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How do I do it I hear you ask?!

p.s. yes I am going to have a decent form up here in the future for submitting your photos :o)

Here are the answers below: (with a few more Ghost Photo answers to FAQ's further down)

First of all we have a few Terms & Conditions that you may like to be aware of, these are subject to any photo submitted. One thing I'd like to point out is that we cannot accept or publish every photo or reply to every photo, and YES every single person asks "can you tell me what is in my photo"...let me answer this up front..99% of the time No, we can't. :o)

As you can understand Castle of Spirits gets overwhelmed with e-mails, photos and stories and we simply don't have enough time to reply to everyone who wants to know what their photo is, so.....saying this, its probably not a good idea to ask.

no, seriously, don't ask.

I know you are still thinking of asking, but please don't.

If you know how to click, please try here for a little more information on ghost photos and what may be in your photo.


Ensure your image is in .jpg format - NOT PNG, not PDF not GIF not some unknown format that nobody's ever heard of (unless you really are that desperate to send in the photo) and not too small please or low res that nobody can make heads or tails of (the word GIF comes to mind).
If necessary, we'll edit down your photo and mess with it (lighten/darken add a couple of ghosts)...but please don't send those really small mobile phone images, they just don't do it for me, and besides, if I can't see what's in your photo, nobody else will either.

Attach your photo/s to an e-mail and send to: - YOU MUST PUT the words "GHOST PHOTO" in the subject header of your e-mail.

To clear up a little confusion - the words GHOST PHOTO need to be in the line where you put a "SUBJECT" of your e-mail. And for those who may not quite understand English too well, that's GHOST PHOTO, did you see those words?
It isn't GHOSTS PHOTOS, PHOTOS OF GHOSTS, GHOST STORY WITH PHOTO, HI HOW ARE YOU TODAY, HERE IS MY GHOST PHOTO, THERE IS A GHOST PHOTO HERE, LOOK AT MY PHOTO, FIND MY PHOTO ATTACHED. No dots, no dashes, no exclamation marks (why does everyone want GHOST PHOTO!!!!!!!)... it doesn't get your photo in any faster to put 1,000 exclamation marks and guess what? We see plenty of them, its no great shock for us to have a ghost photo quit it with the exclamation marks ok? if anything it just messes with our minds and makes us delete it quicker. LOL.


As mentioned before: WE DO NOT ACCEPT "ORB" PHOTOS - Please read further about any "ORB" submissions by clicking here.

If you have people, yes those figures that aren't you - your wife, your husband, you boyfriend, girlfriend, mistress and let me say, especially any children. We WILL NOT publish the photo unless you give us full permission to publish that person's image (yes the other people in the photo). If there are children that aren't yours - forget it ok, we aren't publishing them. This is something that is becoming very prevalent over the net so please be sure to include permissions.

Also - if whatever it is in your photo isn't OBVIOUS - please either draw a circle around it or point it out on the photo with an arrow (and by the way, don't go ruining the photo with big marks all over it - if you can - include 2 copies - one with it marked out, one without) - I get an awful lot of photos where not only myself, but my team can't figure out what on earth it is in the photo we are supposed to be looking at?. You may think you have an obvious face - but sometimes your the only one :o)

Please include ALL OF the following (below) in the text body of your e-mail with your photo:
(an easy way is to cut and paste the information below into your e-mail and fill it in) -

When all that's done;

attach your photo/document and anything else to the e-mail and send it in to us.

By the way, we do need this information to publish with your photo so please be sure to include it for us (and any other information you feel is necessary). If we don't have the following info, we are once again going to have to discard your photo and move along to the next 100 photos.

You wouldn't believe how many people send a photo with no information (yes, people really are that silly) so once again PLEASE stick all this info in (if you don't know the answers then that's ok, just fill in the obvious).


Submitters Name (your name):

Did you take the photo yourself or is this a photo you found on the Internet (please state where from and if you know any story if found off the Internet):

Where are you from? (please be sure to put in YOUR COUNTRY and STATE you are from):

What Type of Camera was used (IMPORTANT **please state whether it was digital or not):

The Weather and other conditions (DAY/TIME/DATE) When your photo was taken:

Relevant Information (Story and/or information surrounding the story) including what you believe is in the photo (please point out where and what it is if not obvious):

YES / NO for my E-mail address to be included if published on Castle of (if this is left blank we WILL put your e-mail address in:

Your Story Title (if story is to be included with photo):

If there are other people and/or children in your ghost photo - do you take responsibility for full permission to publish their image?:

IF YOU HAVE A STORY TO ACCOMPANY YOUR PHOTO, PLEASE INCLUDE A COPY WITH THE PHOTO ALSO - this is going to make my life A LOT easier - either attach it as a .doc (ms word) format or plain text!

Ensure you use a VALID e-mail address with your submitted photo.

By submitting ANY photo to Castle of Australian Ghost Hunters Society you are agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions.

