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Ok, well done, so you found your way here - and you want to know more


Everything you wanted to know about Castle of Spirits ghost stories and hopefully your question is answered here (somewhere)...ok, it might take a little looking but do your best.

p.s. I just know your itching to send us in your very own ghost story, and I can feel that you are lost and looking for the "SUBMIT STORY" page.


  1. I Submitted a ghost story:

    - why wasn't it accepted?
    - how do I find it on the site?
    - has it been accepted?
    - when will it be put up/when will I see it online?

  2. Can I change something in my story that is on your site?
    - Can I change the e-mail address
    - Can my story be removed



How do I submit my own ghost story to Castle of Spirits?

You can submit your story through any of the links located throughout Castle of

The easiest way is to go now to the front page and click on the "SUBMIT YOUR OWN GHOST STORY" link on the front page

Can you send me stories via e-mail?

The very idea of Castle of Spirits is for ghost stories to be readily available to the public on the website, which for most, is the most easiest and convenient (and kinda fun) way to view something regularly, hence the ghost stories on Castle of can be very easily accessed on the site and are regularly updated. The newest ghost stories are always available off the front page. So please visit us regularly for updated stories and you can read as many as you like for absolutely free!! And by the way NO, we can't send you out stories via e-mail.

I Submitted a ghost story:

- why wasn't it accepted?
- how do I find it on the site?
- has it been accepted?
- when will it be put up/when will I see it online?

Unfortunately we cannot accept all ghost stories submitted to us and having the best known ghost story site on the net requires us to be a little picky about the stories we do publish.
There is more about this written on the "SUBMIT STORY PAGE" which you may have looked over when you submitted your story. You might like to go back and review the suggestions and tips and hints for submitting your story and see that you met all the requirements.

Stories on average usually appear within one to two months. I do sometimes get a little behind (sometimes my life gets in the way you know!) so you may have to wait a little longer.
During the months of Halloween, usually running from September until November, we get bombarded with stories, enquiries, media etc. (Castle of has over 2 million viewer per week!!) so your story may take a little longer to appear.

If your story is accepted for publication on Castle of, we simply do not have the time to notify everyone of the acceptance and location of their story. We've made it easy for viewers to search for their story using one of the search boxes as seen above, or keep visiting the website and looking through the latest stories off the very front page to see if your story appears.

Your stories are fake! How do I know that your stories are true?

I have stated a few times throughout the site that we don't know that the stories are all true, it would be quite impossible to provide the proof to show that every story is completely true. What we do is try to believe in people who want to tell their own true story, and also place other stories that are of interest and are in line with the theme of Castle of Spirits, but may not be true, on the site for your viewing pleasure.

Remember, there are a lot of people out there who really HAVE endured a scary paranormal experience and you never know if that's the story you just read or not.

Keep an open mind and don't believe everything you read!!

Can you hurry it up with the stories already on the site?
Where are the stories for (month)?
What's Going on with the stories?
Why oh why aren't there any new stories?
My life is in ruins, the stories aren't updated?

Did I mention that I'm stressed about the lack of new stories??

Ahhhhhhhhh the problem with the story updates.

Well now, first of all.......................don't be so impatient! LOL

2nd: did I mention that this is a FREE website? yeah, think I did....well ok if anyone out there would like to pay to see the stories, by all means I will sit and update the stories all day long for you guys and hec, I'll go all night long as well....but you know what that means don't you.....yes, you got it....your gonna have to payyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to visit Castle of Spirits. So shut up and wait for em LOL

Ok - Rowena does her best to keep up with the thousands of stories submitted per month, however she does do a lot of other things such as work, work and oh You see she needs to work to support such a site along with also running the Australian Ghost Hunters Society, attending to family needs, feeding the dog, running around after ghosts, filming, answering annoying e-mails, swearing...there's lots to do in a day ya know.
Sites like this aren't free to keep online you know and someone has to pay for it...yes yes, you guessed right, its all up to little ol Rowena to do it all *sigh*.

