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There have been a lot of questions regarding the site lately so I felt it was time to introduce myself and let people know what's been going on and what the future of Castle of Spirits is. So without further ado...

1) Where's Rowena?

   I'm sorry to say that Rowena, the founder of Castle of Spirits and the Australian Ghost Hunters Society, passed away in March of 2008. Out of respect to her and her family's privacy that's all I will say on the matter so please no questions about what happened to her. 

2) And just who the heck are you?

   I'm glad you asked. My name is Don, I was a close friend of Rowena's and was asked to take over the running of Castle of Spirits after her passing. I share Rowena's curiosity about ghosts and also her healthy sense of skepticism so in that regard, very little will change with the new ownership. 

3) Are you from Australia?

   Here's where the magic of the Internet comes into play. I'm originally from Nova Scotia, Canada but live in Florida, USA, running an Australian website. Is this a great world or what?

4) What's going on with the site? Will there be any changes?

   In one respect, very little will change. This was Rowena's site and her legacy and  I'm going to do nothing to detract from that. The format of the site will remain the same, I will still accept ghost stories, you all will still be able to vote on the best ones for the month, there will still be a place for photos, and the site will not be going "pay-per-view".

   BUT... the site also cannot be static. Rowena worked hard on this site to make it what it is and was always in the process of trying to update it. Before her untimely passing, Rowena had been in contact with a web developer in the States and had her do some preliminary work. It's been decided that we're going to go ahead with the redesign of the site as Rowena wanted so look for some cool changes and a new look to the site.. 


Thank you for taking the time to read the new FAQ's.

Thanks to everyone who has passed along their condolences, I will be compiling them and emailing them to Rowena's family.

Above all, thank you to everyone who visits this site and makes it what it is. I only hope I can carry on Rowena's spirit and do her proud by keeping this a top-rated site. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled FAQ's.


I'd love to call these the dumbass FAQ's but I won't.....OK, so I just did....why is that? Because oh man, sometimes I simply cannot believe what people will ask.

So I thought I'd put up the questions here so you guys know what I have to deal with on a regular, daily basis *grin*

First question I can't believe I get:

Can we book your Castle,

Do I really have to answer this?


For those who need an answer


2nd Question I can't believe I get:

What is the price to stay in your haunted Castle.

In this instance I say - see above answer!

it's still NO

3rd Question I can't believe I get:

Can we book Halloween at your haunted castle?

Ok - now onto some other fun stuff:

Can we book (insert name of tour featured on tour page with full company booking details, phone no., prices, website address) a tour:

So I guess by now you are wondering why I bother to go to all that trouble to put up full details of ghost tours to make it easy for people to book huh? too! LOL

Who is behind Castle of Spirits?

You can visit us all by clicking here

Why aren't the stories updated (photos updated, website updated etc.)

I've tackled this one on many an occasion. I'd like to first of all say that at times I suffer very very bad health, which is one of the reasons why I started up this website originally, to give me something to occupy my time with while recuperating from illness. So sometimes I suddenly get stuck in hospital or something like that and unfortunately the website stays the same until I can get out and update it etc. (I just can't seem to get net or computer access in hospital nowdays).

Other times I do work too and have family crisis etc. and get generally caught up with life in general we all do :o). This website has been online for well over 10 years now (I've kinda lost count of the years he he) and it's not going anywhere yet, so if it doesn't update for a bit and there's no news on the front page where I've disappeared know maybe something is wrong....really wrong and hang in there because any day it will be updated with what's going on, I promise!
But, needless to say....I DO try my best - I always try to update everything as often as I possibly can and I love my site very much. So you know I'm really out there making it happen for you guys and trying my very best.

You should do something about "insert subject here" on your website

Check in one of the many search boxes on the site to see if it hasn't already been featured, otherwise we certainly would consider it perhaps (if I get the time!).

I have done some research on a particular subject, would you like the information etc.?

If you have anything related to the Paranormal, please feel free to contact us and we will surely take a good look and publish your investigation, information with full credit back to you. We most certainly do accept articles from others!

I need help with a haunting and I live in America (or a country other than Australia)

I think a lot of people fail to realise Castle of Spirits is an Australian website (and proud of it!). Unfortunately we can't get overseas (if only I had the money) to investigate anything so you might like to try one of the many, many overseas groups to help you out.

I've been sent this really scary e-mail that say's if I don't send it on I will die, it contains all sorts of spooky photos. What do I do?

There is a common chain-letter e-mail problem on the internet nowdays, the fools that pass this sort of stuff on or start it up really don't own a brain. First thing you should do is remember to NEVER EVER PASS ON A CHAIN EMAIL - EVER. It's bad Net etiquette for starters and not to mention you are passing on something you considered frightening and awful to your friends and family! DON'T DO IT.
Also, most of the photos contained in these e-mails are very well known fakes (I see one of my very own ghost photos is often included!!). So some poor lonely kid, with nothing better to do (probably can't access the porn sites) has made this e-mail up and decided to place a threat in it. Yes, thats what it is A THREAT - saying you will die if you don't pass it on. It's also an extremely ridiculous threat and you should take no notice of it and hit the delete key immediately. Don't waste your brain space on giving it another thought and go do something fun that will take your mind off it. I delete hundreds of these silly e-mails per day and smile every time I do it as I know it's going no further than me!


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