Classic Ghost and Horror Stories

Welcome to the world of Classic Ghost Stories and Urban Legends, you know the type, they are always told at sleep overs and camps, they are always just that little bit stranger than the true ghost stories and ALWAYS happened to a friend of a friend!

The Legend of Betsy Beaumont Attention all scouts - it's not just the Scoutmasters you have to watch out for!

Gecko! Gecko! Some pets just can't eat enough sometimes!

Call 911 - stolen kidneys? - you bet!

Keep The Lights Off

Out Past The Shadows Edge


The Dark Corridor

Classic Story-Next of Kin

The Furry Collar

Classic Story-Man Size In Marble

Classic Story-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Classic Story - The Monkey's Paw

The Head on the Stick story - this is a genuine classic - told all over the world for generations

The Little One on the Road - a story that seems to have found it's way around America - it's strange how it's always told as "this happened to a friend of mine".

Humans Can Lick Too - this story is rapidly becoming well known everywhere.

Hook - No he's not a pirate!

Soap Sally - Ever wondered what that strange coloured soap you've been using is made of?

The Call A familiar one this is - a few horror movies blended together makes this story an extremely familiar call!

The Bunny Man of Clifton - the weird Bunny Man who likes the taste of raw rabbit and killing people who dare to stay on his bridge at midnight.

The Whistling Tea Kettle - an oldie, but a goodie - and supposedly true too!.

Click-Clack - better watch your back - keep away from War Veterans with long nails!!!!

Watchers Now that's a lot of Bull!

Small Woman In Grey A dead woman keeps a buried baby alive.

The Hand Ever wondered where amputated limbs end up?

The Black Cadillac Will the owner ever come to pick it up?.

The Beautiful Young Vanishing Hitchhiking Woman - She seems to be hitchhiking the world as this story is told EVERYWHERE.

Miss Maples From Naples - She's looking for her rings - and she's supposedly from Naples????

Watch Out Where You Sit - You never know what will happen.

La Llorona A wandering Mexican Woman.

Didn't Turn on the Lights A warning for all college girls - don't go turning on lights unless you know what's hiding in the dark!

The Tale of the Missing Liver and the Golden Arm - You can have your liver and eat it too!

Gates of Hell - The Old Haunted House that's been abandoned after a murder - every town has one!

The Screaming Skull of Bettiscombe Manor

Arabella Looks like it's a cryin, walkin, sleepin, talkin LIVIN DOLL!

Red Eyes This is a variation on the "Little One" story, not it's in a graveyard though!

Shadows In Mirrors Watchout for those mirrors - you never know who's living in one.

The Seven Barns Sounds Like an Urban Legend to me!.

Hoofprints - One of those milder stories.

The Liver Incident - Stealing body bits is just not the done thing!

Down in Back, Please! - Maniacs with Hooks for hands, serial killers hiding in the back seat......what more could you want from this ultimate classic story!!!! BACK SEAT MURDERERS - there's one in every back seat you know!!!

Till Death Do We Part - Always be careful what you promise.....or it might come back to haunt you....