*Any photo submitted to Castle of Ghost Hunters Society MAY BE PLACED ON OUR WEBSITE at our own discretion, we do not take any responsibility for who may copy or use your photo if published on the website. If you do not wish for it to be published and wish to keep your photo private, please do not send it to us*
*Any photo that is hoaxed or sent to us in an attempt to deceive MAY BE PLACED ON OUR DICKIE PHOTOS SECTION, you may have your e-mail address included with this photo. The judges decision is final on this, don't do it unless you want to suffer the consequences. If placed in our Dickie Photos section, we may make fun of you :P.
*We DO NOT publish every ghost photo submitted to us and if you do not follow the steps listed above we may not receive or accept your photo*
*Photos sent with any of the above listed information missing can not not be accepted*
*Photos sent in that have been published elsewhere on the net are not usually accepted - so please don't submit them to 20 other websites (lets face it, it gets a bit boring for the public to have to see the same photo everywhere!)*
*MOBILE PHONE PHOTOS - Ok this is a new addition since mobile phone photos seem to suddenly be all the rage. Unfortunately the photos are simply too low resolution and too small to use on the site. I'm really sorry but at this time (I'm sure in the future they will be heaps better) we are not accepting mobile phone photos of any sort.
*We may or MAY NOT respond to your photo submission if you ask. As I have explained before we DO get a huge amount of e-mails and an enormous amount of ghost photo submissions, everyone would like an answer to the "what is in my photo?" question, unfortunately we can't always answer that as we weren't there when the photo was taken and can't always be sure what is in the photo.
Why can't we be sure?
We can't be sure as we don't know the equipment that was used, we don't know the place and we didn't see what was going on when it was taken, there's always plenty of room for hoaxing!. We can't see whether the photographic equipment (including film) may have been faulty and/or tampered with, we don't know the lighting conditions or weather conditions and we just purely and simply weren't there when the photo was taken. So we can't always offer up an answer to "what is in my photo?" or "what is your opinion of my photo". If we think its worthwhile, we'll publish it.
Unfortunately a lot of photos show what is commonly known as "orbs".
The problem with digital camera "orb" photos is that any amount of dust or moisture (rain etc) in the air at the time of taking the photo will show up as an "orb". We therefore cannot trust these photos if they were taken with a digital camera/phone camera or any other low res. camera.
I have received many photos with the explanation "but these orbs are moving", and sure enough they are. Digital cameras respond to the slightest hand movement and therefore the movement is 9 times out of 10 caused by the person taking the photo, giving the orb the appearance of moving across the photo at the time of taking.
Unfortunately we cannot inform you if your photo is published. Please check regularly for your photo.
Photos may take up to 18months to be published (yes I'm planning on shortening this). Please don't put URGENT or any message in your photo that you wish to have a response to immediately.



Can you put more ghost photos up?

Can you send me ghost photos via e-mail

Your photos are fake!

Can you please tell me what is in my photo, or give me an opinion.

Does my photo contain a ghost, it's really freaking us, me, the cat, my mum, the dog, the budgie out!

Can I use your ghost photos on my site, for a media publication, t.v. film etc.



Can you put more ghost photos up?

Unfortunately the entire of Castle of is time permitting. Meaning that I don't have a lot of time for everything. I do what I can to update stories and run the site but at times I simply do not get the time to update the photos as much as I'd like to. Another unfortunate thing is 99% of the ghost photos sent in are in very LARGE format (which take an eternity to download sometimes) and are pictures of orbs or faked photos. All this takes an enormous amount of time to sift through, especially when people fake photos and we (of course) like to find out who's picture (usually some really well known movie star) ...yes people really are that dumb! has been used *grin*.
Sometimes just one photo can take up quite a bit of time.

Can you send me photos via e-mail?

The website Castle of makes it very easy and kinda fun to view updates and new photos (and new stories) online. So we don't send photos or stories out via e-mail and hope that you visit the site regularly to view new additions.

Your photos are fake!

Ok, its great that you've got an opinion and we do appreciate that you have one!

If you have evidence any photo is fake on Castle of (and we haven't yet cottoned on to that fact) we invite you to please provide us with that evidence and we'd be more than happy to place it up on the website :o)

Can you please give me an opinion, or tell me what is in this photo

If you have submitted a photo on an orb, well then ITS AN ORB! LOL

Other photos are extremely difficult to say what is in the photo.

To properly give an opinion of ANY GHOST PHOTO there are a few things that need to be done:

1. Examine the camera that the photo was taken with.

2. Examine the negative and the photo properly (with the amount of digital cameras now days this is almost impossible.

3. Be present or get a detailed account of how the photo was taken and when the photo was taken. This would include the details or who was present, was anyone smoking etc. the weather conditions etc.

So as you can understand it is extremely difficult to decide what is in any photo submitted to us. However we do our best to give you an opinion of what we may think is in your photo. 9 times out of 10 it is light leaking into the photo or something else of that nature and nothing paranormal.

Does my photo contain a ghost, its really freaking us out!

Ghost photos are impossible to tell if they do contain anything paranormal. First you need to ask yourself if when the photo was taken was it at a haunted site where there is known paranormal activity. If not, then NO it probably doesn't contain anything at all except maybe an optical illusion of some sort. Often this can be caused by light leaking into the camera or a strange reflection accidentally caught when the photo is taken. If there is not reason why a ghost would be in your photo, then it is probably nothing and you do not need to be afraid

Can we use your ghost photos on our site, for t.v or media publication

Please do not steal photos from our site. We trust that you will respect the fact that this site has a lot of work put into it and we do not appreciate anything flat out being stolen off it. For media enquiries please go through to our contact form and ask before publishing anything. Other photos are often published all over the net and we don't have any copyright on them or know who does. If you wish to use anything off Castle of Spirits, either give credit back to the site or please ask us first. Thanks :o)

Before you e-mail us - read Castle of Spirits FAQ
Castle of Spirits its graphics, stories, articles and entire contents are all © Castle of - All Rights Reserved
Copying or duplicating of anything off this site PROHIBITED