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1997 Ghost Stories

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A Bed with a Beating
A Depressed Visitor
A Helping Hand
An Apartment in Germany
A Purr-fect Friend
A Strange Fog
A Truly Weird Experience
Blue Lady
Car Crash
Cherry Street
Childhood Spirit
Child Voices
Child Visitors
Children's Ghosts
Civil War Soldier
Country Roads
Dark Night Visitor
Dead Friend?
Death of a Doctor
Deserted Road
Did You Hear That?
Fly Boy
Fourth Tourist
Franklin Haunted Castle
Friendly Ghost
Ghost Cat
Ghost in the Darkness
Ghost Tracks
Ghost Train
Ghost in the Attic
Ghostly Fun in Waldo
Ghostly Roommate
Glamis Castle
Graveyard Voice
Great Uncle Gerald
Green Lady
Guardian Angel
Haunted Countryside
Haunted Headquarters
Haunted Hospital
Hauntings of an Old House
Haunting Spirits
Hotel Haunting
Kids on the Stairs
Lady of the Hall
Lady of the House
Lights in the Attic
Little Boy in the Doorway
Little House in the Woods
Living in a Haunted House
Lost Souls
Lucky Quarters
Man in the Hallway
Man in the Yellow Raincoat
Meeting Elizabeth
Mom's Last Visit
My Babies Guardian Angel
My Sisters Ghost
Night Visitor
Night Marchers of the Pali
Our Ghost
Phantom Pets
Restless Spirit
Resurrection Cemetery
Sad Child
Schoolyard Ghost
Shadow of Willowick
Shell Shock
Sliding Glass Door
Someone in the Woods
Sounds of Speakers
Spirit in the House
Spirits in the Field
Street of Spirits
Strickland House
Suicide Couple
Tap on the Shoulder
Terrifying Townhouse
The Bell Ringer
The Chair in the Basement
The Cottage
The Desk
The Door
The Face
The Farmhouse
The Glowing Form
The Grabber
The Graveyard Shift
The House of 1929
The Mistress
The Night at the Graveyard
The One Outside
The Peddler
The Silhouette
The Uniform
The Voice in the Night
Too Close for Comfort
Toy Story
Unauthorized Entry
Unwanted Gift
Weird Feelings
Who Was Pushing The Wheelbarrow?
Woman in White
Woman's Voice
Woman's Voice Part 2
WWII Hitchhiker

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