February 2000 Ghost Stories

They aren't Just Sounds
Why Didn't You Help Her
The Closet (2)
English Ghost In America
Grandma's Haunted Farm
A Ghost In An Old House
Follows Me
Melbourne Ghost Tour
Ghost Cat
The Old Bike
Night Shift (2)
Icy Windows
Family of Spirits
Casa Loma
My Brothers Graduation
My Protector
House of the Wolfenstein Doctor
Nightmare Watch
The Night I Came Home After Dark
Heartache Under The Stairs
Pool Spirit
Strange Happenings at VPI
Haunted University
The Touch
The Girl in the Snow
Head Games
A Shout in the Night
Angry Forever
Night Walker
The Floating Head
Angel At Midnight
Screaming Shadow
The Nightmare
The Entry
Only in My Dreams
Casa Loma (2)

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