghost tour a ghost was spotted standing in the corner of the cellar whilst the groups of visitors were upstairs enjoying their supper.

  • One visitor one night reported of her legs having the feeling of being whipped across the backs of them.

  • A visitor felt herself being pushed/forced forward from the back of her neck whilst standing outside near where the convict huts used to be. As soon as she stepped forward the feeling stopped.

  • Government House is also the site of the first reported UFO sighting in Australia. In the early 1800's one of the workers was out in the field just near Old Government House - he reported of seeing an "ark" in the sky. He said he was abducted by this "ark" taken up into it and later woke up back in the field. This was before planes were invented. Could he have seen a UFO and been abducted?
  • Old Government House is located at:

    Parramatta Park
    Pitt and Macquarie Streets, Parramatta
    Ghost Tours run from 8.00pm to approx. 10.30pm
    Bookings are essential for ghost tours
    PH: (02) 9635 8149

    Government House

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