So, therefore she sometimes she has other problems or other things to do that may be more important and cannot update the stories as fast as she'd like.

Also - if there IS a major problem, watch out for the front page as there will be a notice saying that you may or may not see stories updated as quick as you'd like.

Hey you do realise if you send in a million e-mails asking "why aren't the stories updated for (enter month here) yet?" Rowena has to attend to these e-mails rather than updating the, if you don't mind...give it a little time, and a little patience and she'll get there, eventually

Please keep your cool and remember that Rowena always does her best to update whenever she can as soon as she can. After all, the site has been going for over WELL over 10 years and never really fallen too behind yet!

Can I use some of the stories off your site?

No! :)

The problem with using stories off Castle of Spirits is:

The site is one of the most popular and famous Ghost Story sites on the net. We have a lot of regular viewers and dedicated fans. If you choose to use anything (including stories) off the site and reproduce them then you may find the fans of Castle of Spirits get angry, which makes Rowena angry and if you haven't sought out any permission for use of the stories........well sometimes, just sometimes, your site may be pulled offline by your ISP.

I hate to be so harsh about this but Castle of Spirits has taken well over 10 years of my life and hard work and effort. I simply DO NOT appreciate anything stolen off my site.

I am setting up a Ghost Story site - how do I get stories for my site, can I use your stories for my site?

In the beginning..............

First off, to start my own site ....besides a little luck, and getting in way way early, I first asked around ......I asked all my friends and family if anyone had a ghost story I could use and guess what!!? Nearly every single person had one. Whether they believed in ghosts or not, they all had one. So if you plan on setting up a ghost story site, I suggest you put up your own original stories that your friends and family have supplied. As for using stories off my site, please refer to the above answer :o)

Can I change something in my story that is on your site?
- Can I change the e-mail address
- Can my story be removed

YES - you can alter your story once its online.

However, if you submitted an e-mail address with your story, we suggest that you use a HOTMAIL or other web based e-mail address (this information is on the submit story page too) as you may find out you will get spammed by all those annoying spammers that have nothing else better to do.

I do put a limit on the amount of times you need your story changed. Some people think it's fun to change their e-mail address around once a month or add more into their story (such as updates). Can I please explain once again that I simply do not have time to continuously do things such as this and give up my time updating the stories and helping out others, so please be considerate with your changes :o)

If you do need your story altered or taken down please use the "CONTACT US" form and we will alter or take it down off the site it for you, no problem.

Please use the search box (as mentioned above) to locate your story first and be prepared to please supply the URL directly to your story (makes life a lot easier for me!).

Here is my ghost story which I've attempted to squish into your contact form

Castle of only accepts stories from the "SUBMIT STORY" form.

We will not accept stories any other way unless you ask first (some exceptions are made for stories with photos/drawings or other media). If you need to ask permission on how to submit your story please use the "CONTACT US" form.

Can I have the e-mail address of the person that wrote [story name here] so I can contact them?

Unfortunately we don't hang on to everyone's e-mail address. So unless the e-mail address is included on the story, I cannot supply this to you. I also cannot give you a name or any other information. The only information given to us is already in that story. Some story submitters wish to remain anonymous, and we like to honor that request.

My friend has a really spooky story - I have a really spooky story - My dog has a spooky story, someone who I know has a spooky story, E-mail me back if you want it ok??

Argh, ok, ok, once again stories are only taken through the "SUBMIT STORY" form. Please use it! LOL

Castle of Spirits its graphics, stories, articles and entire contents are all © Castle of Spirits - All Rights Reserved
Copying or duplicating of anything off this site PROHIBITED
Rowena Gilbert

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Castle of Spirits its graphics, stories, articles and entire contents are all © Castle of - All Rights Reserved
Copying or duplicating of anything off this site PROHIBITED