Castle of Spirits: Tome Of Lost Tales

by Don Wilmshurst

Castle of Spirits: Tome of Lost Tales

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of Castle of Spirits? Here's your chance!

Come read the never-before-published stories of regular people and their supernatural encounters with ghosts, noises in the night, and other paranormal entities.

From the world-famous website Castle of Spirits, these are the stories that were lost after the untimely death of the Castle’s founder, Rowena Gilbert. Within these pages you’ll find over 60 stories from submissions to Castle of Spirits, rediscovered and brought together for the first time.

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Haunted Brisbane: Ghosts of the River City

by Jack Sim

Haunted Brisbane by Jack Sim

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HAUNTED BRISBANE: Ghosts of the River City is a spirit guide detailing thirteen of Brisbane's most creepy places.

HAUNTED BRISBANE: Ghosts of the River City is written and extensively researched by dark historian Jack Sim, who reveals the location of the River City's most haunted sites: be careful as you explore the ghosts of Brisbane's past... including haunted cemeteries and former graveyards, jails, hospitals, parks, tunnels, hotels and landmarks. Read of the ghosts that dwell in our city's past - from the convict era to the present day... 

The Ghosts of Toowong Cemetary: Brisbane's Necropolis

by Jack Sim

Ghosts Of Toowong Cemetary

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THE GHOSTS OF TOOWONG CEMETERY: Brisbane’s Necropolis is a Haunted Site Guide detailing 13 stories from Queensland’s largest burial place.

THE GHOSTS OF TOOWONG CEMETERY: Brisbane’s Necropolis is written and extensively researched by dark historian Jack Sim, who reveals the creepy tales behind those that now reside in this Victorian Necropolis. Hear why school children have been visiting the cemetery for decades; discover the location of the legendary Spook Hill; and meet a Queensland Governor who still hosts the occasional gathering. They are waiting for you, and they are so pleased you are coming...

The Ghosts of Boggo Road Gaol: Ghosts and Gallows

by Jack Sim

Ghosts of Boggo Road Gaol

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Jack Sim presents the long waited second Haunted Site Guide in the Ghost Trails Series – THE GHOSTS OF BOGGO ROAD GAOL: Ghosts and Gallows.

Old Melbourne Gaol, Pentridge, Trial Bay and Maitland – they are nothing compared to Boggo Road. It was the strictest, hardest prison in Australia and a hell of a place to die. Within the red brick walls of Brisbane’s infamous prison dwell some very tormented spirits. Throughout the pages of THE GHOSTS OF BOGGO ROAD GAOL: Ghosts and Gallows you will hear real ghost stories gathered from former inmates and staff, some dating back to the 1930s. 

A Warder that still walks the halls on duty, ghostly wails tormenting a murderer as he waits for his death on the Gallows, a Hangman who was haunted by the men he executed and other true spine-chilling stories.

Bluenose Ghosts

by Dr. Helen Creighton

Bluenose Ghosts

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Ghosts guarding buried treasure, phantom ships, haunted houses and supernatural warnings of death—these are just some of the strange and mysterious phenomena that you will encounter in Bluenose Ghosts. These unexplained mysteries are all the more chilling because they are based on personal experiences of ordinary people, told to Helen Creighton, one of Canada’s most respected and renowned folklorists, over a period of thirty years. So when the moon is full and the wind is howling, be prepared to be spooked by apparitions and things that go bump in the night. Bluenose Ghosts was an instant hit when it was first published in 1957. This new edition of Bluenose Ghosts features a new foreword from Nova Scotia writer Clary Croft that explores Creighton’s enduring influence on the province’s folklore.

Spirit Sisters

by Karina Machado

Spirit Sisters Cover

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Published by Hachette Australia

From the Hachette website: "In SPIRIT SISTERS you'll meet Australian women of all ages who share their very personal encounters with the supernatural. From a high-flying banking executive whose life changed for ever after a visit from a bizarre, winged entity, to a mother of seven who was held and soothed by her husband for five days after she'd buried him, to the woman who lost most of her family in one car accident, this book is heart-breaking, inspiring, scary and comforting."